Favorite card from Ancient Bonds?


My fav card has to be celebrant. It takes one of the games most underused mechanics, and does something with it (no one misses you, mana burn). It isn’t broken, it isn’t trash, it synergizes, and takes skill to use right. 10/10 card in my book


I’m playing with Grimes currently in my Dying Wish build, just a cool card that also enables some swarmy tactics. I love to run cards that have a nice yet not too powerful effect, so the opponent has to actually give some thought whether or not he should waste a dispel on them.


Got a fun story with grimes. Had an arti Saji match against vanar ramping grimes. Funny, it summoned skyrock as OG and another cheap minion, which I don’t remember, when I killed it with thunderclap. In my hands, however, it summoned Dragonbone Golem. Opponent conceded instantly)


I liked because it’s fun but Grimes is the prime example of RNG bullshit nobody really wants.


… I want it :frowning:


I’m having a blast with Circulus. He is one of the most interesting and unique draw engines in the game and definitely my favourite!


I want nocturne more than my first born son.


Dreamshaper no doubt, although it needs other Golem to work…


Oh um… Everything Vetruvian got this expansion.

What did you honestly expect me to pick an absolute favorite out of all the COOL AND AWESOME STUFF WE GOT?!?!


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