Favourite decks to play AGAINST


The Shim’Zar expansion has introduced a lot of possibility for new deck archetypes, players on ladder have been unleashing their creativity by crafting some truly spectacular decks. After some time on the ladder, I found that some decks were very enjoyable to both win and loose against, due to seeing cool plays by the opponent, while others just let you sit through 10 minutes of playing on curve. I was curious, instead of rating the player bases favourite decks to play, why nto consider the mose enjoyable decks to play against!

Games like Duelyst are as much about counterplays as they are about plays (indeed, it’s the name of the company that made it!). As such, which decks do you feel allow you to make the most interesting interactions?

NOTE: Please Include reasons for liking/disliking certain decks other than “this deck is a good matchup for my deck and gets me easy wins.” This discussion is designed to find decks that people enjoy interacting with, not a particularly good matchup for your specific deck.

Favourite Decks to play against:

  • Heal Lyonar
  • Aggro Lyonar
  • Control Lyonar
  • Tempo Songhai
  • Spell Spam Songhai
  • Combo Songhai
  • Obelisk Vetruvian
  • Goodstuff Vetruvian
  • Artifact Vetruvian
  • Shadow Creep Abyssian
  • Dying Wish Abyssian
  • Ramp Abyssian
  • Egg Magmar
  • Ramp Magmar
  • Zoo Magmar
  • Vespyr Vanar
  • Wall Vanar
  • Kara-and-a-bunch-of-Neutrals Vanar
  • Mechaz0r
  • Not mentioned above (please specify in comments)

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Please tell me if I missed any decks.


Pokemon magmar is really fun to play against


Healyonar feels like it’s a fair matchup and seems like it requires more skill than brain dead fatty + db spam Lyo (i.e. aggro)
Shadow Creep Abyssian is a race, quite fun and spell Songhai is considered one of the highest skillcap decks to ever exist and I respect a good Spellhai player (although they still lose to me)


to much high variance rng to be fun to play against.
Things that make a deck unfun

  1. rng
  2. high impact combos involving little investment(for example ironcliff heart + divine bond = 13/10 rush minion)
  3. rng
  4. rng
  5. rng


Battle pets aren’t too random


ironcliff heart + divine bond combo is literally seven mana most games are decided by then anyway. And it’s not even as easy as you make it seem to be.


Currently I enjoy playing against everything excepted decks that can kill you out of nowhere: spellhai (spirale technique) , shadow creep (obliterate), kara (tiger buffed), magmar aggro (elucidator+ thumping wave).

If I have to point one I would probably say that I particularly like to play against vetruvian midrange.