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Well, at least having multiple copies in a deck wouldn’t be useless. And the combo is anything with Bond when you have a Dervish out… If you make it cost 0 it would be OP, so I don’t know how it could be balanced then.


The text implies that dervishes would no longer be dervishes, would they still benefit from dervish buffs (3rd wish, fireblaze, etc) or would it be a complete transformation of the tribe alliance?


They won’t be Dervishes anymore, so I suppose they won’t benefit from Dervish synergies.


Hmm, interesting. Would the effect count towards dervishes summoned (and killed/disappeared) before the spell cast?


I want it to, so that Obelysks summoning Wind Dervishes can work with Sirocco.


But even if Obelysks would summon Golems instead of Devishes it wouldn’t help Sirroco at all since he only counts Golems summoned from your action bar.


Oh yeah, he does! Terrible wording strikes again!


The wording is misleading. :facepalm:


I was thinking of using the devishes-turned-golems in a Vanquisher/Sandhowler/Dustdrinker combo to make annoying Provoke minions.


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OP, but it’s Songhai, so… I LOVE IT!


Brings a better reason to play Stormsister/Cresent Spear.


Like there was a reason to not play it.


“Sometimes the burning of Mana isn’t enough to subdue your opponent, and desperation becomes your new fuel source.”

What do you guys think? Also as my first time posting here, this is the place where you post cards… right?

Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion (+Card Design Contest Discussion)


I think it should be less costly. Like 7 or even 6 mana.

You probably won’t have enough health by 8 mana to use it.


I agree with @alplod, but it is a really cool design (for mantra insta-kills).


I can already imagine hating this.


It’s obviously overpowered. I still want it to exist though.


A tackle at giving Vanar their own version of the Awesome BBSs, flavored in the most Vanar way i could envision: monstrous half-transformations.

Vespyrian Ilena

Vespyrian Faie

Vespyrian Kara

Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion (+Card Design Contest Discussion)