Favorite card from Ancient Bonds?


The newest expansion brought a lot of very interesting cards into the game; so now I gotta say, what is your favorite? It could be for whatever reason; aesthetic, strength, theme, just because.

Mine has to be Juggernaut. It looks really cool, and takes the award for having literally every single in-faction mechanic rolled into one (grow, rebirth, golem, painmar, RNG)


I was going to say Juggernaut, both ironically and unironically, but Blue Conjurer is the mvp of this expansion imo. So much fun with endless hand size and cards I haven’t even gotten yet :smiley: My favorite kind of RNG


this is a tough one. I’d say either ghost seraphim or trinity wing for all around quality. cascading rebirth is defenitely the most fun card. I think one of the best power-wise is blood of air. it’s just so overpowered and i’m never sad to see it. hopefully it doesn’t get hit with the nerf bat immediately




I’m not sure why more people didn’t freak out about blood of air. Or why it’s a common. Lol.


Trinity Wing. Absolutely insane card, makes Arcanyst feel a lot better to play. Fits into tons of decks and has plenty of versatility for every playstyle. Plus the art looks weird yet pretty sick.


In terms of fun:

Circulus! This has to be one of my favorite 2 drops in the game, next to Ethereal Obelysk and Young Silithar. It gives so much card advantage at the cost of saturating your deck with 2/1 illusions. Like Silithar and Obelysk, this 2 drop generates value in unconventional ways and requires careful positioning to use effectively.

In terms of art:

Sirocco. Someone’s been skipping leg day ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


So is trinity wing good in classic spellhai? Or does spellhai just use arcanysts now?


Haven’t got to play with any of the cards since I’ve only unlocked 6 cards so far and the ones I have got need to be in decks with other cards from the set or are not outright good enough to see play by themselves. My favourite card from the set just from name alone is Godhammer, but a possible favourite ability-wise could be Grimes since I got fun ideas for that card in terms of repeated resurrections, which I’ll test at the start of next season if I get the card.


the card is so good i put arcanysts in my non spell themed sajj deck just so i could run it


well, it is a broken card. but it’s the ONLY unconditional removal vet has in a game where good removal is almost mandatory.


I would say thunderclap. “Borrowing” your opponents Juggernaut or Sunforge lancer feals so good. Blood of air would probably be a close second, but I don’t have it yet so I can’t comment on it.


Death Knell is great, it feels so powerful to just fill a 3x3 with powerful minions. My favorite has to be Trinity Wing though, it’s so versatile.


So far I’m having a lot of fun playing Rage Binder, I find it fun to see eggs hatch and give me health somehow.
I particularly appreciate Lavaslasher’s sprite, so it’s my favorite of the bunch.


Blood of air wins hand down



My love is with the pair of Nightshroud and Death Knell due to them becoming a base for the whole new archetype.

However, if I have to choose only one card it’s definitely Blue Conjurer. A body, draw engine and more possibly strong board presence seems OP in combination, even if a little too slow.


Trinity Wing! Haven’t even played it, but love that design. That effect balanced with the Bond is just a great move.


Trinity Wing is pretty much strictly an arcanyst card. I have ~14 arcanysts in my deck (not counting Trinity Wing itself) and it’s still sometimes hard to get his effect activated. Not something you can easily play in any deck.


I forget his ability was a bond ability…lol.


I’d say my favorite card this expansion is either Circulus or Dream shaper, in both cases, they are cheap draw engines which I am a huge fan of and also do a lot to allow for new interesting lines of play and deck building opportunities