Fan Card Design Hub: Submissions (Updated 10/31)


Ok, remove 9 cards when you summon one of those guys…

Now what about when you summon another one?
Or if you have something else on the board that demands answers even more than this guy. Thats another 9+ cards. Literally half your deck lost to 1-2 cards. Its not fun to play against and its even more auto include than makantor because the only counter is to exclusivly play titan and it almost guarentees losing 1/3 of your deck at bare minimum.


I think the only faction it really punishes is Songhai. Against most other factions, I expect it will get 1 activation per copy, with a decent amount of 0s and 2s. So the main effect I expect this to have on the meta is forcing Songhai to play some more minions.


That’s… insanely strong for sajj. Too strong. Combo this with falcius, zephyr and your bbs, you can be surrounded by 8/8s and clear the ENTIRE FUCKING BOARD. Even only comboing with Incinera and falcius you might as well give Usain Bolt machine guns and that would be more balanced than this. This card will become an auto include in any sajj deck and honestly I’m not OK with that


I’m gonna have a go.

Magmar sentinel
3 mana

Sentinel: General attacks. General diverts attack to another nearby friendly minion


Magmar sentinel
3 mana 2/3
Grow +1/+1
Sentinel: minion summoned
Your grow minions gain +2/+2


gaining +2/+2 is a bit too much IMO, maybe cut the grow on the card itself and it could be balanced.


7mana neutral/mech
Opening gambit: “reactivate all friendly mechs”

6 mana neutrak/mech
"if mechaz0r was summoned this game, this minion gains PROVOKE, CELERITY and cannot be targeted by any spells"

(just to clarify, the enemy can summon an orion if you summoned mechaz0r, and the effect would activate)



the first one feels like you are trying to make bombard a minion, but for flying. at the very least it should be an opening gambit

second one is incredibly dangerous in mech decks and useless everywhere else, but given how much easier it is to summon mechaz0r i would increase the mana cost a bit and give it a keyword or ability that doesnt rely on mechaz0r being summ0ned

Blood Moon Incarnate
12 mana
whenever a deathwatch keyword activates while this card is in your action bar, reduce its mana cost by 1
deathwatch: gain a random deathwatch ability
(from dancer, gate(not invulernable), grimwar, crescendo, etc)


you can tech the second one against a mechaz0r heavy meta as well. and the first one was supposed to be opening gambit. sorry. going to edit it. thanks for the feedback.


The only problem about orion is that if you tech against enemy mechazor, mechaxor insta kills it. So, maybe 7 mana 5/7?


I did not realize it counted enemy mechaz0rs. i was just thinking it was mechaz0r support that could make deceptib0t good again.

anyways, new creep support

gardening for demons
2 mana artifact
deathwatch: friendly creep tiles gain +1 damage

Sound of silence
4 3 mana spell
All enemy minions on friendly creep tiles are dispelled and cannot move until attacked

Banshee Grass
2 mana
Summon a wraithling on each freindly creep tile

Insidious spores
2 mana
Give all enemy minions “dying wish: spawn an enemy creep tile on this space” and “takes 1 damage at the end of your turn”

abyssal cultist
3 mana
whenever a minion is destroyed by a creep tile, reduce the cost of every card in your hand by 1


Sound of silence is too expensive in my opnion. Lower it to 3 mana?