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It’s an old thread so the system limits don’t apply to it


yeah. threads went from never closing automatically to closing every 2 weeks to closing every 5 days

slowly but steadily forcing necromancers to work with fresher materials




Unlock, more like Enhance, right?(anyone who played Shadowverse would know)


You mean pureblade, right?

But cool cards. Unlock is a cool mechanic, basically infinite possibilities with that one, and pure is…actually really scary. Dropping a peacekeeper out of reach of their stuff and giving it The Oath at eight mana is one of the things that comes to mind. And shouldn’t horrors have their mana cost set to four for this expansion? Three for a 6/6 seems a little crazy. …But never mind that, actually, this whole expansion looks fairly insane. Really cool, great flavor, but the power level of these cards…

So, run two of this, one hexblade, one wildfire ankh, and no other artifacts, and cast it on nine mana. General now has five-damage blast and ruins anything they don’t kill. Awesome.

Really cool expansion, and tasty card design as always, gives me flashbacks to the U’ami Coven.

Hey, when are you going to update and repost the U’ami Coven? Hey everyone, bug this guy until he updates the U’ami Coven, it’s a freaking amazing faction, seriously take a look at it if you haven’t, it’s in this thread, search it.


(Hope I didn’t make any dumb mistakes here it’s late.)


What gokkun was saying is that he designed the cards with horrors being 3 mana in mind. In actuality horrors are 6 mana,making those cards much worse. Whether it deserves to be is a whole nother question


…Oh. Oops.

…Wait, why on Earth are horrors six mana? Fiends are 4/4’s for two! And tokens are normally undercosted for what they do anyway. Why would you ever summon a vanilla 6/6 for six?


My point exactly

But the way it is now, horrors can only.be summoned from bursters

And the 6 mana 6/6 is probably purely for theme. If any real cards get printed so you have to summon them from hand its.probably gonna change


Good point. They’ve changed the mana cost on Mechazor a couple of times before, so that makes sense.




Actually, until just now, no.


That was mainly aimed at oranos who probably did.

Glad I helped you learn something new though :slight_smile:


Oh, I get it, you were throwing his own words back in his face! @oranos? More like @ownedanos, amirite?

…I’ll stop now.


I was reading this article about why hand buff decks failedin hearthstone and it gave me an idea for a preselect mechanic. Instead of buffing a random minion in your hand, this would buff a specific minion wherever it is. For example:

Personal trainer
Opening gambit: give a preselected golem +1/+1

When you put personal trainer in your deck, you choose another minion that meets the criteria. In this case, let’s say golem metallurgist. That’s indicated somehow in the deck building and can be changed when deck building. Then when you play this card, all of your golem metallurgists (in your action bar, deck, and field) get +1/+1. It could also affect your opponent to make it riskier but for now let’s say it’s just your own.
Pros: makes it easier to make this kind of deck work. Multiplies effect when you have more than one copy of a card. Easier to predict effect of putting it in your deck.
Cons: multiplying the effect makes it harder to balance. Punishes players for not having full set of a card. Could make sirocco insane.


I’ve got an idea for a magmar sentinel. Mostly for starhorn.

3 cost 3/5?
Sentinel: spell cast. Whenever your opponent casts a spells, remove 2?3? Cards from your opponent’s deck.

Not sure about the health and number of cards to remove. Would need testing.


seems too strong. only remove 1 card max and drop the health a bit.

on a completely different note

Mirror Mercenary
7 mana
reduce your maximum mana by 1
at the end of your turn, summon a copy of a random minion in your opponents hand


1 card is too weak. In most cases this will only last a few turns, and unless they’re playing spellhai it’ll only get a few triggers. Burning cards from the deck doesn’t matter unless the game goes long enough for them to run out. With decks being 39 cards and games being as short as they are, burning 1 random card at a time is pretty useless. It usually won’t impact the game. Unless the game goes to fatigue, “remove 3 random cards” is the same as “move 3 random cards to the bottom of your opponent’s deck.”


you assume they have a way to remove it. losing 3 cards per spell (including BBS). if you phoenix fire you lose 3 cards. if you ping punish, you lose 6 cards. if you play 3 spells, you lose 1/4 of your deck. that is MASSIVE. there is no upper limit. there is no guarantee that this will be killed immediately. you think it wont impact the game? milling 2 of your blood of airs is huge, losing even one mantra is big. milling makantors physically hurts. it completely kills combo decks.

imagine playing against this. its OP. removing 3 cards when your opponent plays one and preventing them from removing it at the cost of removing 3 cards PER SPELL. and you want to give it 5 health. :magdown::magdown::magdown::magdown::magdown::magdown::magdown::magdown::magdown::magdown::magdown::magdown::magdown::magdown::magdown:

you forget that in duelyst the draw is random anyway and the bottom of your deck is just as far away as the top.

if it only triggered once, like bound tormentor, then it would be balanced.


I did put a question mark there to show I’m not sure how much health it should have. And losing 2 blood of airs is bad, but so is never drawing them. A typical game is 10-12 turns. Let’s say each player draws 1 card per turn and replaces once per turn, plus draws maybe 5 cards from effects. Also assume if you replace a card, you never draw it again in the game (this gives you access to the most cards from your deck. Pretend copies of the same card are marked so you can tell them apart). Even in this scenario, there’s 9 cards in your deck you’ll never see, and 23 you don’t play (the 9 you never see, the 2 you replace at the start and the 12 you replace over your 12 turns). So we could start the game by removing 9 random cards from your deck and it wouldn’t affect really affect the stats. Because those cards we remove, just like the cards you just never draw, are determined randomly.

Then replace “bottom” with “specially marked so you can’t will always draw an unmarked card before a marked one.”

And card draw is random in other games, too. Shuffling once at the start of the game and every time you search your deck should average out to the same as shuffling every time you draw.

Edit: I basically expect this to be as strong as needle worm from yugioh, which as far as I can tell has never been banned or limited.


Ok, remove 9 cards when you summon one of those guys…

Now what about when you summon another one?
Or if you have something else on the board that demands answers even more than this guy. Thats another 9+ cards. Literally half your deck lost to 1-2 cards. Its not fun to play against and its even more auto include than makantor because the only counter is to exclusivly play titan and it almost guarentees losing 1/3 of your deck at bare minimum.