Featured Players: DWC September Qualifier – Duelyst

Featured Players: DWC September Qualifierby Richard Heyne / November 4, 2016

This past weekend, some of the most prolific tournament players in Duelyst battled it out for their chance at an invitation to the Duelyst World Championship. With two seats already taken by veterans Yukarin and UnoPro, 22 players met on the battlefield with hopes of being crowned the next Grandmaster. The path, however, was longer and more grueling than the Oregon Trail.

Players fought in five best-of-three Swiss rounds, hoping to make the cut for top eight. Those eight then competed in a single elimination bracket. The following four are our featured players of the week:


There’s no doubt that BriGuy77 let out a sigh of relief when the final match was recorded during Saturday’s Swiss portion. His final record was 3-2, good enough of a tiebreaker percentage to beat out Humans in ninth place. This led to a first round match against the undefeated Dragall. After an intense five game series, BriGuy77 came out on top. He then faced Sibon in the semifinal match.


Thorrk looked to rely on his powerhouse lists with a lineup of Reva, Vaath and Cassyva. After the Swiss portion had concluded, he was sitting comfortably at 4-1 going into the top eight. In the first round, he met Abracadani who refused to go down without a fight. After a grueling series, Thorrk took the match 3-2. However, without missing a beat, he faced Zayne in the semifinal round.

Sam “Sibon” Marshall-Smith

Sibon came in to Saturday’s Swiss portion of the tournament as a man on a mission. The highly acclaimed Magmar maven was undefeated going into round number five. While he then lost to Dragall 1-2, it was not enough to keep him out of the top eight.

In the first elimination round, Sibon swiftly took down SSDR in a 3-0 victory. He then conquered BriGuy77 3-0. Going into the finals undefeated, Sibon’s last opponent was Zayne.

Vasily “Zayne” Zemtsov

At the start of the weekend, many considered Zayne to be the tournament’s underdog. He started playing on the ladder competitively back in September, hitting S-Rank only twice. To give some context, most of his competition had anywhere between 6 to 10 appearances in S-Rank each.

He narrowly made top eight of the Swiss bracket with a record of 3-2. He then went on to take down tournament icon DemmiRemmi in the first round of the finals 3-2. He built off of that momentum in the semifinal round, defeating Thorrk 3-1. This led him to the undefeated Sibon. Taking an early 2-1 lead, it looked like Sibon was fully prepared to end Zayne’s Cinderella story. It was only through sheer determination and willpower that Zayne pulled off the unthinkable and overcame the Magmar maven, winning the series against Sibon 3-2.

Thank you to all the participants and those watched the tournament broadcasts. For updates on the Duelyst competitive scene, follow us on Twitter @PlayDuelyst and on Twitch at www.twitch.tv/PlayDuelyst.

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