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Fanmade Mini-expansion: Scions of Deladriss

Thanks for the saucy lists dude, nice shares.

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Well, that took a long time. Abyssian cards are updated.


Nice work! Shackler might be borderline op though since it essentially doubles the amount of your Lures in a deck. Also not sure how Pandemic should be balanced, since it probably transports easily back to your own general and minions (although you can ofc build your deck around this to some extent). I love especially Tragic Bloom and the Skeleton.


Are you insane?!

P.S. Your designs are all super creative and cool. I wish Duelyst still got updates… :hairage:


Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, it’s extremely strong, and I’m considering nerfing it. Maybe it should be 4 mana? I’m not sure yet.

Oh, it doesn’t work like that! It means that when a minion with Pandemic damages an enemy, it applies the Pandemic debuff to the damaged enemy and all connected enemies; it doesn’t give the Pandemic keyword to enemies. Although your idea of how it would work is certainly more interesting, it would be hard to balance as you said.

Thanks! :sirpenti:



Thanks, Anjo. :mysticup:


Thanks for the clarification, I get it now! Yep Shackler would probably be fine as a 4 mana 3/1.


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ahhh unlocked, nice nice


Magmar cards uploaded. Thanks to @alexicon1 for unlocking this thread. :sirpenti:

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Oh boy! I didn’t notice this thread cause it got shut down too quickly! (Maybe system also subscribed to the school of “DEET MGMR”, and wanted to spare you from making Magmar cards?). Anyway, here’s some feedback on select cards!

Aubade Banerette: I like this card, it reminds me of Nekomata in that it’s a draw card that tutors for itself. Really cool synergy, if not a bit too strong. You would want to play 3 drops anyway if you are playing Lyonar, so stacking up on this is not much of an issue.

Stalwart: a really cool effect. I hope that this never gets put on an artifact. My poor Spinecleaver deck…

Rain cloud tactician: Yes.

Immortal: ladies and gents, it appears we have a new prophet here! This was made before reborn was a mechanic in hearthstone, and does pretty much the same thing! I can see this mechanic working really well with return to action bar effects, if Vetruvian gets more of those.

Tragic Bloom: Tragic unnerf?

Jezebel: ooh boy, this is a spicy card! I would love playing a card that weaponized all my wraithlings into disease vectors.

Pandemic: another great mechanic I can see meshing with support cards. How does pandemic stack? If I have 2 pandemic 3 minion attack a single enemy character, will it take 2 damage for 3 turns, or 1 damage for 6 turns?

Snapjaw hatchling: since eggs hatch at the start of your turn, this card is pretty useless unless you have dispelled eggs. In other works, it’s the perfect type of card to make for Magmar.

Adaptive radiation: If both players have minions with equal attack, do they both draw? Also, this seems insanely good with Ragnora’s BBS. I would bump this up to 3 or 4 mana. Imagine summoning an egg, drawing 2 cards, and tutoring Zoetic charm while having the mana to play it turn 3 going second!


Thanks for the feedback!

I really wanted 3-drop Lyonar to be a deck, so here it is. Even without the Blood Surge, it’s a 3 mana 3/4 with Provoke, which is just nice.

Thanks! It’s essentially Regalia’s effect but permanent. And yes, thank god there isn’t a way to slap this on a Genera… Get Xho from Grimes, get Joseki from Xho, get Neurolink from Joseki

It’s borderline broken, but I’ve been enjoying Ranged Reva lately and I just think something like this would be able to make the deck meta.

Actually, this mechanic was originally for Abyssian; it was named Reanimate and it did exactly what Reborn does. So I tweaked it a little so it’s not completely identical and gave it to Vet because Dying Wish Vet is cool.

Unnerf them all.


It’s going to force your opponent to play really awkwardly and absolutely obliterate artifacts. I just thought Hyperswarm needed more good tools other than Chakram.

It will take 2 damage for 3 turns.

Yeah, it’s pretty useless. Maybe a little too useless… I’ll figure something out.

Uh… It’s discoverable. :eyes:

Wait, good with Ragnora? Nerfs immediately


Updated Vanar cards.


Beneficial effects from saving Manaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~
This is a hella wet dream come true.

Overall I like the fact that the Vanar set revives the Infiltrate archetype and brings more Stun support from the aggresive and heavy body reliant side instead of the attrition and control side of the Faction! Not to mention the Spinel cards are both good Oak support, and everyone loves Oak support! if you don’t please politely commit suicide


Thanks! :mysticup:

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Neutral cards are updated. That was a little more cards than the average mini-expansion, but the more the merrier, I suppose.


I know i am suuuper late but…

I do not see how shackler would be op

  • it is 4 mana for a garbage body
  • it is heavyly luck based. Maybe it puts that big minion even closer to your face. Or maybe it teleports that valuegenerator even futher away
  • songhai laughs at it
  • we are talking about Abyssian. I think even a few OP cards would not make this garbage-tier faction overwhelming. At this points basicly everyone has tons of BS-abyssian not so much. Maybe xor but that is about it

Some salt : Revenant was too much for the game but Makantor is fine :

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Well Magmar doesn’t have Chakram. The card got nerfed when Chakram got introduced :thinking:


Shackler was a 3 mana 2/1 at the time of this comment, which was essentially a second Lure (it works the same way as Lure, no randomness). What Abyss needs instead of op cards is archetype support, which Halcyon’s expansion does nicely provide :slight_smile: