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I’m pretty sure you can assume that the card refer to doing all at the same time lol


yes, thats how you limit the artifact from being too overpowered. Unless you somehow get an iris barrier from a grincher, you can cast up to three non-zero cost spells before it breaks. However, three spells should be enough to burst down your opponent.


interesting. This is a pretty nice incentive for Big Spell Songhai. it might be slow, but this will be so fun with grove lion.


Triple Spiral! dies


A rework of Spiral Technique, this time with an actual spiral!


What do you think?

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  • Way too complicated
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Still dies to Rebuke :frowning:


Don’t we all?



Then it needs to be 15/15 characters obviously :stuck_out_tongue:


What happens if u have multiple serpent segments nearby each other like in an L shape so that two pieces are nearby the moving piece, which part moves?


I have no idea how Duelyst’s ordering system works, but the way I would want this to work would be staying in a snake-game-like order (like, the order in which they were created effects when they move).


The horizon extends in all four directions.

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Dat Strategos synergy tho :hushed:


Back to the drawing board! :magsad:


Broken but well-deserved Vanar removal.