Favorite Niche Cards


A little question for everybody - Do you have a favorite NICHE card? the keyword niche meaning that it is, by design, not a very good card. Something with a strange effect that you’ve been enjoying, a card you pulled out of a pack early on and brought with you to S-Rank, etc.
Differentiation from past favorite card threads is that this should NOT be a card you saw in someone’s posted deck. Not something you put in because you lost to it, either. Something you stumbled across.
My example will be Magnetize. I’ve always loved carrying around 1 or 2 of these in my various argeon lists to free minions from provokes, rescue a stranded early play, or to slide an enemy aside to let me secure a lethal.
What are yours?


Mirage Master. Smashes Magmar, they never play around their own bullsh*t. Also fun to clone Shadowdancer and watch Lillithe squirm


I used to run Astral as a tech to handle Reva and Cassyva in the days of Shim’ Zar. It let you handle Reva’s range spam and allow you to play Aymara without fear of Daemonic Lure. I wouldn’t recommend it nowadays but when the meta shifts this card become surprisingly useful.


Aurora’s tears.

I love punishing my opponents for letting me have artifacts by pulling out +12 damage for that sweet lethal! it’s also very helpful at turning around games where your opponent has overwhelming board advantage. The crying emote is an added bonus


Probably my favorite…
…you meant niche card…Omg my bad…

My go-2 is Eclipse. I mean, I hardly ever see it when I play.


twin fang
and not just in dance of memes
its a surprisingly good card with self damage cards
and it forces them to focus on your face instead of clearing your board
elucidator, rancour, flash, kujata, and so much more benefit twin fang


Blood Echoes. Sarlac. Mark of Solitude. Shiro Puppydragon. Prism Barrier. They’re all just too much fun


Hollow Grovekeeper, I think its under rated by players. Its a great card although a bit expensive at 5 mana for most people I guess. An auto kill on a provoke or frenzy enemy minion plus gaining both of those abilities when it does is great. Loved playing it back when Kron was a thing everywhere, although not as useful now.


Bastion has done wonders for me. It’s probably my favorite card in the game right now. Ever since I tested it in combination with Inquisitor Kron, Bastion has found a special place in my heart. If you see me playing Vetruvian, there’s a good chance I’ve stuck a couple of these in my deck. It took me to S-Rank the very first time I used it in a deck, and I had never been prouder to bring out the power of a hidden gem.

It does very well against Lyonar, Vetruvian, and the increasingly popular Banglehai which all have harder times handling high-health threats. You have to get ahead on board in order to get the most out of the card, but it becomes overwhelming more quickly than people expect when you get the chance to play it.

(It was also cool to see the developers use it in the Umbra Boss Battle. How did they know I love this card. :heart_eyes:)


I’ve always been a big fan of Day Watcher. I would put it in every mag deck considering their 3 drops (what 3 drops?) were garbage. I didn’t just want to run meta things like blaze hound, sojourner, etc. I found it a good source of healing that wasn’t Earth Sphere and and filled my curve. 4 mana is already a highly contested spot in mag (now with 4 mana thumping) so this guy found a place in my heart.


Firestarter in swarm decks.

In lilithe it may cause an unexpected huge DFCed rush token right into face. Also any firestarter left on boad plays well with shadow dancer. In Kara it’s not so hard to make multiple 3/3 tokens with rush (with cryptographer or alcuin…or both) to clear the board, go face, and leave something on board too.


Chaos elemental.
Before I got acquainted with Sajj, I used mainly a buff Zirix deck and Chaos elemental really shined in it. He has synergy with almost any Vet buff out there but most of all I liked using astral phasing on him and Laugh at my opponent as they try to stop the flying randomly teleporting Brightmoss golem.


Too bad I’m not very fond of Magmar :frowning:

Favorite NonMeta Card

Sarlac was something I used in my Lilith decks including before expansion. Feels bad to have a swarm dying to AOE so having something that stays is nice.
PS: Stop using EMP and transforming my Sarlacs with Blood of Air :rage:.

Still keep Sterope in my Ziran deck. People should realize how powerful gaining cards to replace is from Circulus now. Always fun to clear an entire field with a rain of True Strikes. Never see a Heartseeker again.


Seconded. I feel bastion is an incredibly underrated card.

It does AMAZING things with healyonar. (5 hp sunrisers and lancers are wonderful things)


Basically everything everyone else has mentioned. Meme decks are far more fun that “meta” decks so if something isn’t seen often I’ll strive to use it.


Mine would be lady Locke. I use her quite often, not only in Kara zoo but also in starhorn zoo and my pride provoke backstab hai.


Portal Guardian all the way, he was like the go to foot soldier before Falcius showed up


jax truesight. i mained vanar during 2 draw when he was good but then kept using him when he fell out of favor.


Cascading rebirth has come to be one of my favourite cards, especially after a makantor, silthar elder and unstable leviathan are really good when they come onto a clear board. Even if it is not on makantor, it works great on low health lavaslasher, sunset paragon and keeper of the vale.