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Fanmade Mini-expansion: Scions of Deladriss

Scions of Deladriss

Hello, everyone. This is a fanmade mini-expansion, similar in size as expansions such as Ancient Bonds. Each faction will be receiving 2 common cards, 2 rare cards, 1 epic card, and 1 legendary card.

New Feature: Eidolons

Each faction will receive 1 Eidolon. Eidolons are legendary minions with a new keyword that is unique to their faction. See below the Eidolons of each faction for information on these new keywords.


Common cards

Aubade Banneret
3 mana 3/4
Blood Surge: Draw a minion that costs 3 from your deck.

1 mana spell
Restore 3 Health to a friendly minion. Put a Sun Wisp into your action bar.

Rare cards

Daybreak Lieutenant
4 mana 3/2
Opening Gambit: Summon a Sunset Rearguard on the space directly behind your General.

Sunset Rearguard

Sunset Rearguard
1 mana 2/2 token
Zeal: Gain +1 Attack. If this minion is on the space directly behind your General, also gain Provoke.

Victoria’s Bestowal
2 mana spell
Give a friendly minion +1/+1 and Stalwart (1).

Epic cards

Gryphonrider Champion
6 mana 3/4
Opening Gambit: Summon a Gryphon Fledgling nearby.
Whenever you summon a Gryphon Fledgling, transform it into a Gryphon Stormchaser.

Gryphon Stormchaser

Gryphon Stormchaser
3 mana 5/3 token
Flying, Celerity.
Other friendly minions cannot be targeted by enemy spells.

Legendary cards

Victoria, Dawn Eidolon
7 mana 4/5
Stalwart: (1).
Opening Gambit: Summon a minion that costs 3 from your deck nearby. When it dies, double this minion’s Attack and Health.

New keyword: Stalwart

Stalwart: (X)
Whenever a minion with Stalwart: (X) takes damage, it prevents X of it. For instance, a minion with Stalwart: (1) will only take 2 damage from Phoenix Fire, instead of 3.


Common cards

Moonberry Scribe
2 mana 1/3
Opening Gambit: If you have 3 or more spells in your action bar, gain Rush.

Imperial Scripture
4 mana spell
Summon a random minion with Backstab that costs 2 or less from your deck and deal 1 damage to all enemy minions.

Rare cards

Raincloud Tactician
3 mana 2/2
Blood Surge: Give all friendly minions with Ranged +1/+1.

Kagemori’s Bestowal
2 mana spell
Give a friendly minion +1/+1 and Ambush.

Epic cards

Vengeful Heiress
5 mana 3/2
Opening Gambit: Choose an enemy minion. If it takes damage from a spell, destroy it and put a copy of it into your action bar.

Legendary cards

Kagemori, Mist Eidolon
6 mana 3/6
Whenever this minion is moved for any reason, put a Citrine Smoke into your action bar.

Citrine Smoke

Citrine Smoke
0 mana spell token
Give a friendly minion or General Backstab (1) this turn.

New keyword: Ambush

Minions with Ambush, in addition to the standard 2 spaces, can also move to empty spaces directly behind enemy minions and Generals.


Common cards

Particle Merchant
2 mana 2/2
Whenever you equip an artifact, put a Staff of Y’kir into your action bar.

Hieratic Chalice
0 mana spell
Give an enemy minion and all other enemy minions with the same name -4 Attack this turn.

Rare cards

Dunewalk Priestess
3 mana 2/1 Dervish
Your Obelysks have +1 Health and summon Iron Dervishes instead of Wind Dervishes.

Amon’s Bestowal
2 mana spell
Give a friendly minion +1/+1 and Immortal (2).

Epic cards

Pyramidal Highmind
4 mana 1/5 Dervish
Opening Gambit: If this minion is summoned on a friendly Exhuming Sand, destroy it and gain +2/+2.

Legendary cards

Amon, Dust Eidolon
5 mana 5/2
Immortal: (2).
Dying Wish: Equip a Khepri Caduceus to your General.

Khepri Caduceus

Khepri Caduceus
5 mana artifact token
Your General gains +3 Attack and Frenzy.

New keyword: Immortal

Immortal: (X)
When a minion with Immortal dies, it will summon a 0/0 Structure with Invulnerable on its space. After X turns, at the start of your turn, the Structure will transform into the same minion. However, the resurrected minion will not have Immortal.

Sandstone Avatar

Sandstone Avatar
0 mana 0/0 Structure token


Common cards

Sinister Shackler
4 mana 3/1
Opening Gambit: Deal 1 damage to an enemy minion and teleport it anywhere.

Tragic Bloom
0 mana spell
Put a Sphere of Darkness into your action bar and lower the cost of all Spheres of Darkness in your action bar and deck by 1.

Rare cards

Unholy Gravedigger
3 mana 2/4
Opening Gambit: Gain +1/+1 for each minion destroyed since the end of your last turn.

Jezebel’s Bestowal
2 mana spell
Give a friendly minion +1/+1 and Pandemic (3).

Epic cards

Skeleton Delinquent
7 mana 1/4
Opening Gambit: If a friendly minion was destroyed this turn, destroy this minion.
Dying Wish: Put a Catacomb Attendant into your action bar.

Catacomb Attendant

Catacomb Attendant
0 mana 13/13
At the end of your turn, restore 2 Health to your General and deal 3 damage to the enemy General.

Legendary cards

Jezebel, Void Eidolon
5 mana 4/7
Pandemic: (3).
Whenever you summon a minion that costs 1 or less, give it Pandemic: (3).

New keyword: Pandemic

Pandemic: (X)
Whenever a minion with Pandemic damages an enemy, the enemy and all connected enemies will become under the effect of Pandemic. An enemy affected by Pandemic will take 1 damage at the end of the opponent’s turn. This effect continues for X turns.


Common cards

Snapjaw Hatchling
2 mana 2/3
Opening Gambit: Give all friendly eggs +1 attack.

Adaptive Radiation
3 mana spell
The player with the minion with the lowest attack draws a minion, spell, and an artifact from their deck.

Rare cards

Crested Leatherback
4 mana 3/3
Opening Gambit: Choose a friendly minion with Grow. It grows.

Megaera’s Bestowal
2 mana spell
Give a friendly minion +1/+1 and Overwhelm.

Epic cards

Fossilized Stegosaur
5 mana 5/5
Grow: +2/+2.
Whenever this minion gains +Attack, both players draw 2 cards and take 2 damage.

Legendary cards

Megaera, Quake Eidolon
6 mana 7/6
Whenever your General takes damage, put a Seismic Blow into your action bar.

Seismic Blow

Seismic Blow
0 mana spell token
Give a minion +1 Attack and deal 1 damage to it.

New keyword: Overwhelm

Whenever a minion with Overwhelm attacks and destroys an enemy minion, deal the excess damage to both Generals.


Common cards

Icebound Trespasser
3 mana 2/4 Vespyr
Infiltrate: Your Vespyr minions cost 1 less and have Flying.

Bitter Reposte
3 mana spell
Draw a card and deal 3 damage to an enemy. If your action bar is full, deal 5 damage instead.

Rare cards

Hoarfrost Sleigher
2 mana 3/2 Vespyr
Opening Gambit: Transform into a copy of a Stunned enemy minion.

Spinel’s Bestowal
2 mana spell
Give a friendly minion +1/+1 and Whiteout: Summon a 2/2 Winter Maerid nearby.

Epic cards

Pathfinder Polaris
6 mana 3/5 Vespyr
Opening Gambit: Stun all enemy minions.
Infiltrate: At the end of your turn, draw a Vespyr minion from your deck for each enemy.

Legendary cards

Spinel, Snow Eidolon
7 mana 2/9
Whiteout: Summon a Glass Fractal nearby.
If you have a token, enemy minions and Generals can only move 1 space.

Glass Fractal

Glass Fractal
1 mana 2/2 token
Dying Wish: Draw a card.

New keyword: Whiteout

Whiteout: X
At the end of the player’s turn, friendly minions with Whiteout will activate the X effect once for each mana left unspent.


Common cards

Brazen Warmonger
3 mana 3/3
At the end of your turn, if this minion has more than 3 Health, give a random minion in your action bar +1/+1.

Trident Launcher
6 mana 3/11 Mech
Opening Gambit: Progresses MECHAZ0R build by +60%.
Can attack 3 times each turn.

Rare cards

Supreme Acolyte
5 mana 5/5
Blood Surge: Randomly change this minion’s rarity.
Both players cannot play cards of the same rarity as this card.

Prototype Banisher
4 mana 2/5 Mech
Opening Gambit: If you summoned a Mech minion last turn, summon a Proxybot on a nearby space.


0 mana 0/5 Mech
Celerity, Flying, Forcefield, Frenzy, Ranged.

Epic cards

Manticore Warden
7 mana 10/10
Opening Gambit: Choose a friendly minion with equal Attack and Health. Give it +5/+5.

Legendary cards

Kaon, the Forefather
6 mana 3/9
Whenever a friendly minion gains a keyword ability, deal 3 damage to the enemy General and a random enemy minion.


Stalwart works on every attack in a round I assume?

Seems pretty powerful, impossible to ping then :slight_smile:


It does. I’m going to nerf it one way or another.


It would devastate every Songhai player, they love their pings :smiley:


You had me at “devastate” and “Songhai” :wink:


A good way is to buff the numbers and causing it to work like Arclyte Regalia, thus at the same time simplifying the wording on Arclyte Regalia should it be implemented! Win-win!


That could work, but then it becomes too similar to Forcefield. Thanks for the idea, though.


A worse variant of Forcefield even.


I’ve been thinking about Stalwart and I have a good idea: What if you make it have something to do with the “loyalty” part of the word itself? Something like a martyr of sorts, a new kind of Provoke if you may.


That actually was the original idea, as in something similar to Provoke, but with even higher priority. Unfortunately, it was scrapped because it wasn’t very impactful. If we can think of a way to make it stronger I’m happy to return to it.


Updated Songhai cards. :sirpenti:


This thing is trash. If it cost 1, I think it would be playable (in a spell-heavy deck).


Isn’t this kind of overpowered (especially with Backstab) and “uninteractive” because the board doesn’t matter anymore?


Thanks for the comment! And yes, the legendary is pretty strong, but that’s just how Backstab is, unfortunately. We have to cheat our way in with MDS/Jux and so on. If you have ideas to improve it I’m happy to hear it, though. :sirpenti:


I wouldn’t call a 5/5 with K/E with rush and fits comfortably on a flamewreath/scrollbandit deck “trash”.


How does it compete with Tusk Boar?


Vetruvian cards are up.


I gotta say, out of all the factions out right now Vetruvian seems the most well-structured one. Immortal isn’t OP because it only procs once, Corpse Combustion decks are viable now, and Dying Vet outside of Skywing variants are an off-meta decks I have been fond of.


Having an even borderline good DW Vet shell would be super awesome, very much seconded :slight_smile:


MrMana’s Unseven DW Vet is pretty decent:

Edit: also, I don’t know if it counts, but AlphaCentury’s Pantheriquarian deck is a lot of fun and runs a similarly sized DW package. It’s what I’ve been using to ladder with Vet this season.


Thanks! :sirpenti:

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