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Here are a few ideas I’ve been saving for a while for Artifact Magmar:

Serpent Pendant / Rare Magmar Artifact / 3 Mana

Your General has +2 Health. Dispel any minion that deals damage to your general.

  • Purpose: oh so you like FaultKa because it auto-kills Vaath? Guess what? Furthermore it would give Mag (and specifically Vaath) a fighting chance against Divine Bonded Ironcliffes.

  • Comments: Vaath has always felt very OMA-oriented to me and this fits the theme.

  • Concerns: Overtuned???

Iron Bender / Epic Magmar Mech / 1 Mana / (2/1)

Opening Gambit: Equip a random artifact from your action bar. The enemy General’s artifacts go down to 1 durability.

  • Purpose: An enabler to play artifact combos for burst damage and a counter to Multi-Regalia and OWA Reva/Sajj lists (if combined with pings).

  • Concerns: Too cheap???

Dragon Breath / Legendary Magmar Spell / 6 Mana

If your General has an artifact equipped they gain +4 attack and Blast this turn.

  • Purpose: I want Vaath to kill things from a distance, dammit.

  • Concerns: Too expensive??? Too strong???

Scrapyard Guardian / Common Magmar Golem / 5 Mana

Bond: Repair all of your artifacts to full durability.

  • Purpose: Sustainability for our precious lizard relics.

  • Concerns: Could probably use a better name, a different tribe too or just making it OG perhaps.


Well, blast in Magmar seems kinda weird. Faction keywords are faction for a reason.

Iron Bender is too cheap, really. At least 3 mana for such a powerful effect.

Pendant, on the other hand, dispels things after being attacked. It doesn’t help against divine bond with its current wording and is hardly playable at all, IMO.

Scrapyard should have very low stats, otherwise it’s powercreep on Vet Machinist.

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It could be worked on better, but as long as it is given clear limits (like limited use and heavy costs)…


Yeah, I definitely get the appeal :grin:


1 mana spell
Put an investment into your action bar

0 mana spell
gain 1 mana this turn only.

Mana Bank
3 mana structure
At the end of your turn, put a number of investments equal to your unspent mana into your action bar.

Minion Insurance
1 mana spell
When target friendly minion dies, add a copy of it to your action bar.

Advanced Minion Insurance Delux++
4 mana spell
When target friendly minion Is killed, dispelled, tansformed, Moved unwillingly, Returned to your action bar, devoured, or reverted to an egg, add a 0 mana copy of it to your action bar.