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Fault Vet Decklist Guide

Hey guys Ryvirath here o/
Today I wanted to bring you a decklist article, the first of many I plan to do on my new blog! :slight_smile:

Please let me know what you think, and what type of content you’d like to see!


i like the puns

as far as actual feedback:

informative post, I liked the explanations of card choices, more people should do that imo, one piece of criticism i have is you never really explained how to pilot the deck…

Are you supposed to aim to control board and then play fault rae?
Are you supposed to turbo out fault rae?
Are you supposed to play agressively and use fault once you start to run out of steam?

(Personally I understand, but for future decks that might not be as linear as this one you may want to touch on piloting a bit)

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Can add more in, as you go along.

In my head it goes.


Will the deck be fine if I replace Spelljammer with Thorn?

You totally could! As mentioned in the article pretty much everything outside of the skeletal core is easily replaceable. Notably you’d likely still want it to be a 4 drop to capitalize on Rae as a t1 start on p2 to have the option of accelerating it out, but yea literally anything works there, Thorn included.

It’s pretty simple to pilot. Just contest the board early and try to get Fault+Rae out as quickly as possible. Once Fault is out just survive while swarming the opponent.

I have two versions, one with Obelyks and one with the golem package. I would say that the golem package allows the deck to be a bit more consistent, with being able to get early Fault plays from Celebrant and the card draw of Dreamshaper keeping your hand topped up.

Currently I don’t run Spelljammer but I probably should, as running out of steam does tend to be an issue when games go long. I also didn’t think of using Rae to play a 4 cost minion on T1P2. Interesting.

you missed this part of my post lol

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