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There is no real reason to lock it from what I can tell. Maybe merged in the future…


[details=Spatial Shift / Vanar / Rare Spell / 4 Mana]

Rotates a 3x3 section of the board 90 degrees clockwise.

  • Purpose: Since Vanar has a lot of positioning cards, I thought it would be appropriate for a card to have a widespread positioning effect. 4 mana may be too cheap though.[/details]

Edit 1:

Fortune Teller / Neutral / Rare Minion / 2 Mana / (1/4)

ANY randomly summoned minions (from khymera or something) will now summon 2/2 Mini-Ghoulies instead.

  • The RNG effect is really strong, so I felt that maybe a small impediment was in order :stuck_out_tongue:


[details= Vanilla Icecream / Vanar / Legendary Vespyr / 4
Mana / (4/6)]

Whenever any character moves, they continue to move in that direction if able.

  • this essentially takes away all friction from the board, resulting in minions skidding around until they hit either a wall or another minion. It can be used to quickly escape from enemies or even as a counter to rush minions. Extra points if you are at the center of the board and your opponent slides around you, unable to stop.



Horned Oracle / Magmar/ Rare Minion / 4 Mana

You can’t draw cards as long as your action bar is full.

  • Purpose: Allow Magmar Mill to work by stopping yourself from milling out.

  • Comments: probably wouldn’t help much on its own.

How would this interact with diagonal movement?


even better
Overload Oracle / magmar / rare / 4 mana
when your opponents hand is full, they draw twice as many cards

it would make mill decks a thing since you are seriously removing a lot of resources when they mill


Make Songhai great again!

Really, Hai is crappy nowadays. Backstab Kaleos is chronic in his impotency, while Spell Reva becomes less and less popular (and powerful) also. The only archetypes which are getting more decent are Control Reva and Arcanyst Hai to some extent. Thus, the cards.

[details=Fire missiles / spell / 4 mana]Deal 1 damage to 3 enemies. You may choose the same target multiple times.

Obviously, intended to be used with 8gates, storm sister, crescent spear, which are all underplayed, except the former. Without them it’s just an overcosted Phoenix Fire, with +1 buff it’s already fairly costed but incredibly flexible, with +2 it’s just too damn good, with +3 it’s an unfair game ender, but not so easy to setup.

TBH, I’m in love with this idea. It’s so combo…

SpellThief / arcanyst / 2 mana / (1/2)

Backstab(1). Whenever this damages an enemy general, gain a copy of a random spell from the opponents deck.

Kaleos is run with Arcanysts now. This one allows for some Arcanyst/backstab synergy, also offering some card advantage. Additional target for mirror meld. Mostly shitty by itself.

Should wear a red hooded cloak with dagger in one hand and wand in another one.

[details=LoreKeeper / minion / 3 mana / (2/4)]If you didn’t cast a spell from your action bar this turn, draw a card at the end of the turn.

Everyone seems to be getting draw engines. Even Vanar! Hai has only overpriced and crappy ancestral with very specialized HE (and also overpriced).

This idea seems interesting to me. I’m not quite sure will it be under or overpowered, but it’s synergy is counterintuitive, since songhai generally wants to cast lots of spells. Basically a straightforward buff to zoo Kaleos, which was a thing one day but dissapeared, in other Songhai archetypes the usefullness of this draw engine varies from OK (backstab Kaleos) to questionable (Spell Reva, Control Reva). Seems to be better in Kaleos anyway, who needs some love.


[details=Sensei Shu / arcanyst / 8 mana / (2/5)] Ranged. Bond: All the friendly arcanysts on board and in your deck gain ranged.

Calligrapher seems underwhelming to my taste. Three random spellcards by 7 mana… Why in the world are they random in the first place? OK, I guess it fits “calligraphic” theme.

This one presents kinda ultimate wincon for arcanysthai decks. “Kinda” is here cause you need at least one arcanyst to stick by 8 mana in order to utilise his effect and there are no 1 mana arcanysts to combo him with at 9. If however you do have the board when he enters - it’s a definite victory.

Should look like a very old bow-backed man with the huge book in hands.

The Mist / minion / 4 mana / (3/2)

Backstab(1). Whenever ANYTHING is teleported summon The Mist on the random square.

Some board presence. Will probably proc twice with juxtaposition. Will also imply awkward enemy positioning.

Funny, but will proc from repulsor, lure, hearthsis and such.

Still, I’m not sure if there’s a way to check for “teleportation” effects. If there are just considered general movement, that’s sad.

Should look like…mist, I guess.

[details=Bladerunner/ minion / 1 mana / (0/2)] Backstab(3), Rush.
The vessel for saberspine, ethereal blades, KE, MDS, mirror meld. Will not attack if not buffed, so combo oriented.

Will not be the same problem as baconator, since backstab.

Should look like a simple young girl. When attacks should do some crazy acrobatics.


[details=Sharpen / Spell / 1 mana]Give a minion or general +1 attack. Draw a card (at the end of turn?).

Everyone has unconditional cantrips. Lyonar and Vet were always the winners in this department. Vanar have 1 true cantrip (corona) and 2 “kinda” cantrips (Cryo and vespyr call). Abyssians - only one true cantrip (Sphere of Darkness), but it’s cheap and highly useful and also 1 “kinda” cantrip (inkhorn gaze), which, while underused, seems rather useful in arcanyst builds. Magmar are another story.

Hai has only one unconditional cantrip - twin strike - which isn’t so great. It’s OK, but it’s rather expensive and random.

With arcanyst synergy going on cantrips are must have. Yeah, I understand that songhai has lots of in-faction spel procs, but why not give them just one?

Spell is just nice. Useful with arcanysts, useful with ArtiHai, useful with backstab Kaleos. And I don’t think it’s OP.

Kaleos - Arcanysts are unearthed. Again

Wow, widowmaker’s such an original name. For real though, there’s already a widowmaker.

Also, sharpen seems too strong, especially in conjunction with their artifacts.


It’s been a time since I used it. so I have forgotten about it’s existance. And also, yeah, I’m not good at naming at all, I admit. I’m open to any suggestions in naming)

I can agree on 2 mana cantrip.

Too good that’s the only card you consider OP)


Others have significant drawbacks imo, be it in stats or effects.


If you have some time, please elaborate. I’m all ears.


Love fire missiles. Everything cobra strike should have been lol. Not op with BRM, but helps eight gates+ alkyone. PS-hai is still pretty good. Just gotta dig a bit deeper for that cheese


Lorekeeper makes songhai push towards control, as most burst plays are spell driven. Spellthief does little damage, and is essentially just there to cycle itself. Mist can be easily dealt with with board clear. Shu is a finisher, but the draw could make it a problem.

Widowmaker seems pretty toxic, since it offers a lot of burst. A primus fist gives it access to 5 damage and costs only 3 mana.

  • Bladerunner
  • Miststalker
  • Shadowwalker
  • Darkblade


@jon678910, thanks for your analysis!

Actually, I see control is more spell driven than burst. LoreKeeper seems to help in a more aggro Songhai variation. Like, summon many minions -> see who survives -> buff it -> repeat. Ideally. Theoretically.

True. If there’s no owlbeast or kindling on board at least. Also, it’s fun to get random stuff from your opponents deck, even if not consistent.

This is actually intentional that it can be dealt with by almost any possible board clear. However, if not dealt with, it replicates exponentially - thus demands answer. Same story as with chakri avatar.

Too strong? I could agree on this, draw and ranged may be too much together. However, the effect is still conditional. Isn’t it OK then?

It’s two cards for a burst of 5 and 1.5 bodies on board. Also, to make this burst happen you have to:
1)Have both cards in hand.
2)Be positioned in such a way to be able to utilise backstab.

Compare with tusk boar. It is 1 mana more, 1 damage less, but also useful even without buffs and doesn’t need to be in specific position. I’d call it fairplay. Don’t you agree?

Thanks again for discussing it with me)

@phayze, I like all of your suggestions)

Shadowwalker and Darkblade, however, seem more like Abyssians to me, so I’ll stick to Bladerunner. Thanks :wink:


My issue is that it hurts aggro since it leaves them very vulnerable after their buffs, since they don’t draw a card. Most aggro plays make use of mds, if or ke. Also, if this doesn’t affect bbs you might want to state that.

It gives the ability to minions on the board, which is the problem. The ability to attack at range with a magi you have put in the back is insane, not to mention anything that kindling buffs. If it affected only the board or your deck I’d be for it, with stats to compensate of course.


If it affected only board it would have the same issue as Noshrak - without huge board it’s useless. And Vets get the board much easier than Hai. Only deck effect is not immediate -> too slow.

It could be made cheaper with on board-only effect - but then it would be too OP, I guess…

I’ll remove draw from his bond effect, however.


You guys know there is an entire thread for discussion about whats posted on this thread, right?

Shadow crawler
3 mana 0/3
Deathwatch: +2/0


Edit: aaaaand the formatting borked again.

So I was bored and decided to do some stuff. Sort of a mock expansion. Right now only Songhai and Vanar is complete.

Texts after / are Discoverables or comments.

Wall of text in.





Fleeting: Whenever this card enters the action bar from the deck, discard it and draw a non-fleeting card.
/Need to land in the action bar to trigger, so if it’s milled from full hand, you won’t draw a card. You will, however, if you replaced into it.

Feedback (need a better name): Do something whenever this card is discarded. /(including from full hand)

Hex: Spells that usually do nothing when played, however they have other special effects. /“Tribe” for spells. /Includes Riddle

Spellflux: 2M Hex: Fleeting Feedback: Deal 2 damage to your General.
/It’s a card, but used by the following cards so much it belongs here. /replace this to draw a card! /but it might bite you later!




2M 2/2 Minion: Opening Gambit: Draw a Hex from your deck.


3M 3/4 Minion: Opening Gambit: Put a Spellflux into both player’s action bar.


5M 5/5 Golem: Opening Gambit: Discard 2 random Fleeting cards in your action bar and this minion gains +2/+2 for each card discarded.



Ki Mediator

2M 1/4 Minion: Whenever your spells deal damage, restore health to your General equal to half of the damage dealt. /Rounded up


2M 2/3 Minion: Spellflux in your action bar cost (2) less.


3M 3/1 Arcanyst: Ranged Frenzy Whenever you target this minion with a spell, put a Spellflux into your action bar.

Stoneden Poet

5M 3/3 Arcanyst: Opening Gambit: Put 2 riddles into your opponent’s action bar.


8M 2/3 Minion: Rush Celerity Flying Ranged Backstab:(2). Cannot be targeted by spells.



2M Spell: Both players draws 2 Fleeting cards from thier deck.

Flux Hurricane

3M Spell: Put three Spellflux into your action bar. Put three Spellflux into your opponent’s deck.


3M Spell: Destroy an enemy minion with 7 or more attack, health or casting cost. Draw a card at end of turn.

Crimson Blade

4M Spell: Give a friendly minion +4 attack and “Dying wish: Put a Crimson blade into your action bar.”.

Shadow Mimicry

8M Spell: Summon copies of your minions on random spaces. /Inherit the exhaustion state, so a minion that can attack and move the clone can also attack and move.


Mask of Dragon

2M artifact: Your Spellflux also deal damage the enemy General.




2M 2/3 Golem: Infiltrate: At end of your turn, summon a Snowsprite nearby this minion for each Spellflux in your action bar.


2M 2/2 Minion: Opening Gambit: Gain +3/+3 until end of your next turn.

Bonfire Fox

3M 2/3 Vespyr: Whenever this minion takes damage, put a Frostfire into your action bar.

Frost Gardener

4M 4/4 Vespyr: Bond: Fill this column with Bonechill Barriers.

Whyte Spectre

6M 3/3 Minion: Opening Gambit: Push the minion in front of this backwards until it hit anything, then summon Snowsprite on each tile traveled.

The Dormant One

8M 2/17 Minion: At end of your turn, transform each Fleeting card in your deck into Winterhaunts and summon them on random spaces. /Pulls them from the deck



1M 1/1 Vespyr: Infiltrate: Gain +1 attack and Flying


2M 4/4 Vespyr: Fleeting Dying Wish: Put a Spellflux into your deck.


Aurora Cloak

2M Sepll: Choose a friendly minion. It can’t be dispelled or targeted by enemy spells. Put a Spellflux into your action bar.

Sap Strenth

3M Spell: Give an enemy minion -3/-3. Put a Spellflux into your action bar.

Enter the Veil

4M Spell: Replace both player’s action bars. /Triggers on replace triggers such as Kron for each card


6M Spell: Return ALL minions into the deck. They gain Fleeting.


Water of Wisdom

3M Artifact: At end of your turn, resotre 1 health to your General for each Spellflux in your deck.

And that’s that so far.

[details=Incomplete Stuff]Magmar is centered around having spells transforming Spellflux in your deck into other cards, similar to Vanar’s The Dormant One.

Such as:
Nature’s Fury: 8M Spell: Transform all Hexes in your deck into Volcanic Eruption and move one to the top of your deck.

Volcanic Eruption: 2M Hex: Fleeting Feedback: Deal 3 damage to EVERYTHING in a 3x3 area centered on each enemy minion or General.
/overlapping stacks. so a 2x2 formation = everyone get hit for 12! fun and interactive.

The other factions focus on more minion based exploration of the keywords.

An Abyssian card:
NEEDANAME: 2M 1/1 Minion: Dying Wish: Put a NEEDANAME into your action bar. Feedback: Give all friendly minions +3/+3[/details]


Just come up with an idea…

Neutral Minion
8 Mana 8/8
Blood Surge: Change your opponent Bloodbond Spell randomly.

Is this card OP?


todays theme - continuations of existing cards

Veteran flamewing - 5 mana 5/4 flying frenzy (i wanted to put blast, but then it couldn’t be neutral)
Elder flamewing - 7 mana 7/6 flying dying wish: summon a young flamewing nearby

Silverguard lord - 5 mana 3/5 zeal: all friendly minions gain +1/2 and provoke

Terminal of mechaz0r - 3 mana structure 0/8 - whenever you summon a mech, draw a card

Primus blademaster - 3 mana 3/4 blood surge: this minion takes no damage until the end of your turn
Primus wand - 2 mana arcanyst 2/3 bond: summon a token battlepet nearby
Primus seer - 4 mana arcanyst 2/5 spell shield

war panddo - 5 mana 3/6 frenzy when this minion deals damage to an enemy minion, destroy that minion

snow surfer - 4 mana 3/5 infiltrate:flying

spellsworn - 3 mana 1/5 when your general takes damage reduce the cost of all spells in hand by 1 (inspired by magesworn)
sworn assassin - 4 mana 2/5 when your general takes damage deal that much damage to a random enemy
sworn berserker - 3 mana 3/4 when your general takes damage, this minion gains a random keyword