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Hey, I actually like that!

Nobody will use it in Faie though, going 2 dmg face every BBS is much more valuable…


“Honorable wars are won not with Subterfuge, Sabotage, or Deception but with the Strength, Spirit, and Justice of zealful soldiers for a just cause. And I will keep it that way.” - GrandArbiter Cavalra

For Clarifcation, “from battle” just means Attacks, CounterAttacks, and simple keywords like Ranged, Blast, and Frenzy.

Examples of damage that is prevented includes spells (Phoenix fire, Warbird, Entropic Gaze), artifact effects (Bloodrage mask, Gold Vitriol), and minion effects (Thunderhorn, Sunriser, Decimus)

I originally thought of this as a tech card that supposedly reintroduces interactivity back into a match since one can’t easily burn out the general as songhai or use uninteractable combos and a means to slow the game down and revert to the earlier times where minions and generals actually fought against each other. It was intended to be neutral but Argeon need a little help setting up thus shifting to neutral.

Tell me what you think about it… Probably in the discussion.

P.S. I think I got the statline wrong so imagine it to be lower, like a 3/6 or something.

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Can you find lethal?


Have some form of invulnerability (Iris, Falcius, your choice) for safety depending on the case, trigger this while having a dying wish damage unity in field near your foe (or he has an undisenchanted Sellsoul lying about)?


Well, of course you could do that, but I meant the turn you play it.


Edit: I misunderstood what the game was about.

This place will feature good ideas when I have them.


Then both break.

I can’t even find a way to break it the turn you play it…

Unless 3 DFS and EMP with metallurgist on board.


i will improve it
When this breaks, set each General’s health to 1, summon an Indominus nearby each General and destroy ALL minions.


What difference would this even make?


There is a very simple* way.


each player will have to kill the opponent’s Indominus before they can ping them for the lethal…
unless they have removal
i’ll improve it somemore: When this breaks, set each General’s health to 1, summon an Indominus nearby each General, remove all spell that cost 4 or more from each player’s action bar and destroy ALL minions.
too much?




Can we just close one of the card design threads already? It is annoying having to post on both.


Do you see why it is useless?


Ok, here’s lethal (almost unstoppable 4-card OTK):

  1. Play Doomsday Device
  2. Attack something (that won’t kill you) with your General
  3. Bloodtear Alchemist your face
  4. Repeat step 3
  5. Bloodtear Alchemist your opponent’s face and win


Only targets enemies.


Oh! I forgot I haven’t revealed that change coming in the next Duelyst expansion yet. :wink:


Back to the drawing board


Might I say… oops?
Oh well, still a fun card…

(it would be way cooler if Alchemist could target anything)


There is hope, but is way more complex:

You need to have at least one Aethermaster and a Gnasher in field near the enemy. With the board set, play the Device, bash face to chip once… And replace two Dreamgazers. Replace 3 if you have two Aethers. Watch the world implode.


Inspired by zane’s post, my Songhai version of Awesome BBS (balanced more around their respective animal theme):

Unsure if the cost should be lower. Maybe 7?

It’s a ghost (but not really), so it has conditional minion/general proof. Pretty much an annoying Makantor.

Bigger Bluetip Scorpion, I made it tougher and impossible to remove with spells. Double damage means it trades into pretty much everything. If it survives it can keep killing and healing.

Couldn’t get the card creator to save the card if I used Wu’jin as the art, so that’s why this picture is the way it is. Considered making this say “When this minion attacks or is attacked” but thought that was too much.