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Wording on these cards is a bit wonky, especially an artifact having an Opening Gambit and Dying Wish.

Ghost Tiger is a bit weak for 8 or even 7 mana, being a slightly weaker makantor, where in the late game it will just be removed by a spell the next turn or dies because it couldn’t kill a minion that could take 3 damage.

I’m not sure if the scorpion can fully heal itself if it is attacked by something, and dies, and then destroys its attacker with its counter-attack thereby evading death, but if it can, the card is still a bit weak for 8 mana considering dispel is a thing. Incredibly bad if its counter-attack can’t do that.

Monkey is useless, Shidai has better things to do at 8 and 7 mana.

All of these are really weak to dispel, and have low to zero board impact at such high mana costs.

Maybe reduce artifact cost to 5? Not sure as the spirit animals still don’t have a big impact besides ghost tiger.


Reva`s spirit animal is a Mist dragon, Read the lore!!!


So your going to make it a flamewreath based dragon. I’m going to be scared


Concepts we need to see more: using special tiles as empowering tools for units as long as they they’re standing there instead of simple “on-turn effects”.


“Type” here counts tribes. And Generals don’t heal even though they transform.

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And start with random amount of mana each turn :rofl:


Ka’al the Viridescent
Magmar Minion
5 mana 4/6
Frenzy. Whenever this minion takes damage, randomly transform that many cards in your opponent’s deck into Shards of Retaliation.

Shard of Retaliation
Magmar token spell
0 mana
Deal 3 damage to your General. Cast this card when drawn.

Design Explanation

As a member of the Thirteen Aspects, Ka’al was an immortal forefather of the Magmar Aspects and a scared practitioner of the Dance of Dreams. Unfortunately, not much is known about him, aside from the fact that he fled to the Shadowlands after the breaking of the Thirteen Aspects.

Although this card is strictly Starhorn support, I tried to incorporate other elements of Magmar into its abilities. Its Frenzy is a nod to cards like Mankantor Warbeast and Grandmaster Kraigon, and its self-harm synergy makes it an effective target for Flash Reincarnation.

Playing this card is both an offensive and defensive process. While its Frenzy, passable stats, and burn potential surmounts to a great board presence, it can also shield against enemy threats by transforming key cards in their decks into Shards of Retaliation.

Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion (+Card Design Contest Discussion)

Eye of the Wraithling

4 Mana Artifact

Wraithlings have +1 attack.
Repair this artifact by 1 whenever two wraithlings die.


What do you think of repairing all artifacts for this cost?


How about not repairing artifacts at all? There are too many cards that go outside the flavor of their faction already. No need for more.


Nice profile pic. :thonk:


Which Artifact goes outside the flavor?


Repairing artifacts is Vet’s thing (or Lyonar’s), not Abyssian’s.


As always, not the answer to my question.


What do you mean,

And what other artifact could you possibly be talking about? Obviously this one:


There are only 3 cards that repair artifact durability. There’s not much of a flavor to build upon in the first place.


How about then we take away all forms of General Attack amp and restrain them to magmar? Pesky other classes picking on Vaath’s niche.


Which of existing artifacts goes outside the flavor? If none, then I see no problem in repairing them with deathwatch like effect.

Really, when Dawn’s eye was introduced nobody told us that it’s outside of Lyonar flavor. Cause only Vetruvians are able to repair them.


Or could it be… the artifact’s faction has something to do with Anjo’s assessment of the card :open_mouth:


Yeah, it’s called the concede button