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Fanmade Mini-expansion: Alluvial Chronicle

Alluvial Chronicle

Hello, everyone. This is yet another fanmade mini-expansion, similar in size as expansions such as Ancient Bonds. Each faction will be receiving 2 common cards, 2 rare cards, 1 epic card, and 1 legendary card. For now, I only have the Lyonar cards completed, but I will add cards later on.

New Keyword: Onset

Onset effects activate whenever a friendly minion or General attacks. Onset effects will not activate on counterattacks.

New Keyword: Atonement

Minions with Atonement cannot be summoned unless you make a sacrifice. For instance, to summon a minion with “Atonement: 1 friendly minion”, you have to select 1 friendly minion you control, and destroy it. (You cannot summon the minion if you have no friendly minions.)


Common cards

Parasol Shielder
3 mana 0/5
Onset: Put a Silverguard Knight into your action bar.

Chivalrous Charge
2 mana spell
Draw an artifact that costs 3 or more from your deck. Restore Health to a minion or General equal to the artifact’s cost.

Rare cards

Heliodor Lioness
5 mana 2/10
Opening Gambit: Put 2 True Strikes into both players’ action bars.
Friendly minions cannot be targeted by enemy spells.

Hope’s Endeavor
2 mana spell
Give a friendly minion and all joined friendly minions +1/+1. Draw a card.

Epic cards

4 mana 2/5
Opening Gambit: Choose a nearby minion. If it is an enemy minion, deal 3 damage to it. If it is a friendly minion, transform it into a Silverguard Knight.

Legendary cards

Firmament Wielder
6 mana 8/8
Atonement: 1 Silverguard Knight.
Onset: Give all minions in your action bar +Attack equal to their health.


Common cards

Despair Scourge
4 mana 3/5
Opening Gambit: If a friendly minion died on this space this game, gain Rush.

Twilight Ritual
2 mana spell
Unoccupied friendly Shadow Creep may move this turn. Draw a card.

Rare cards

Moonless Succubus
2 mana 1/4
Onset: Turn a random enemy minion’s space into Shadow Creep.

Silent Sabbath
3 mana spell
Give a friendly minion +3/+3. If 10 or more friendly Wraithlings died this game, give it +10/+10 instead.

Epic cards

Purgatory Opener
6 mana 6/6
Blood Surge: Summon a Wraithling. It gains all the Dying Wish effects of all friendly Abyssian minions that died this game.

Legendary cards

Nightshade Slasher
7 mana 5/11
Atonement: 3 Wraithlings.
Opening Gambit: Destroy an enemy minion and summon a 6/6 Horror on its space.


Common cards

Borealis Strider
2 mana 1/3
Opening Gambit: Deal 1 damage to an enemy minon for each minion with Infiltrate in your action bar.

Vivid Imagination
1 mana spell
Draw a card. If it costs 5 or more, summon a 2/2 Vespyr Winter Maerid nearby.

Rare cards

Icicle Exemplar
4 mana 3/2 Vespyr
Onset: Stun the enemy General. If the enemy General is already Stunned, give this minion +1 Health.

Translucent Glimmer
3 mana spell
Teleport an enemy minion to a random space on your starting side of the battlefield and summon an Ice Statue with equal Attack and Health on its last space.

Ice Statue

Ice Statue
1 mana 1/1 token

Epic cards

Penguin Sovereign
5 mana 3/6 Vespyr
Opening Gambit: Summon a random Wall on a nearby space.
Whenever you summon a Wall, put a Frozen Skater into your action bar.

Frozen Skater

Frozen Skater
1 mana 2/2 Vespyr token
Airdrop, Flying.

Legendary cards

Whiteout Emperor
8 mana 6/10
Atonement: 2 Walls with different names.
Opening Gambit: Stun and dispel all enemies. Both players lose 2 mana.


Coming soon-ish.


Minions with Atonement cannot be summoned unless you make a sacrifice. For instance, to summon a minion with “Atonement: 1 friendly minion”, you have to select 1 friendly minion you control, and destroy it. (You cannot summon the minion if you have no friendly minions.)

how very yugioh. I think Firmament Wielder is overcosted by one mana, since you need to have a specific minion in play to cast it, for it to survive a turn and let minions sit in your action bar for it to be effective. Maybe I’m wrong but only testing would tell for sure.


Copypasted Scions of Deladriss for your title :stuck_out_tongue:
Strike as an effect category (not necessarily a keyword) is quite common in most CCGs so I’m surprised it took so long for any of us fan-content creating zealots to use it lol. Atonement makes Duelyst have the potential of Yu-Gi-Oh now; there’s literally whole archetypes around the mechanic in the latter.

Legion 2.0 for Stratebrome, albeit with less immediate strength. Bonus for being an extremely strong body machine unlike the fragile Legion army which can be cleared with a simple Tempest or buffed Ghost Lightning. Very high potential, almost reaching top priority for most Lyobuff cards.

Ah, Lyonar artifact support. Underused archetype that I personally admire but not enjoy.

High-versatility card with its downsides (replace fodder). Overdraw is always one of my favourite mechanics.

War Surge II. I say the condition is worth the cantrip.

Another very versatile card. I see very good removal potential paired with the very underused Aerial Rift.

Oh. So that’s why the Knights. You’d need a lot of card draw to make this work, or alternatively play a deck that may save as many cards as it can. Survive 1 turn and it produces more or less the same value as an early Amaranthine Vow. Better than Gigaloth considering Lyonar is known for their extremely sticky bodies.

I feel like it’s similar to Wanderer in the sense that alongside having an extremely strong power jump due to its effect, it also serves as quite a strong body at 8/8 for 6 mana (sometimes the board balance tips to the Wanderer player just because of that 7/7)


Yay! So glad to see you continue with these, @halcyon98!


Yeah, people have been saying the card is too weak. I can buff it, but maybe I don’t want such a card to be really good either. We’ll see. Anyways, thanks for the feedback!

Yup. The card looks pretty busted, so I gave it really wonky stats to compensate/make the card more interesting. I still should nerf it one way or another.

I’ve been having some fun with Radiant Standard, so I wanted to make something to push it into the playable range. It can be abused with Regalia, unfortunately.

I just wanted to make something dumb but never-seen-before. I wonder if it would be a little too annoying to play against. :eyes:

I made this for my Zir’An Arcanyst deck, but really, I guess it’s good enough to fit in any Lyonar deck. It doesn’t really do anything for Healyonar and Titan though, which I’m not mad about.

It’s probably broken. I need to nerf it…

I like Silverguard Knights, so I just went ahead and made this. It doesn’t have to live for one turn to generate value, since Strike also procs when any friendly minion or General attacks.

Same. I’m kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel here, though. :eyes:


Whoa. Okay this is Wanderer on crack. Yeah, then Welder is overpowered. A stat nerf will be fitting.


Updated Abyssian cards. I also changed Strike to Onset, because I realized too many games already have Strike as a keyword, and things got kind of confusing. Nothing else changed except for the name. (Still figuring out balance stuff.)


Abyssian card review:

Despair Scourge: Love it, we get our own Makantor when combined with Chakram. :mysticup:

Twilight Ritual. I think it might be good to either make it 2 mana or remove the draw. Cantrips are very good, and this is bonkers with Tormentor.

Moonless Succubus: Finally something to make Hybrid Nocturne decks viable! Punishes swarm hard but then again what card doesn’t.

Silent Sabbath: Interesting wincon. This would need playtesting to comment on its powerlevel.

Purgatory Opener: Is “opener” really a word? Wow. Prepare yourself for the longest wall of text ever seen in Dooly. With Xor this has the potential to even crash the game. Extra lolz with Cacophynos and Cryptographer/Mentor for full board clears.

Nightshade Slasher: Reasonable, might be even too weak. With the Atonement requirement I would’ve expected something more parasite- or Abomination-like, tbh.


Oh damn. I also realized how Opener interacts with Gor. @halcyon98 something to consider in balancing? :smiley: (Although maybe it simply fills the corners with basic wraithlings?)


(Incomplete) highlights:

Lioness: really cool card. It’s another one of those “symmetrical” effects that benefits you more. It could find a home in divine bond decks as a bond target that also removes something when played.

Purgatory: what the h? Does this stack with itself!? If so, I can see some hijinks with hexclaw and Maehv BBS. Either way, Abyssian Dying wishes are not overly abusable, and the ones that are are pricy, so this could be balanced.


2 metaltooth my dude, you even leave a 4/2 frenzy body
(or 1 rep, 1 metaltooth, that works too)


Yeah Metaltooth is fine, but this is less draw-dependent and has applications in a bit wider range of decks.


ah, true. metaltooth is kinda garbage for several situations

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Abyssian Makantor :sirpenti:

Yeah, that’s fair. I should make it 2 mana so it isn’t so lightning speed.

I wanted Creep to have minion Creep generators other than Crawler that dies to fucking Krater.

Probably. I don’t play Abyssian so I’m not sure how hard it would be to kill 10 Wraithlings. Maybe I can bump the cost up to 4 mana.

It was heavily inspired by Abomination. I wanted to make something similar, except this one doesn’t use a ton of resources.

In hindsight, that Atonement requirement seems really difficult. I can probably cut it to just 1 or 2 Wraithlings, or lower the card’s cost to 7 mana.

Thanks! I really like symmetrical effects where the player gets a slight upside. Except Tectonic Spikes. Fuck Tectonic Spikes.

Yeah, it stacks. I figured no Abyssian Dying Wish effect was game-breakingly bonkers so I made something dumb to compensate.


Way too strong:

Firmament Wielder is definitely overpowered. The atonement isn’t very hard, and the effect is as bad as an instant gigaloth.

A little Weak

In general, abyssian has too many niche late game cards.
Nightshade slasher and Purgatory Opener fall into this category.

Purgatory Opener has an interesting and powerful effect, but a blood surge summon makes it a little awkward. How about changing the card to:

Purgatory Opener
8 mana 1/1
Dying Wish : Activate the Dying Wish effects of all friendly minions that died this game.

Needs testing
Parasol Shielder
Silent Sabbath


Earlier versions of the card cost more, and people tole me it was probably too weak. I guess the effect is a little slower than Gigaloth’s, but more impactful. Maybe I can nerf the stats.

That’s a cool idea, but I think it’s still a little too slow. The original version essentially summons one of those for a Blood Surge, and that’s pretty good in my opinion.


Updated Vanar cards.

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The speed of the two versions of Purgatory Opener are actually the same.
(I’ll call the blood surge version BSV and the dying wish version DWV.)

BSV is 6 mana with Blood Surge, so it will be useful at 7 mana.
DWV is 8 mana with Dying Wish discount, so it will be useful ~7 mana.

DWV is better than BSV Purgatory Opener in 4 ways:

  1. DWV activates the dying wish of all minions, instead of just Abyssian minions.
  2. BSV spawns the useful minion in a random spot. DWV can be placed.
  3. BSV needs 2 actions (BBS + attack/spell) to activate dying wish. DWV only needs 1.
  4. If Gor has died, BSV will spawn plain wraithlings in the corner, whereas DWV will spawn more DWV.

I SEE DEMONS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFYl-kFfEXk


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