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True, I talk of dreams, which are the children of an idle brain, begot of nothing but vain fantasy.


:face_with_monocle: :wine_glass:


Old merc was obviously best character.

Yggdra's Gaze / Vanar / Rare Minion / 5 Mana / (4/5)

Opening Gambit: Your Bloodbound Spell is Mesmerize

  • Purpose: Board manipulation to be able to use Avalanche and Fissure reliably.

  • Comments: Board-focused lists seem to have fallen out of favor for Vanar even though it’s one of the most fun ideas to build a deck around, and this card would certainly be a big help in bringing them back, imo.

  • Inspiration: A random discussion some of us were having in Hsuku’s stream chat

The state of Vanar & An overview of recent Vanar history
State of Vanar, Volume III: Faction Identity & My Wishes

Really cool idea! Have you ever thought of making it also replace your hand, so it’ll have synergy with replace cards?



Kaido revenant

Songhai minion
4 mana 5/3
rush, backstab (0). Can only be summoned on the space directly behind your general. Cannot be targeted by ANY spells until the start of your opponent’s turn


Thanks, not a bad idea either.


Maybe something like “When this attacks, replace your hand. When this counterattacks, replace opponent’s hand”? Or maybe even in reverse, “When this attacks, replace opponent’s hand. When this counterattacks, replace your hand”, he’s a jester after all.




If the God’s Touch summons the Creation, then there should be no mana cost. Also, this card seems really good for Vanar as it can be ramped out and buffed with Kara for max 15 damage. Unfortunately, I don’t think Vanar currently has the control tools necessary to use this win con. Maybe make the mana cost 7 instead?

That would actually be really cool though, having spell mythrons.

EDIT: The Kara thing wouldn’t work cause no spells.


It doesn’t necessarily have to be a Vanar card. I was actually going to ask you guys where this card fits best. I originaly designed this card to be used in either aggro decks that eventually lose card advantage or supper control decks that try to outvalue other decks. BTW the part that states: “Is not effected by Provoke…” also implies that it can NEVER gain Provoke! This is meant to stop interactions like The Creation + Wood-Wen because then it would be too op. Likewise, if provoke could stop it, then it would be super weak and slow. Attacking five times might seem a lot but it is not too strong by itself if you think about it. Yes, it can deal up to 10 damage YET in also takes a lot of damage in return. Hitting the enemy General 5 times and dealing 10 dmg also means taking 10 (or more) and is “worse” than a Drybone Golem. However, although spells do not work, artifacts work perfectly fine. So I imagine a Lyonar deck that has Skywind Glaives would be overpowered (a reason for this card NOT being a Lyonar one). Or maybe in Magmar you could have The Creation + Godhammer as a nice combo. Lastly, in Vetruvian, The Creation + Nosh-Rak. In all previously mentioned decks (I forgot Abyssian and Chakram) The Creation is OP. That does not mean that God’s Touch is OP because in order to get the Super powerful Creation you have to sacrifice all your cards and then hope you draw the card you need to finish the game. Not easy. That’s why I ask you again: Thematically, Mechanically and Synergy wise, WHERE DOES THIS BELONG?

PS. the mana cost is just in case it is dispelled and then Hailstoned or just in case your opponent plays Sandswirl Reader, which he can. :expressionless: Dispelling this yourself could have benefits :thonk: Polarity_active


(This is supposed to cost 1 mana)


The Sour Apple Candy is an OTK with Ripper. :sweat:

Cool card though.


Yup its more of a meme card. You still have to draw it tho.


Double Zoute.

Most Liquorice taste nice, but I can’t handle something big, hard, and salty all up in my mouth




I thought it could be neat to introduce a few more global type effects.
The costs are just a starting point and people are sure to have reasons why some (or all) of these should be higher or lower.

1 - Winter’s Calm - 5 cost Vanar spell that removes all buffs… aka… EMP without the beefy creature. (inspired by winter bringing new beginnings under a blanket of snow)

2 - Nature’s Order - 4 cost Magmar spell that removes all tile effects. Not “disenchant each tile” but things like mana tiles, shadow creep, verdant growth, etc etc. (inspired by areas ravaged by fires or structures but nature buried it beneath a thick layer of vegetation)

3 - The Desert’s Wrath - 6 cost Vetruvian Spell that deals 5 damage to all minions with 4 or more attack (inspired by the searing heat hitting the largest creatures the hardest while smaller creatures might find shelter)

4 - Bounty of the Harvest - 5 cost Lyonar spell that heals 3 damage to everything on the battlefield. (inspired by food at Thanksgiving :smiley: )

5 - Flames of the Inferno - 7 cost Songhai spell - All minions take 3 damage and deal 1 damage to everything around them. (inspired by wildfires that spread and burn indiscriminately)

Alternative for Lyonar - The Bells of Atonement - 5 cost Lyonar - All creatures that have dealt damage this game take that much damage. All other creatures gain +3 health. (inspired by thematic karma, penance, or other beliefs dealing with balance and positive or negative actions coming back to us)


All of these are very interesting ideas! However, Nature’s Order is bad. No one would run a 4-cost tech card on the off chance that their opponent is using tiles (select Abyssian and Vetruvian decks). You have to make it cheaper and add cycling to make it viable. For instance:

Nature’s Order (2)
Rare Magmar Spell
Remove all tile effects. Draw a card.