Favorite Cards?


What’s everyone’s favorite card? I, personally, love Chakri Avatar because of how fast it gets huge and it’s insane combo potential. 10 face damage on P2T2, papa bless.

What is your favourite forgotten card?

My favorite card in the entire game, as a Vet main I always tech one copy of this card in every one of my decks. It can be an insanely powerful card, it has stolen me so many games over the seasons because people forget it exists. But at the same time it can be played around with smart positioning. Also thematically it’s really cool for me, raining down an army of Wind Dervishes from the sky to eliminate your opponents?? Heck yes!

Probably my favorite moment with this card was during the days right after Shim’Zar. I got into a mirror midrange Zirix matchup where we both spammed Nimbus. I was losing really hard, he managed to get Nimbus out first and I had no answer so the entire board was filled with soulburn obelisks. I had to huddle in a corner surrounded by my own Obelisk fighting off waves of Dervishes and Dioltas’s while he sat on the other side of the board behind a tombstone with 7 hp. I’m pretty sure he thought he had the game in the bag, but then I drew my Stars’ Fury comboed it with a Siphon Energy and Tiger took him down across the board.


I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for White Widow. It’s a shame there’s not a lot of good support for her, and RNG is her Achilles heel. So much potential and so much fun, but she’s not good enough outside casual friendly games.


Still Heart-Sister, like the last time, Shim’zar and RotB didn’t affected it :stuck_out_tongue:


@isgopet favorite card! Even though most cards on this game are interesting, I always love Grandmaster *Nosh-Rak (Vetruvian). It has flying, blast, double dmg to hero (for all friendly units). And most interesting thing is, he always show up at the end game while I’m losing, making me able to turn the table and make a comeback. It’s like a trump card for me and I hope he wont be changed now and ever. :laughing:


I’m a newer player, didn’t know those threads existed. My bad.


Sunset Paragon. The Magical Unicorn of Self-harm.


Grand master Zendo has one of the coolest interactions in the game, with a sick pixel art. One of my all time favorite characters was Guy from Fire Emblem, and seeing Zendo resemble the swordmaster attacks just melts my heart.


might be a joke of yours that i don’t get but, it’s nosh-rak.

my favorite card would be the extinct Shadow Dancer such a cute style of playing with her around. shadow dancer never touch an enemy in almost every game. she’s fights elegantly. trading the souls of others for damage.


I adore Sarlac. Pre-Gor he was the only undying minion, and especially as an Abyssian main I thought that was the coolest thing. I’m patiently waiting for my opportunity to possibly one day grab ahold of his skin :wink:


Yeah Sarlac is great, and I so wish to have that skin too! Really… would make my month :smiley:

My favourite card… It’s so hard, it also changes according to my mood.
I guess currently… Nope… just checked all cards and can’t do it.

Because basically my favourite card is that one underused card that inspires me to make a deck around it. For example looking through the list now that was Sand Trap, but also Black Solus in a lesser degree.

So it doesn’t work for me, cannot say.


No worries, it may evolve for some people with new expansions :wink:


Pre-nerf Inquisitor Kron :slight_smile:


I’ve said before that my favourite legendary is Pandora and that won’t change. But looking beyond legendary cards I found it hard to find a card that I actually like all-round. Closest might be Night Watcher, since I like the art and design. But also hate the ability because it can shut down Vet Obelysks so hard. Done it before against a Vet player and it single handed won that game without really needing other cards. Also like Prophet of the white palm for its ability, but just can never find any room for it in a deck.


Zendo. Seeing the opponent smash his face against Hamon is crazy fun :slight_smile: you can imagine the guy preparing the removal, but then see his plans destroyed by the card.

It’s a bit RNG sometimes, but in a good way.


Kron bb :smiley: Do I even need to explain? He looks cool, has theoretically infinite value, generates token minions, synergizes with replace decks, looks cool, has provoke, has an awesome set of animations, looks cool, and looks REALLY COOL.

hell yeah :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


It wasn’t a joke, I misstyped haha. My bad.


All my favorite cards always end up nerfed, from Star’s Fury to Time Maelstrom to Vindicator to Kron. So, I guess I will say that Entropic Gaze and Tectonic Spikes are my favorite cards and hope they follow this trend…


Elkowl is pertty dank I’d say. about 50% chance you’d get ranged/blast


Grove Lion, you are my only true friend. Your Forcefield will protect me from all threats, and allow me to smash things to my heart’s content. You may be an under-appreciated threat, but don’t worry: I appreciate you, and always will!