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I think the only faction it really punishes is Songhai. Against most other factions, I expect it will get 1 activation per copy, with a decent amount of 0s and 2s. So the main effect I expect this to have on the meta is forcing Songhai to play some more minions.


That’s… insanely strong for sajj. Too strong. Combo this with falcius, zephyr and your bbs, you can be surrounded by 8/8s and clear the ENTIRE FUCKING BOARD. Even only comboing with Incinera and falcius you might as well give Usain Bolt machine guns and that would be more balanced than this. This card will become an auto include in any sajj deck and honestly I’m not OK with that


I’m gonna have a go.

Magmar sentinel
3 mana

Sentinel: General attacks. General diverts attack to another nearby friendly minion


Magmar sentinel
3 mana 2/3
Grow +1/+1
Sentinel: minion summoned
Your grow minions gain +2/+2


gaining +2/+2 is a bit too much IMO, maybe cut the grow on the card itself and it could be balanced.


7mana neutral/mech
Opening gambit: “reactivate all friendly mechs”

6 mana neutrak/mech
"if mechaz0r was summoned this game, this minion gains PROVOKE, CELERITY and cannot be targeted by any spells"

(just to clarify, the enemy can summon an orion if you summoned mechaz0r, and the effect would activate)



the first one feels like you are trying to make bombard a minion, but for flying. at the very least it should be an opening gambit

second one is incredibly dangerous in mech decks and useless everywhere else, but given how much easier it is to summon mechaz0r i would increase the mana cost a bit and give it a keyword or ability that doesnt rely on mechaz0r being summ0ned

Blood Moon Incarnate
12 mana
whenever a deathwatch keyword activates while this card is in your action bar, reduce its mana cost by 1
deathwatch: gain a random deathwatch ability
(from dancer, gate(not invulernable), grimwar, crescendo, etc)


you can tech the second one against a mechaz0r heavy meta as well. and the first one was supposed to be opening gambit. sorry. going to edit it. thanks for the feedback.


The only problem about orion is that if you tech against enemy mechazor, mechaxor insta kills it. So, maybe 7 mana 5/7?


I did not realize it counted enemy mechaz0rs. i was just thinking it was mechaz0r support that could make deceptib0t good again.

anyways, new creep support

gardening for demons
2 mana artifact
deathwatch: friendly creep tiles gain +1 damage

Sound of silence
4 3 mana spell
All enemy minions on friendly creep tiles are dispelled and cannot move until attacked

Banshee Grass
2 mana
Summon a wraithling on each freindly creep tile

Insidious spores
2 mana
Give all enemy minions “dying wish: spawn an enemy creep tile on this space” and “takes 1 damage at the end of your turn”

abyssal cultist
3 mana
whenever a minion is destroyed by a creep tile, reduce the cost of every card in your hand by 1


Sound of silence is too expensive in my opnion. Lower it to 3 mana?


ok, i am off my deathwatch kick and am solely onto improving tiles. this is inspired by the obliterate discussion thread


abyssal gardener
3 mana 2/4
whenever a shadow creep tile destroys an enemy minion, that tile gains +1 attack

nova burst
1 mana
all shadow creep in a 2x2 area gain +2 damage

grandmasters blessing
2 mana
destroy a shadow creep tile and summon a 4/4 fiend on that space. draw a card.

malignant growth
7 mana
at the start of every turn destroy all creep tiles and resummon them underneath the nearest enemy. shadow creep may now stack
(occupy the same space/ combine into higher damage creep tiles)

vicious assault
2 mana
deal 1 damage to an enemy minion for each friendly shadow creep. if it dies, turn that space into shadow creep

abyssal hierophant
5 mana 8/8
if this minion is not on a creep tile, it cannot move


holy sanctuary
2 mana spell
select a friendly minion on friendly hallowed ground. dispel and exhaust it. until the start of your next turn it gains invulnerable

searing light
2 mana spell
all minions on hallowed ground take 1 damage then heal for 1

warcrest shieldbearer
4 mana 3/5
opening gambit: nearby friendly minions on hallowed ground gain forcefield

light breaker
3 mana 3/4
at the end of your turn all friendly minions on friendly hallowed ground gain +1 attack


primal broodmother
4 mana 3/5
opening gambit: hatch all friendly eggs on friendly primal flourish

lost in the jungle
2 mana spell
dispel then destroy an enemy minion on friendly primal flourish

ragnoras love
6 mana spell
summon an egg of a random minion costing 2 mana or less on each friendly primal flourish

jungle parasite
4 mana 2/3
opening gambit: select an enemy minion on friendly primal flourish and give it dying wish: resummon this minion for your opponent on this space

forest maze
2 mana spell
all primal flourish gain "at the end of each players turn teleport ANY minion or general to a random other primal flourish tile

Make Creep Great Again!

Introducing my own 45 card custom mini-expansion: Dance of Serpents

Mini Serpenti

2 mana, 3/2


6 mana, 4/7


4 mana, 3/4
Dying wish: add a random Serpenti to your hand

Armoured Serpenti

6 mana, 7/5
Forcefield, frenzy

Powercreep Serpenti

5 mana, 7/4

Serpenti Conjurer

4 mana, 6/3
Whenever you cast a spell, add a Serpenti to your hand. Frenzy


6 mana, 1/1
Has +2/+1 for each Serpenti you summon this game. Frenzy

Serpenti Mob Boss

9 mana, 7/4
Opening Gambit: summon all friendly Serpenti that died this game. Frenzy

One true Serpenti

6 mana, 7/4

serpenti in training

3 mana, 3/3
Zeal: +2 attack and frenzy

Serpenti's Blessing

3 mana spell
Restore 5 health. If the target is still damaged, summon a serpenti in training

Friendly Serpenti

6 mana, 7/4
At the end of each turn, restore 7 health to ALL nearby units

Serpent-bone Shield

2 mana artifact
Frenzy. Cannot be damaged by enemy frenzy

Serpenti Squad

9 mana spell
Summon 3 Serpenti next to your general


7 mana, 7/4
Frenzy. Untargetable. Opening Gambit: mount a friendly Serpenti, gaining its stats
Dying wish: dismount, resummoning the mounted Serpenti

Tiny Serpenti

1 mana, 2/1

Serpent Strike

5 mana spell
Frenzy. Deal 3 damage to a minion

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Serpenti

3 mana, 7/4
Sentinel: Summon Serpenti

Serpent spear

4 mana artifact
+1 attack, whenever a friendly Serpenti deals damage, make a ranged attack

Ivory Snake Seal

7 mana spell
Give a friendly minion +7/+4, Frenzy, and “Dying wish: summon Serpenti.”

Serpenti, PHD

7 mana, 7/4
Frenzy, Opening Gambit: replace all spells in your hand and deck with random serpenti of the same cost


3 mana, 7/4
Build 2, Frenzy

Scion's Serpenti Wish

6 mana spell
Summon Serpenti

Serpentistorm Obelysk

5 mana, 0/9
Structure: summon a 7/4 Serpenti dervish with rush, ephemeral, and frenzy at the start of your turn


6 mana artifact
+7 attack, Frenzy, when this comes into play, give your general +4 health.

Snake eyes

4 mana spell
Shuffle 11 Serpenti into your deck. Draw 3 cards.


8 mana 7/4
Frenzy, Dying wish: summon a Serpopile with Frenzy and Dying wish: summon Serpenti.

Serpeti tamer

4 mana, 4/3
Frenzy, Opening Gambit: summon a mini serpenti

Serpent's Sacrifice

4 mana spell
Destroy a friendly Serpenti. Deal damage equal to its attack to all enemy minions


4 mana 7/4
Frenzy, Battlepet


4 mana artifact
Deathwatch: add a 0 mana 1/1 Frenzy Microscopic Serpenti to your hand

Reverse Unserpentification

8 mana spell
Whenever you would summon a wraithling, summon a serpenti instead.


8 mana 7/4
Frenzy, Dying wish: summon SerpentitnepreS


2 mana, 1/1
Frenzy, Rebirth, Grow: +1/+1

Snakes on a Plane

4 mana spell
Summon 4 Serpenti eggs on random spaces


4 mana, 7/4
Frenzy. Frenzy attacks by this minion also damages friendly characters

Neck extender

4 mana artifact
You can see the opponent’s hand

Natural Selection against long necks

5 mana spell
Destroy all serpenti On the board. Discard all serpenti in all hands, and decks.

Russian Serpenti

6 mana 4/4
Frenzy, rush

Snowpenti Chaser

2 mana, 2/2
Frenzy, infiltrate: Dying wish: put a snowpenti chaser in your hand

Aspect of the Snake

5 mana spell
Transform a minion into Serpenti, and give adjacent minions Frenzy


8 mana, 14/8
Mega frenzy (also damaged enemies 2 spaces away)


3 mana, artifact
When this breaks, summon serpenti

Serpent's Spire

4 mana spell
Summon 4 2/1 serpent spire serpenti walls with frenzy

Canadian Serpenti

6 mana, 7/4


Nerf please, too OP also am allergic to serpenti and have convulsions when near one. Will sue CPG for lots of money for triggering my serpenti allergy with serpenti meta.


Wussup my dudes, I’m your forum G O D @thefirstgokun and this is my concept shop. Every card concept in here has a mana cost and a rarity. One thing I’ve learned from my past month or so pretty much absent from Duelyst is that you never know what stupid idea is going to hit you in the free time next.


So, to start us off, here are the big boys to introduce us to this set’s theme: 3 Neutral Legendaries with weird effects that encourage you to pay attention to the names of your cards! Surely someone can build a deck around ONE of these at least, right?

Furthermore, each faction (and Neutral) is getting 3 new cards that share a keyword in their name with at least one other card, triggering the “similar name” effects of the 3 cards below.

For clarity, “a similar name” means a name that shares a 3+ letter combination with another name. This means Second Sun is just as similar to Sunriser as Silverguard Knight is to Silverguard Squire.

Usus / Neutral / Legendary Minion / 3 Mana / (1/3)

Friendly minions have +1 Attack for each friendly minion with a similar name.

  • Purpose: Explore the possibilities your faction has to offer! Vive the lategame jank!
Hideous Reflection / Neutral / Legendary Minion / 5 Mana / (0/8)

When you summon a minion, destroy all enemy minions with a similar name.

  • Purpose: Explore the possibilities your faction has to offer! Vive the lategame jank!
Caller of the Commune / Neutral / Legendary Minion / 7 Mana / (4/9)

When you summon a minion, place a different minion with a similar name in your Action Bar at the end of your turn.

  • Purpose:

Lyonar Cards
Silverguard Argentine / Lyonar / Common Minion / 4 Mana / (4/4)

All friendly minions have Zeal: Gain +2 Attack.

  • Purpose: Aggro team player and positional Razorback.
Arclyte Judicator / Lyonar / Rare Minion / 7 Mana / (5/8)

Opening Gambit: Give all other minions -2/+2 and Provoke.

  • Purpose: Douse enemy aggression and turn the battlefield into a tanky slugfest.
Suntide Vanguard / Lyonar / Epic Minion / 5 Mana / (4/7)

Whenever a friendly minion is healed, give it +1/+1 and Taunt.

  • Purpose: A gamebreaker for Healyonar, ruinous with multiple copies on the field.

Songhai Cards
Kaido Sneak / Songhai / Common Minion / 1 Mana / (1/3)

Backstab(2), After this minion Backstabs, destroy it and draw a card.

  • Purpose: A one-off deck thinning Backstabber, and it slices tomatoes with ease!
Hamon Kinslayer / Songhai / Rare Minion / 4 Mana / (3/6)

At the start of your turn, deal 2 damage to your General and give all friendly minions +2 Attack.

  • Purpose: A big Songhai boi who turns spare Komodo Chargers into assassin squads.
Chakri Ascendant / Songhai / Epic Minion / Arcanyst / 5 Mana / (4/3)

When you cast a spell, give each friendly minion a random keyword ability.

  • Purpose: A game-ending Arcanyst for Owlbeast/Illusion decks.

Vetruvian Cards
Weave Archytect / Vetruvian / Common Minion / Dervish / 4 Mana / (0/6)

Opening Gambit: Gain +1 Attack for each friendly Dervish in play.

  • Purpose: A heavy Dervish for a tribal deck. “Weave” is the keyword here, matching Orb Weaver and Duskweaver.
Madyh of Wind / Vetruvian / Rare Minion / 5 Mana / (5/3)

Flying, Costs 1 less for each friendly minion or Artifact destroyed this turn.

  • Purpose: Cheat out spooky bodies with wings! Here, “Wind” is the keyword here, matching Wind Striker and Wind Shrike.
Starfire Pyroclast / Vetruvian / Epic Minion / 6 Mana / (4/3)

Blast, Rush.

  • Purpose: Makantor, but not as good, but still pretty good. Now go my son, and Blast to the extreme!

Abyssian Cards
Nightsorrow Toximancer / Abyssian / Common Minion / 2 Mana / (1/4)

Enemy minions have -1 Attack.

  • Purpose: Prep your opponent’s minions for assassination and relive the glory days of a 3 Mana 2/1 absolutely wrecking Lyonar decks.
Darkspine Gauth / Abyssian / Rare Minion / 4 Mana / (4/4)

When the enemy General moves or is moved, turn their space into Shadow Creep.

  • Purpose: I’ve already seen through your next twenty moves! Wherever the opponent steps, Shadow Creep damage will follow.
Deepfire Ritualist / Abyssian / Epic Minion / 3 Mana / (2/3)

When YOU destroy a friendly minion on YOUR turn, summon a 1/1 Wraithling nearby.

  • Purpose: Sacrifice as you wish without necessarily BMPriestess-ing your opponent. A key card for decks that want to cheat out big minions through Wraithling Writuals.

Magmar Cards
Moloki Pterror / Magmar / Common Minion / 2 Mana / (0/3)

Grow: +3/0.

  • Purpose: A Grower, not a shower.
Earthmaw / Magmar / Rare Minion / 3 Mana / (1/3)

When a friendly minion attacks or is attacked, gain +1/+1.

  • Purpose: A Chakri for a deck that likes minions instead of spells.
Greater Primordial / Magmar / Epic Minion / 5 Mana / (4/4)

Grow: +2/+2, Whenever a friendly minion gains Attack, it gains the same amount of Health.

  • Purpose: A buff boi for a buff centric deck with Primordial Gazer.

Vanar Cards
Perfect Crystal / Vanar / Common Minion / 1 Mana / (2/1)

Infiltrate: Gain Forcefield.

  • Purpose: A strong defender on an empty board, really solidifies an Infiltrated formation.
Snow Hopper / Vanar / Rare Minion / Vespyr / 3 Mana / (2/2)

Frenzy, Infiltrate: Gain Flying.

  • Purpose: BOOM! A Makantor-ish Infiltrator who will ruin enemy formations if he isn’t checked. Keep an eye on him; left to his own devices, he tends to go into Overdrive…
Wolf Brother Am / Vanar / Epic Minion / 4 Mana / (4/5)

When this minion destroys an enemy minion, summon a 3/2 Ghost Wolf nearby.

  • Purpose: More wolves is better, right? An aggressive player in a deck that doesn’t exist with Wolfraven and Fenrir.

Neutral Cards
Sworn Advisor / Neutral / Epic Minion / 4 Mana / (2/6)

When your General takes damage, you may replace an additional card next turn.

  • Purpose: For… replace decks? Who knows? But its always nice to have more options on your turn.
Primus Ram / Neutral / Epic Minion / 5 Mana / (6/5)

Opening Gambit: Fight ANY minion in front of this minion.

  • Purpose: An aggressive tempo play, perfectly sized for smashing through a Shieldmaster.
Valetouched Mystic / Neutral / Legendary Minion / 6 Mana / (3/7)

Opening Gambit: Transform a nearby minion into a random non-token friendly minion destroyed this game.

  • Purpose: Remove your opponent’s minions or surprise them by turning a little’un into a big’un! Works well with token generators like Lilithe, Zirix, and Brome.


I…I had to stop reading this. It was causing neural hemorrhaging.

I was actually really excited to read what you had made until I opened the first tab and realized it was an all-you-can-eat meme buffet. Instant disappointment.


The Undertaker

4 mana

All Dying Wish effects trigger twice


6 mana

All Opening Gambits trigger twice

Windcliffe Inspiration

4 mana Spell

all Zeal minions gain +2/+2


Compressed Protection
7 mana Magmar Spell
Equip a complete set of equipment.

*equips Iridium Scale, Adamantite Claws, and Eternal Heart.

Blackheart Dragon
9 mana Neutral minion
9/9 Airdrop
Opening Gambit: Reduce the Karma of all nearby minions to 0.

Holy Plague
2 mana Abyssian Spell
Give all friendly wraithlings + 1 Karma.

Karma: All minions have 1 Karmic Value by default. Minions with different Karma are immune to each others’ targeted abilities and damage.


Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon
3 mana, Minion
(Tri-Factional: Songhai, Lyonar, Magmar)
Rush. Has Karma equal to the maximum enemy Karma. At the start of your turn, return this to your hand.


balanced, exquisitely so.