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“Bring the temperature down and you may freeze up their bodies. Bring it down further and you’ll absolutely lock up their will and soul.” -Cryomancer Zera,


This minion’s effect is suppose to be a pseudo-dispel for stun vanar.
Example 1:
You stun a decimus with flash freeze while this minion is out on the field. Decimus will not proc when you draw a card, not dealing 2 damage to you for the draw. After the stun wears off after a couple of turns, Decimus regains its ability and you can get tectonic spiked for 11 damage.

Example 2:
Songhai develops a 7/8 Chakri Avatar, buffed by 6 different spells. Minion is stunned by Ilena’s BBS and returns to a 1/2 while stunned. Ilena foolishly leaves it stun as she addresses another minion only for the chakri avatar to return back to 7/8 statline.

  1. A minion that has lost all of its “base” health and is only alive because of buffs will die when stunned.
  2. Walls will not disappear when stunned, only their abilities and any buff enchantments will become supressed. Ex:Bonechill Barrier Walls become 0/1 Walls without text.
  3. Effects that set stats will not be affected. i.e.: Mark of Solitude.

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The “cast this when drawn” mechanic I devised for Anjo’s design competition is a recycled idea. This was my first card that used the mechanic, and it was meant to be a submission for another design contest until I figured it didn’t fit the prompt well. I still think it’s a cool card, so I’ll share it.


From Hearthstone… :wink:

That is a really neat card idea! (But that token shouldn’t be legendary)


I don’t play Hearthstone, but it pains me that I am uncreative to the point where even Hearthstone comes up with similar things as me. :persevere:


I can sympathize. The Boomsday Project expansion ripped some of my most unique ideas away from me, too… :sob:

EDIT: Wow, I have a cake! Cool!


Behold, the treacherous feast.

Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion (+Card Design Contest Discussion)


You are a madman!


I can’t think of any game breaking combo with this one, why 7 mana?


(I’m bad at naming so feel free to name them whatever you want)


I thought it would be a little too strong with Xor. But then again, Fractal is only 6 mana. I’ll change it to 5 mana.



[eye twitches]

[uninstalls Duelyst]



Wickerman + Polarity for that MASSIVE DAMAGE!

If you have 2 of them, can you spend 8 Mana to pump the other to 2/8 and then play it?


Distillery would be a good way to give more leverage to tile-related cards other than Cleric.


Eyy phlogiston, ozidation before they realized oxygen was a thing!


Blast minion already blast in all directions. Not sure what the point of that card is.


not at the same time though :thinking:


this is billions of years later, but does casting your spell damage your artifact or no?


It doesn’t say at the same time though.