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It could be worked on better, but as long as it is given clear limits (like limited use and heavy costs)…


Yeah, I definitely get the appeal :grin:


1 mana spell
Put an investment into your action bar

0 mana spell
gain 1 mana this turn only.

Mana Bank
3 mana structure
At the end of your turn, put a number of investments equal to your unspent mana into your action bar.

Minion Insurance
1 mana spell
When target friendly minion dies, add a copy of it to your action bar.

Advanced Minion Insurance Delux++
4 mana spell
When target friendly minion Is killed, dispelled, tansformed, Moved unwillingly, Returned to your action bar, devoured, or reverted to an egg, add a 0 mana copy of it to your action bar.


Also to imitate real life, any of these things will fizzle without due explanation on the turn you need them to avoid lethal.



7 mana Vespyr
Dying wish: Summon 2 8/1 greater Fractals.

Greater Fractal
Dying wish: Summon 2 4/1 Fractals

Dying wish: Summon 2 2/1 Lesser Fractals

Lesser Fractal
Dying wish: Summon 2 1/1 ice shards

Ice Shard

Amon Phobia - Vetruvian primary, Abyssian secondary

That is, cards that creates either Exhuming Sands or Shadow Creeps will now bring forth this creepy hybrid of both.

Frostmaw the Hunger - Vanar primary, Magmar secondary

Gul'Xax Nullbearer - Abyssian primary, Vanar secondary

Nharmyth the Ruthless - Magmar primary, Songhai secondary

Taiyou Senshii - Songhai primary, Lyonar secondary

For Discoverable reasons: this just means that effects that seeks either like Afterblaze and Killing Edge will trigger on both.

Taros Ironcliffe - Lyonar primary, Vetruvian secondary


I feel like there should be some more penalty to using these cards aside from not allowed to use neutrals. Their effects are really strong. But cool ideas nevertheless.

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“Bathe in the Lion’s Light and feel its presence protect and invigorate you” -Blessed Mother Teresa, advisor to the Sunforge Family.

This is intended to be a Lyonar Card but NoSE is the best picture for this.

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Interesting. It’s effect is absolutely crazy, but its stats are bad and playing it would be a loss of tempo. If we print this, nerf Sunriser and Lucent Beam, and buff Excelsious and Lightchaser, Healyonar could make that transition from aggro to control.


Could and should.


Not really. Remember when Healyonar was tempo? I’d prefer a similar middle ground. An argument can be made that a control Healyonar would be healthier for the meta, however.


Well, I can bear healing in control, but healing in aggro…


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She should also summon one token as OG, imho. And have worse stats as a consequence.


That was the original idea, but all the text wouldn’t fit. :upside_down_face:


Ambiguous: sentinel trigger to what?


It’s supposed to be an OG. :facepalm:


You wrote “may as well hold hands and kiss” wrong.