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The random chance is slim if you actually expect a card from Grincher. I don’t actually need your chill finisher in the pool, there are plenty of awfully strong artifacts you may get that completely turn the table of a game.
I love Gricher.

Your CaladBolg artifact would create a lot of angry threads though, and people would use Grincher as a case in point in the crusade against it.


I see what you mean. So this could be a Grimes-Gates kind of situation… But I still think it’s a decently cool idea.


I actually like it. Vanar completely lacks 1-card finishers, unlike literally any other faction except Lyonar (who also lack 1-card finishers).


So I’ve been saving up a bunch of ideas for generals and cards but I didn’t have any time to post 'em 'cause of work…

??? / Vanar General / 0 Mana / (2/25)

Bloodbound Spell: Dispel 1 nearby space.

  • Purpose: Dispel Vanar is a quasi-archetype that could become a real one with the proper support.

  • Comments: Can’t think of a good name, but in my head she looks somewhat similar to Hearth-Sister and the lore would build her up as a powerful mana priestess or spiritual shaman etc.

Urth the Vast / Magmar General / 0 Mana / (2/25)

Bloodbound Spell: All minions you summon this turn gain “Grow: +0/+2”.

  • Purpose: Grow is the one Magmar specialty without a matching General, this dude could be it. Plus it’d be interesting to see a “traditional Swarm” variation of Magmar aided by this BBS.

  • Comments: Again, can’t think of a good name.

??? / Vetruvian General / 0 Mana / (2/25)

Bloodbound Spell: Give a nearby friendly minion Flying. Deal 3 damage to your General.

  • Purpose: Flying is such an interesting keyword that could use some support, specially to counter Ranged decks to a certain degree.

  • Comments: You should know I suck with names by now, also, of all the factions the wind one should be the one to have serious Flying support. I fear it could make for some extremely OP stuff, so maybe including a limitation for the Minion’s attack or increasing the self-damage would be good.

Glass Cannon / Legendary Neutral Structure / 4 Mana / (0/1)

This minion cannot be destroyed and it and its space cannot be dispelled. If it’s attacked, your opponent instantly takes control of this minion.

(Instantly means without taking damage)

  • Purpose: A perfect target for things like Cryonic Potential or Gargantuan Growth; would also make for a “capture the flag” kinda game which I thought would be fun.

  • Comments: Super original name, I know… still better than Facestriker though. Might be too OP but I want something to use Gargantuan and Cryonic on without it dying the next turn, dammit!

Cavedwelling Monument / Epic Magmar Structure / 5 Mana / (0/10)

Whenever your opponent heals anything burn 2 cards from their deck.

  • Purpose: A much needed counter against Healyonar.

  • Comments: SUCK IT HEAL ZIR’AN


Your Generals are quite broken. Also, Monument is such a blatant counter to healing strategies and I don’t like it if cards are so obvious.

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Some tech cards are needed in order to promote a balance meta… But saying that, that is still pretty blatant toward heal lyonar.


The cost of a card isn’t something that can be calculated, quite frankly. If I apply your logic to other cards, Dawn’s Eye should cost 13 mana or more because it’s several Imperial Mechanysts and two Staffs of Y’kir on one card. Radiant Standard doesn’t cost 12 mana either, even when it summons three 3 mana minions on top of a Snowpiercer-level Attack buff.

When a card costs so high, the value of each mana it costs also rises. I wouldn’t say the scaling is exponential, but it should be quite dramatic, or else there isn’t much incentive to use so much mana in a single card instead of separated assets. Caladbolg is an example of such a card when its effect should be powerful enough to compensate for the disadvantage a player needs to put him/herself in for playing an artifact that costs 8 mana. I obviously cannot determine how powerful the card will actually be, but I at least can judge it won’t be as overpowered as you make it out to be.


I suggest comparing this card to Bounded Lifeforce. Constant 10 attack versus artifact, which costs more and breaks.


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Just for fun. There is a certain person being often talked about in the news, and this card is a pun on them.

A Lone Mask, Songhai artifact, 4 mana.
At the start of every turn you get 1 additional mana. If you equip any other artifact, this breaks.

Additional as in +1 to what you should normally have, not increasing the “base” mana pool.


ooh hmm “gain 1 empty mana crystal upon equipping this artifact. lose 1 when this breaks” maybe?


That would make it more clear, yea. But I also intended it to allow for 10 mana (but that’s not very important).


that’d be great if it could go to 10 mana. i assumed it wouldn’t work that way since getting a globe while at 9 unspent mana won’t get you to 10. i’m not sure if that’s intended though.


Go even farther, BEYOND
0 mana artifact
For as long as this is equipped, you can gain mana crystals beyond the 9 crystal limit

Anyways, @zerounderscoreou I like the cards unique design as not just another artifact that gives attack, but I think its best to stay consistent with previous design unless the rulebreak truly is the essence or meaning of your card
(Example above)


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It seems… bad. What is the point of this?


So that Obelysks and Iron Dervishes can now work with Dreamchasers and Siroccos.


Allows Dervishes to benefit from Golem buffs/synergies, not bad at all.


But Obelysks give buffs to your Dervishes, so they would be terrible. I see the idea with Bond, but Sirocco would be super overpowered then. How about:

Sandstone Spiral (1)
Vetruvian Spell (Rare)
All your Devishes on the battlefield are now Golems. Draw a card.


Wouldn’t that be too weak? I can’t think of too many combos off the card. And I do want Sirocco to be overpowered. :thonk: