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(Fan card) Mask Collector

I wanted to make a minion using Soulburn Obelisk colors and saw that Bagoum has a custom card creator now. So, I made this.

I wanted to give Vetruvian a way to deal with ranged threats without out-right giving them ranged removal, since that apparently breaks faction identity. This card has the ability to move enemies at a range closer to your general so that distance dependent effects, such as Sajj and Entropic Decay, can take care of ranged threats more easily. On the other hand, you can also move close range threats, further from your general in order to prevent damage by using this defensively. Overall, this is a versatile defensive card that takes advantage of positioning.


Liked for the pixel art alone.

It looks like an Abyssian or neutral card, but with some color changes, I could see this fitting Vet.

For as strong as that ability is though, 2/6.

2/7 is massive. (You’d actually be breaking new ground with 2/7. Tethermaster and Silhouette Tracer are 1/6 and 2/6 and their abilities aren’t as strong. Maybe a 5 mana card?)

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Nice card with cool design that really would help Vet, although I agree with seraphicreaper that the stats are a bit high. I also like the fact that it would also fit the sabotage theme of some Vet cards.

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Nice card, love the art and creativity! If you’re ever looking to design more cards, there’s a thread and even a bi-monthly competition specifically dedicated to it :slight_smile:

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When I saw thread name I was hoping some Songhai minion with ability :
Opening Gambit : equip a random Mask



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