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[Fanmade expansion]: Forgotten Destiny

Looks like custom expansions are the thing now, so I might as well throw my hat into the ring. Introducing my custom expansion!

New Mechanics


When you play a spell with conceal, your opponent can’t see what you target with it. They see that the spell is played, they see the name of the spell, but your cursor is hidden when you select it from your action bar and select what to target with the spell.

Hopefully, conceal spells can add a new level of strategy to the game. You can use conceal targeting to out-manoeuvre the opponent or , on the opposite side, make plays that anticipate where the opponent might have hidden a conceal spell. If a minion or space targeted by a conceal spell is dispelled, the spell effect remains. However, if it is transformed, the conceal spell is destroyed.


Champions are a new card type based on Planeswalker cards from Magic the gathering. Each champion enters play with some amount of energy. Energy acts just like health for minions or generals, in that dealing damage to a champion will reduce its energy by that much. When a champion’s energy reaches zero, they are destroyed.

Once per turn, you may activate one ability per champion. These abilities either raise or lower energy. Champions can activate their abilities the turn they are played, but they cannot move on that turn. Champions can also move once per turn. Champions can more and activate their abilities in any order. Since champions are not minions, removal that targets minions does not affect them. Champions cannot attack or counterattack.



Beta Model
Common golem
3 mana 2/4
If a player ends their turn with their BBS unused and active, they draw a card

This guy really misses beta Duelyst

Axolotl Mechanic
Common minion
2 mana 1/4
When an enemy minion is healed, add a copy of it to your hand.

You can draw cards with this, but at the cost of healing your opponent’s minions. Decent card draw for healing decks

Bottled Vigor
Common spell
2 mana
Conceal: Target Minion gains +3/+3 the next time it is attacked.

The theme with Lyonar conceal cards is that they target friendly minions and give some sort of buff. This can force your opponent into awkward trades. This one in particular is pretty potent when your opponent is calculating damage.

Common spell
4 mana
Deal 3 damage to all minions. Fully heal any that survive.

I miss the old tempest. Here’s a more expensive version that also benefits from Lyonar’s high health minions

Rare golem
5 mana 3/5
Rush, Also deals damage to the character behind whatever this attacks.

Position-based Rush minion with synergy with attack buffs. A good mid-game removal for Lyonar, and some burst for Argeon.

Hydrargyrum Angel
Rare minion
4 mana 3/6
Your general and this minion cannot be affected by non-combat damage.

A tech card that hoses Songhai burn decks, Aggro Faie, and several other archetypes

Arcane Alembic
Rare artifact
4 mana
If you summon a token, increase a minion’s attack, and restore health all during a single turn, summon a 5/5 golem with Forcefield.

This artifact can only have one of its requirements fulfilled by each of Lyonar’s generals. To truely take advantage of tis effect, you have to jump through quite a few hoops

rare spell
1 mana
Conceal. Target minion takes no damage the next time it is attacked. Draw a card.

A flavorful card. You can parry your opponent’s minion and then strike them with impunity! Has especially nice synergy with Provoke minions, and Conceal can keep your opponent on edge.

Reliquary of souls
Epic golem
7 mana 2/9
Forcefield, Provoke
Dying wish: Summon three Puppet Soldier. Untargetable by spells.

Puppet Soldier

Puppet Soldier
Token golem
1 mana 1/2
Forcefield, Provoke

The big sticky dude to end all big sticky dudes. Excellent when resurrected by amaranthian vow, or slammed down to slow Aggro decks

Epic spell
5 mana
Draw Six spells that cost 1 or less mana. They gain Irreplaceable.

Irreplaceable can really bite you in the ass. An extremely powerful hand-refill tool, but one that can only be used effectively in very few decks. Sun sister, Arcanysts, and Araras prophet come to mind.

Sunsteel Foundry
Epic champion
5 mana 4 energy
+1 give a nearby minion Forcefield until it’s next attack
-2 give a nearby minion Forcefield and +2/+2
-6 From now on, All friendly minions have Forcefield

Lyonar’s champion gives the ability to bolster your minions wth Forcefield, as well as buff them. This is meant to be used as a support minion to keep an important minion alive, or a win-more card to slowly bubble your army.

Legendary minion
6 mana 5/5
Provoke, Opening Gambit: add Melanosis to your action bar.

Trismegistus's Token spells

Token spell
4 mana
Give a minion -4 attack. Add leucosis to your action bar.

Token spell
4 mana
Give a minion +3/+3 add Xantosis to your action bar.

Token spell
4 mana
Summon a Silverguard Knight. Add Iosis to your action bar.

Token spell
4 mana
Deal 5 damage to a minion. Add Magnum Opus to your action bar.

Magnum Opus
Token spell
2 mana
Set your general’s health to 35

The ultimate late-game heal. This minion gives you an upper hand in the value game while also giving a win condition against combo decks.

Eternal blade
Legendary spell
3 mana
Give a minion +3/+3. When it leaves play, cast this on a random friendly nearby minion.

A sticky buff that encourages Lyonar’s “Death ball” style minion placement. You can somewhat control what this buffs next through clever positioning.

Cabala Seed
Legendary Champion
2 mana 2 energy
+0: double this champion’s energy
+0: gain Provoke until end of turn
-77: transform this into Peacekeeper

This champion can serve as an ever-growing provoke wall, and a win condition if you stall out the game enough. Transformed actively champions stay active, so peacekeeper essentially has rush.


Marsh ranger
Common minion
2 mana 3/2
Backstab (1). Opening Gambit: Conceal: Choose a space. The next time an enemy moves or is summoned there, teleport behind them and attack them.

Heh. Nothing personal, kid. The conceal ability will not trigger if the space it would teleport to is already occupied

Scarlet Crane
Common minion
5 mana 2/3
Flying, Ranged, Opening Gambit: Summon a Scarlet Crane on a random space.

Old lantern fox was a fun card, but it did lead to broken combos. This minion serves a similar role, as a sticky buff platform.

Scroll Cache
Common spell
2 mana
Conceal. Draw two cards. Choose a tile. The first time an enemy moves or is summoned on that tile, they draw two cards.

A nice little draw spell. Unfortunately, if your opponent knows where you keep your tools, they too can raid your cache.

Ball lightning
Common spell
4 mana
Deal 3 damage to a character. Deal 2 damage to all connected enemies.

A powerful boardclear with spell damage. Like Thunderhorn, your opponent can position around this.

Grand Saboteur
Rare minion
3 mana 5/2
Dying Wish:, shuffle three irreplaceable Spellswords into your opponent’s deck

Another three drop for Songhai. This one can give your opponent bad draws later on. Fits with their whole sabotage theme.

Softshell Bixi
Rare minion
4 mana 5/2
Dying Wish: Summon a random 3 mana Songhai minion on this space.

This is just a sticky body comparable to Dioltas and Allomancer.

Swinging Ambush
Rare spell
5 mana
Conceal: Choose three spaces. The first time an enemy minion moves or is summoned on each space, summon a Gorehorn behind them that attacks them.

Again, if the space the Gorehorn would be teleported to is already occupied, this won’t trigger.

Mask of Bellowing Mist
Rare artifact
4 mana
Only one attack can be made each turn.

This can completely shut down Fault and Ripper decks (unless they run artifact removal) by forcing them to only attack once per turn. However, mantra and spell combo decks might like this too much.

Blackwater Olm
Epic minion
5 mana 2/5
Rush, Backstab(1) After this backstabs, return this to your action bar at the end of your turn and change its cost to 1.

This is your main way of getting a lot of backstabs in for back-stab benefiting cards later on.

Red Wedding
Epic spell
7 mana
Deal 3 damage to a random enemy. Repeat for each time a friendly character backstabbed this game.

Here’s your reward for backstabbing everyone; you get to kill them at the red wedding!

Disciple of the stream
Epic champion
2 mana, 3 energy
Passive: May move twice per turn
+0: deal 2 damage to an enemy diagonal to this.
+0: deal 1 damage to enemies on the three spaces in front of this.

This champion functions more like a minion that can’t counterattack or be counterattack than a traditional champion. Meant to evoke a martial artist

Elder Salamander
Legendary minion
7 mana, 7/4
Frenzy, Opening Gambit: Your Bloodbound Spell is how Protean


Legendary Bloodbound Spell
X mana
This is a copy of the last non-Bloodbound spell that was cast.

A serpenti that gives you a ridiculously powerful BBS. Protean can let you double up on things like Eight gates, Spiral technique, Kensho Vortex, or the new Red wedding. Your opponent can stop you from copying things over 5 mana by playing a spell on their turn, though. Perhaps the best use of this card is with Knucklestorm, since you can spam it with Mentor and Cryptographer

Body replacement
Legendary spell
2 mana
Conceal: Choose a friendly character and a space. The next time that character is attacked, teleport it to that space and leave behind a 0/5 log with Provoke

Ninjas disappearing in a puff of smoke and leaving behind a log has been ingrained in pop culture. If the space the minion will be teleported to is already occupied, this spell will not trigger

Legendary champion
5 mana 5 energy
Passive: gain +2 energy whenever a friendly character backstabs.
-1: shuffle two random irreplaceable spellswords into your opponent’s deck
-2: Enemy spells cost +5 during their next turn.
-7: all attacks are backstabs until end of turn

The only tactician in Xaan capable of matching wits with Grand Strategos. Sabotage your opponent with high cost spellswords or go off with a chain of Backstab turns.


Eyeless Priest
Common minion
2 mana 1/3
Opening Gambit: Transform into target minion with one or less attack.

Cypheron support that copies instead of directly stealing minions. Also has good synergy with obelysks.

Vampire Engine
Common minion
5 mana 0/7
Provoke Nearby minions have -2 attack. Has +2 attack for each nearby minion.

Cypheron support that also serves as a powerful stalling tool.

Into the fold
Common spell
1 mana
Conceal: Add a copy of target minion or champion to your action bar

A neat little cantrip. You can usually predict what your opponent wants to copy, but sneaky cross-faction plays can lead to a few wild combos.

Common spell
4 mana
Conceal: choose a minion. Take control of that minion at the end of your opponent’s next turn.

Watch your opponent kill their own innocent minions as they try to find the traitor.

Rare minion
4 mana 2/5
Whenever your general deals damage, restore that much health to your general

The healing card that Sajj desperately needs.

Rare minion
3 mana 1/1
Bloodsurge: Transform this into the highest cost minion in play. Keep this ability.

A spin on mirage master. This minion can copy friendly minions, and re-roll it’s ability if something juicer gets played. However, it’s effect cannot be targeted.

Rare artifact
2 mana
+2 attack. After this breaks, end the current player’s turn.

It just works. Ideally, you can force your opponent to make play awkwardly and attack you less during their turn, but this can also bite you in the ass, since it can skip your own turn.

Rare spell
3 mana
Conceal: Choose two minions. When one dies, transform the other into a copy of the one that died.

A very wacky utility card that can set up traps with conceal.

Cosmic Plasmid
Epic minion
3 mana 1/3
Whenever this takes damage, add a Cosmic Flesh to your action bar.

Vetruvian lantern fox. It’s generated spells can be used to buff itself, justifying a lower base stat line.

Living Bomb
Epic spell
5 mana
Conceal: Choose an enemy minion. At the end of your opponent’s turn, destroy it to deal 5 damage to ALL enemies.

Killer Queen has already touched your minion! Your opponent better find a way to kill off their bomb before it explodes and wipes their board.

Watched Kettle
Epic champion
3 mana 4 energy
+0 remember this turn
-1 transform your action bar into that which this last remembered. Destroy Unwinding Clock
-1 equip artifacts from the turn this last remembered. Destroy Unwinding Clock

A hand-refuel tool for Vetruvian that plays on its time theme. Also has decent synergy with artifacts.

Ostracon Fragment
Legendary structure
8 mana 0/0
Immune, Can only be played on the center row. At the end of your turn, summon a random Warped Dervish.

Warped Dervishes

Rust Dervish
Token Dervish
2 mana 6/2
Dying wish: make two exhuming sand on random spaces

Tar Dervish
Token Dervish
2 mana 3/8
Forcefield, Provoke

Neon Dervish
Token Dervish
2 mana 5/4
Dying wish: Add three random Dervishes to your action bar

Fiber Dervish
Token Dervish
2 mana 4/7
Whenever this deals damage, restore that much health to your general.

More of a thematic card than anything, this card spews out dervishes twisted by Vetruvia’s technological advancements.

Entropic End
Legendary spell
7 mana
Transform all spaces not occupied by a general into empty spaces.

Dying Wish? Nope. Untargetable by spells? Sorry. Tile effects? Better luck next time. Invulnerable? Get outta here! An expensive board-clear that makes up for its price by getting rid of absolutely everything, barring artifacts and general abilities

Adaptive Manipulator
Legendary Champion
7 mana 6 energy
+1: copy a card from your opponent’s action bar.
-3: return target enemy minion to your opponent’s action bar.
-3: Draw a card from your opponent’s action bar.
-10: From now on, You may play cards from the opponent’s action bar.

This champion let’s you interact with your opponent’s action bar, giving you massive card and information advantage. I have no mouth and I must scream reference.


Wraith Ferry
Common minion
2 mana 5/4
Opening Gambit: Dies
Dying wish: Summon 2 wraithlings nearby.

Here’s a 2 drop that you definitely don’t regret re-summoning with your resurrection effects!

Abyssal Bureaucrat
Common minion
3 mana 4/3
Sentinel: opponent replaces a card.
Whenever your opponent replaces a card, add a copy of it to your action bar.

This card helps you spy on your opponent’s hand while offering card advantage. Your opponent probably won’t want to replace after you put this on the board, but it’s quite easy to be clumsy and misplay.

Common spell
2 mana
Choose a space. Summon the last non-token minion that died on that space.

For example, if a healing mystic died on space (A) last turn, and this turn, a Young silithar died on space (A) and an Azure Herald dies on space (B), this will summon the Silithar if you target space (A) and the herald if you target space (B).

Common spell
1 mana
Conceal, Choose an enemy minion. At the end of each of your turns, make two friendly Shadow-Creep beside it.

Shadow Creep was the OG trap mechanic, so why not have a conceal card based off of it.

Death’s Advocate
Rare minion
1 mana 1/3
Deathwatch: The minion that died counts as a random friendly Abyssian minion that costs 2 more.

Fill your graveyard with OP demons instead of cheap wraithlings to resurrect later.

Memory Collector
Rare minion
6 mana 8/4
Dying Wish: Summon a 1/1 Memory on its space.


token minion
Flying, Dying wish: Summon the last non-token minion that died on this space on this space.

This is a big boy you want to resurrect with all the new effects. It itself also has the ability to resurrect! Most of the time, the best option it to not move the memory and keep recurring this minion, but your opponent can just run away, so it might be worth it to use the memory to resurrect other stuff.

Empty the crypts
Rare spell
4 mana
Conceal: Choose an space. Add a copy of every minion that died on that space to your hand. Gain 2 life for each minion added this way.

This card gets stronger the later into the game you get, but it also gets harder to use, since you have to keep track of more deaths. This card only heals for each card added, so if you overdraw with it, you don’t get healed for extra.

Gravedigger’s shovel
Rare Artifact
5 mana
You may attack empty spaces to summon the last minion that died there on that space.

The releaser on steroids. Works the same way as Disinter.

Phantasmal Creditor
Epic minion
5 mana 4/7
If your opponent would Summon a minion on your turn, gain control of that minion.

Brought to you by the suckit eggmar foundation.

Hound Down
Epic spell
4 mana
Conceal: choose an enemy minion. If this minion is still alive at the end of each of your turns, summon a 4/4 husk.

Meant to evoke giving your hunting dogs the scent of a target’s sent, and sending them to hunt it down.

Cheerful psychopomp
Epic champion
2 mana 2 energy
+1: Summon a 1/1 spirit that dies at the end of your turn on a random nearby space
-1: Summon a 1/1 copy of the last minion to die
-4: Summon a copy of the last minion to die

Another resurrection effect, and the little 1/1s make excellent Maehv fuel. Most importantly, this is a 2 drop that’s not a minion, so it doesn’t not interfere with your resurrect effects.

Legendary minion
4 mana 3/3
Deathwatch: Summon the minion that died on it’s owner’s starting row.

What if minions just never died? This is a symmetrical effect so get ready for some hijinks.

Legendary spell
7 mana
Choose a friendly minion. At the end of each turn, if you don’t control a minion with the same name as that minion, summon a minion with that name.

Nothing can stop a minion that transcends death. No dispell, no transformation, not even return to hand effects. Even the new board-clear I made for Vetruvian cannot truly destroy a minion that has transcended.

Soul Contract
Legendary champion
9 mana 15 energy
-1 gain 1 health. Reactivate this champion
-2 steal a card from your opponent’s deck, Reactivate this champion
-4 Summon a husk. Reactivate this champion
-8 Summon a random Demon. Reactivate this champion.

A champion with no way to regain energy, the soul contract is meant as a flexible payoff card for Abyssian players who managed to survive to turn 9.


Common minion
1 mana 1/1
Opening Gambit: Destroy an egg to gain +1/+2 and Rebirth

A Magmar card that hoses eggmar. Might be good with Egg morph, but too conditional.

Techtonic Mauler
Common minion
6 mana 5/5
Grow: +2/+2 When this grows, both players draw three cards.

A decent body that can reload your hand, but nothing special in constructed. Probably pack filler

Mud Slide
Common spell
3 mana
Conceal. Choose a 3*3 area. At the start of your next turn, deal 2 damage and stun ALL characters in that area.

Fun little conceal card. You can lock down sections of the board, or take some self damage to deter your enemy with it.

Absorb Armaments
Common spell
1 mana
Set your general’s attack to 2. Gain 3 health for each attack point removed this way

A simple way for Vaath not to die to Kha decks. Otherwise, it could be useful as a big burst of healing for cheap.

Rare minion
4 mana 4/1
Frenzy, Rebirth, Opening gambit: Restore 5 health to your general.

Combining both of Magmar’s iconic beta 4 drops, this is a Just an overall decent card

Shim’zar tyrant
Rare minion
7 mana 6/6
Grow +1/+1 When this attacks and destroys a minion, summon a grow minion from your action bar and grow it.

A big dude that gets you more big dudes.

Emerald whip
rare artifact
0 mana
Whenever you summon a minion, deal 1 damage to it

Synergy with self-damage minions. Support for the dance of memes deck.

Fetus Deletus
Rare spell
0 mana
Remove Rebirth from a minion. Summon a dispelled egg nearby.


Protean Hydra
Epic Minion
7 mana 4/7
Rush. When this destroys a minion, gain their base stats and keywords

Rush makes getting this guy rolling pretty easy. A single Dervish could make your guy disappear. Killing Rippers with this gives it celerity and rebirth, offering an advantage against Ragnora.

Monsterous Presence
Epic Spell
4 mana
Give a minion +2/+5, and “whenever this takes damage, gain +1/+1”

A decent buff spell with synergy with self-damage effects.

Epic Champion
5 mana, 4 energy
+1: stun the nearest enemy minion
-1: deal 3 damage to the nearest enemy
-5: Summon a Basilisk

A fairly versatile champion. The first two effects are good in all stages of the game, and the last ability can spiral out of control if left unchecked

The Apex
Legendary minion
10 mana infinity/infinity

A card that must be comboed with cost reduction. When a stat exceeds 3*10^300 in Duelyst, it really does show up as ‘infinity.’

legendary spell
6 mana
Conceal. Choose a 2*2 area. At the start of your next turn, deal 8 damage to ALL characters in that area.

This lets you protect an area of the board, or lure the enemy into a trap. High bamboozle potential

Nyharmth the mutable
legendary champion
8 mana 6 energy
+0: Transform into a 4/6 minion with Flying until end of turn
+0: Transform into a 4/6 minion with Forcefield until end of turn
+0: Transform into a 3/6 minion with Frenzy until end of turn
-3: Reactivate this champion. It’s next transformation is permanent and has +1/+1

Another Magmar aspect, this one is a champion rather than a general. Since champions come into play active, you essentially get to a flexible rush Minion that you can mould to suit your needs.


Gleaming Pteropod
Common Vespyr
3 mana 3/1
Opening Gambit add three random irreplaceable walls to your action bar.

A simple card that generates card advantage without directly drawing cards. This minion fuels Vanar’s Swarm and Trial playstyles.

Common Vespyr
5 mana 6/1
Airdrop. Whenever this would take 3 or less damage, prevent it.

A big threat against decks that have few damage sources over 3, like Fault Vetruvian, Aggro Vanar, Healing Lyonar, and Aggro Songhai.

Icicle Fall
Common Spell
4 mana
Conceal. Choose a 2*2 area. The first time an enemy moves or is summoned on each tile in this area, deal 4 damage to it and stun it.

Since each tile in the trapped area triggers independently, it becomes a bit like a game of reverse-Battleship scouting out which tiles are safe.

Star Gazing
Common spell
2 mana
Conceal: Choose a space. As long as that space is occupied by a friendly minion, you may replace 2 additional times each turn.

”I know the perfect spot!”

Frostseal pup
Rare minion
2 man and 2/1
Infiltrate: gain “Dying Wish: Summon two 2/2 Winter Marid nearby.

This is a Pax without the battlepet tag that only works when infiltrated. Vespyr and Infiltrate needs the support.

Pearl sculptor
Rare minion
6 mana 5/7
Whenever a minion is stunned, add a 1 mana 1/1 copy of it to your hand. Opening Gambit: stun a nearby minion.

The big playoff card for playing stun. This card offers you tons of value for playing stuns and an immediate effect that can be decent in any deck.

Rare spell
2 mana
Both generals are Immune until the end of your next turn. Draw a card.

Immune is Vanar’s way of staying alive to get to their monstrous late-game. This card buys you some time if you don’t mind not hitting your opponent’s in the face.

Horn of Winter
Rare artifact
5 mana
+3 attack. Infiltrate: Forcefield. If you end your turn with Forcefield intact, draw a Vespyr.

Here’s your big Infiltrate payoff card. This makes you’re general into a killing machine. Even if you’re opponent doesn’t want to engage with you, you still get value from the card draw.

Epic minion
1 mana 1/1
Whenever a friendly minion is transform, also transform this minion into the same minion.

A minion that greatly benefits from all of your aspect spells. With appropriate setup, this minion can become a huge tempo swing.

Reverberating Strike
Epic spell
5 mana
Conceal: Choose a 3*3 area. The first time an enemy moves or is summoned on each tile in this area, deal 3 damage to all enemies in this area.

As your opponent’s minions try to get out of this area, to avoid the repeat damage, they might accidentally trigger the reverberations again!

Frosty Zappy
Epic champion
5 mana, 3 energy
+1: stun an enemy minion
+1: deal 2 damage to an enemy minion
-3: deal 2 damage and stun target enemy and all connected enemies

It frost, and it zap.

Legendary Vespyr
9 mana 5/6
Opening Gambit: for every Friendly Vespyr that died this game, Summon a tentacle on a random tile.


Kraken Tentacle
Token minion
1 mana 4/3
Only one Kraken Tentacle can attack each turn.

A big payoff card to Vespyr decks, this guy is supposed to evoke a single massive monster with many parts, instead of a bunch of small guys. Note that multiple tentacles can move each turn, so even if they can’t attack, you can use the main to box the opponent.

Cat’s Cradle
Legendary spell
5 mana
Summon Bonechill Barriers that belong to neither player to fill the board.

Here’s your way of slowing the game down. Of course, our opponent might decide to bunker down in the ice as well. There’s a lot of ways this can go wrong for you, so use the effect wisely.

The Flying Dutchman
Legendary Champion
4 mana 3 energy.
+3: Exhaust a nearby active friendly minion. Gain flying and “may move again” until end of turn.
-1: Exhaust a nearby active friendly minion. Deal 3 damage to target enemy on the same row as this.
-3: Exhaust a nearby active friendly minion. Summon a 5/5 Sleeper Shark behind this.

Sleeper Shark

Sleeper Shark
token minion
3 mana 5/5
Flying, Can only move horizontally

While this ghostly ship can move on its own, it does need a crew to use its many abilities.Kraken tentacles and spare walls make great crew.


Pandora’s Box
Common minion
2 mana 0/1
Dying Wish: Summon a random Ghost Wolf.

Ghost Wolves are fun, why not have more ways to summon them?

Common minion
3 mana 3/4
Whenever you replace a card, destroy the card that is replaced instead of putting it back in your deck.

A lot of cards in Duelyst generate cheap or weak token cards that might clog up your deck if you replace them. This card stops that from happening. Also, if you happen to replace a card you know won’t be played in some matchup, you can remove it from your deck.

Common minion
5 mana 5/5
Opening Gambit: Your general gains Flying until end of turn

A very versatile effect that can help you escape or attack. I can see this being run in a variety of decks and being powerful in gauntlet.

Kron’s Warden
Rare minion
3 mana 2/5
Bloodbound spells are disabled

Brought to you by the Suckit Eggmar foundation

Amethyst Hermit
Rare minion
2 mana 2/2
Opening Gambit: target enemy minion makes a move as if it was a battle pet.

A position-altering card that can make your enemies step on your conceal tiles. Generally good for disrupting enemy formation

Colossal Sandworm
Rare minion
8 mana 6/6
Opening Gambit: Destroy a nearby enemy minion.

A big minion with a big effect. This can be used by ramping decks as a top-curve payoff card.

Epic Arcanyst
7 mana 1/1
Opening Gambit, Dying Wish, Bloodsurge, Bond, Intensify, Start of your Turn, End of your Turn, Whenever you Cast a Spell: Deal 1 damage to a random enemy

Gets you about 3 (up to 7) pings right off the bat, and 4ish pings every turn from there on. This is meant to be a joke card, but it could be used as some sort of burst damage.

Paladium Protector
Epic minion
4 mana 2/4
Forcefield, Cards with altered costs cannot be played.

Tech card that absolutely hoses Kujata, Abjudicator, and other ramp effects.

Santaur the terrible
Legendary minion
7 mana 4/8
Opening Gambit: Equip a set of Frostfire gifts to your general, and give your opponent coal.

frostfire gifts and coal

Token artifact
1 mana
your cards cost 1 less

Token artifact
1 mana
Ranged, -1 attack

Token artifact
1 mana

Token artifact
1 mana
You cannot use your Bloodbound spell.

The Frostfire artifacts were fun to play with, so why not bring them into the main game in some way? The coal significantly hurts Ragnora combo.

Kevin2, the Hard
Legendary minion
2 mana 3/3
If this card in in your deck, you must build a deck with 10 additional cards.

Why the heck not?

Mythron Deleter
Mythron Trial
0 mana 1/1
Trial: Your opponent plays Mythron wanderer.
Destiny: Your opponent’s minions have -1/-1

See too many wanderer decks on ladder? Pop this in your deck to turn off easy mode for them!



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The very first card is insanely op lol. You can do something like Metallurgist, tallow on tile, tallow on center. Next turn do shenanigans.
Will comment more after I finish reading…

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Where do you define what a peacekeeper is? I’m intrigued.

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Peacekeeper is Lyonar’s legendary golem from Ancient Bonds.


To @Excogitator, the expansion looks fun with lots of cool cards but the balance is a bit, uh, unbalanced. Rhadamanthus is almost a cheaper trialess Xor which has a few problems Cough Cough Saberspine Tiger Cough Cough.


Do Champions have attack or are they just running around and bodyblocking?
Can they be dispeled?

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Stargazer Vanar seems extremely fun, not gonna lie


Insanely fun designs! :+1: :+1: yep some of them look a bit broken but that isn’t too harmful in things like these


Balance patch:

  • Changed a few cards that allow player 1 to take a mana tile consistently (particularly 2 mana champions)
  • Slightly buffed and nerfed a few cards
  • Changed the wording of a few cards
  • Made Magmar a little less boring
  • Made Abyssian a little less broken

That’s a lot of words and a lot of cards. I’ll finish reading someday, I hope. :sirpenti:


I had to trim the expansion by a lot as well, to fit with the forums’ character limit


Alright; I can’t possibly comment on each and every one of those cards, so I picked some of my favorites.

Axotl Mechanic: Healing the opponents is something that is outside-the-box-thinking but doesn’t sound completely preposterous.

Nimblewright: Non-trash card that doesn’t support a problematic mechanic (wow), good tribe buff (wow), and position-based (wtf). This is a card beyond Dooly brain. Could be broken with double Metallurgist but I main Lyonar anyways.

Arcane Alembic: A card that rewards you for being all 3 Lyonar Generals at the same time. Encourages creative deckbuilding and creative playing. Card name sounds too Songhai-esque, though.

Scarlet Crane: Simple, strong, and elegant. It’s flexibility makes it a natural addition to many archetypes, and it’s Xenkai Canonneer support too. Could be frustrating to deal with but whatever.

Eyeless Priest: Cool name, cool sabotage support, and pertains to Vet’s faction mechanic of transforming into enemy minions.

Wraith Ferry: Hilarious wording and cool resurrection support.

Star Gazing: Facilitates cool mind games where the opponent is given information but not all of the information. You receive long-term benefits that support Kron in Nemeton and is subtle enough to be considered big brain. Best card in the set.


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