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No, he is right. There isn’t too much dispel in the meta anyway. But is Frenzy and Flying too much? Should it just have one or the other?


I think it’s OK. It’s no problem to have 2-3 creep in Cass even if it’s not creep dedicated. However, movement is still severely damaged so frenzy and flying is OK. Without flying it’s completely unplayable, without frenzy it’s just meh.


Good, that’s what I thought.


Time for some really meta-changing cards.

Spectrum Specter / Neutral / Legendary Minion / 9 Mana / (0/1)

You must include 3 copies of a single card from each faction in your deck

  • Purpose: More creativity when creating lists by means of allowing combos and synergies that would be impossible otherwise

  • Concerns: It can make some game-breaking combos

  • Art description: A multi-colored ghost?

  • Alternatives: All six cards must be of the same rarity or have the same mana cost, maybe. Just trying to prevent OP stuff

  • Inspiration: this thread

Castor Pollux / Neutral / Legendary Minion / 2 Mana / (2/2)

Either your Minions or Spells and Artifacts must be from a single faction other than your General’s. You cannot include any other Neutral Minions in your deck.

  • Purpose: Yet again, more creativity when creating lists by means of allowing combos and synergies that would be impossible otherwise

  • Concerns: Might also make for some really OP stuff. Wording on the text could be made clearer… somehow…

  • Art Description: A small angel similar to a Cherub, with 2 different-colored wings… ideally not black and white cause that has been done to death.

  • Inspiration: this post


hold on hold on

did i see doom?

too bad i hate licorice


Intensify is a great mechanic and needs more suggestions.

Edit: Wow, the bagoum card maker really tripped on his laces about the font size here.


More dervishes and vespyrs:


Jet stream elemental
4 mana, 3/1
Rush, Ephemeral. When this disappears, add three random dervishes to your hand.

3 mana, 2/4
Opening Gambit: switch attack values with target character.

Eternity Maw
8 mana, 5/9
Dying wish:


5 mana, 3/4
Flying. Draw an extra card at the end of your turn. Dying wish: if a friendly Muninn also died, your general becomes The Hanged Man

5 mana, 4/3
Flying. You may replace two extra times. Dying wish: if a friendly Huginn also died, your general becomes The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

  • gain +1 movement and +5 health
  • Equip Gungir
  • BBS becomes “Raven’s eye”

+2 attack, takes 6 instances of damage to break

Raven’s eye
Passive BBS
You may replace 2 extra times, and draw an extra card at the end of your turn.


Strong? A bit strong. Like super Turkish strong.


Here we go:

Vengeful Wisp - Neutral MINION

Cost: 1
This minion counts as if you played a spell.

Design: A spell that can support Arcanysts of any faction with a spell-based ping (finally), it can also be slotted by Songhai combo decks or Aggro decks, think about things like Firestorm, Mirror Meld, Ethereal Blades…
It was a spell summoning a token in the original version but that might mess up Nemeton decks.

Looks: A blue-ish fire, something that looks like the Vanar spell Frostfire.

Cursed Scroll - Abyssian SPELL

Cost: 3
Your minions gain: Deathwish: summon a wraithling in this’ place when it dies.
if you replace this card summon a 1/1 Wraithling near your General.

Design: A spell that compliments Swarm and deathwatch decks which aren’t seeing much love lately, it can also make cards like Abhorrent Unbirth more appealing.

Looks: A scroll with red-ish runes on it.

Demonic Carcass - Abyssian MINION

Cost: 3
Whenever this minion is dealt damage summon a Wraithling near it

Design: Abyssians lack cost-3 staple minions, this one compliments swarm and deathwatch archetypes while retaining the “slow” and “susceptibility” to cards like Skorn, in a way it may remind of Songhai’s Battle Panddo, just that it’s an Abyssian version of it.

Looks: An Abyssian-styled demon that looks constantly hurt and vomits wraithling-like substance.

Thornweaver - Abyssian MINION

Cost: 7
Opening Gambit: summon a 1/2 Ghoul with RUSH on each free Shadow Creep you own.
Dying Wish: turn the 4 corners of the board into Shadow Creep.

Design: A win condition that doesn’t self-destruct Shadow Creep fans, the Archetype could use some love so here it is.

Looks: The Thornweaver is something mage-like like the Arcane Devourer.
The Ghoul is something that looks like Abyssal Crawler or Darkspine Elemental.

Abhorrent Censor - Abyssian MINION

Cost: 8
Opening Gambit: Destroy an enemy minion and all enemy copies of it ANYWHERE.
Dying Wish: Your General steals 1 health from each enemy minion.

Design: Don’t you hate how as a Maehv user, any kind of Abyssian opponent is just the worst matchup for you? Thanks to that blasted Shadowdancer getting value from the turn it’s summoned because of how your own board works? Well here’s the answer to your problems, or any, for that matter, at a price…

Looks: A bulky Archon Spellbinder with Abyssian coloration and a Hammer on one hand and a book on the other, the face stays hidden but his red eye visibly shines in the dark of his hood.

Northern Sentry - Vanar MINION

Cost: 2
This gains RANGED while you have a WALL.
If you replace this summon a 0/1 WALL with PROVOKE nearby your general.

Design: Vanars aren’t seeing much love either lately so I thought this could work both as a staple for Nemeton decks (which shouldn’t be meme decks) and a slight buff to Kara decks too.

Looks: a barbarian-like axe-thrower (to deal with the animations it has to throw something)
The wall could be either an icy thorn or a tree-like thingie

Northern Fires - Vanar SPELL

Cost: 1
Deal 1 damage to target minion.
Draw a cost-2 minion from your deck.

Design: Vanars are supposed to be control masters, this extra spell-based ping buffs Arcanyst variants, eases the use of Crystal Wisp and Mana Deathgrip, and boosts Nemeton decks to draw your Thicket Augur.
The wording is unclear about the choice for the fetch on purpose, depends on the devs decision regarding their stance on fetch cards.

Looks: a glimmering fire in the distance (maybe a line in the middle of the image to signify the horizon?)


Hmm… I don’t like something about this. You either just do nothing with it and get 3 cards for 4 at the end of your turn (which is bad if we compare it to Trinity Oath), or have a worse Saberspine Tiger. I feel like this would be an annoying choice to have to make. Maybe if you changed it to have more than 1 health? Like a 3/3 for 5, so you have a chance to attack and get the cards?

This one sounds… oddly familiar… :wink:

That better be a good dying wish… but right now it is nothing.

These seem very balanced and cool. I always love a good Norse mythology reference!

I know it’s you, Odin! Your large-brimmed hat fools no one!

The movement part is cool. The health is weird though. Is that +5 max health? If so, that does not belong in Vanar. If not, why bother healing 5 health? Doesn’t seem necessary.

Seems more Vetruvian than Vanar to me, but cool idea nonetheless.

I’m sorry to say it, because it goes with your other cards so well, but this is OP. I recommend changing the Bloodbound Spell to draw a card for 2 mana, and giving a Mythron-like effect (along with the +1 movement) that allows you to replace 2 extra times per turn.


Neat idea, but CP will never make a non-token Neutral spell (ruins faction identity or whatever).

The replace ability is cool, but that “have” better be a “gain” or else that is super OP (and unclear, as there are no enchantments in Duelyst).

I like it except for the name. A carcass cannot be undead.


This sounds pretty bad, considering how many ridiculously cheap Abyssian removal spells there are. Also, the text would be much easier understood if it said: “Opening Gambit: Destroy an enemy minion and all enemy copies of it ANYWHERE.”

Might be too good with both of those abilities, but it sure is interesting.

No fire in Vanar! Also, Duelyst is not coded to have deck searching, and probably never will be.


Brilliant Plume =D.

I don’t think it’s that bad as an effect, it completely removes one tool, possibly a non-spell win condition off the opponent, with the extra ability to massively heal a Maehv that could use some healing outside of the usual Sister or Dancer card, about the cost, it’s a bit high but it’s also because it’s designed to be run in Wish decks, maybe its stats are the thing that I should buff?
I’ll edit the text tho yea.

I think it’s the kind of card that we should play to understand its strength. If anything we could always lose the Provoke and buff it to 0/2.

I left the wording as “interpretable”, in the end devs would decide for’em so it’s up to them, still, as is it’d work like Cryogenesis, since Nemeton’s user would slot the sentry mentioned above, Thicket Augur and the usual cost-2 spells as 2 drops, you’d fetch either useful minion.

Lights would be too cheesy, it should be a much stronger card to sport better names =P.

(Did edit some stuff)


This is now too good. I’d say 5/5 is fair.



Obscene amounts of out-of-hand damage, yay :slight_smile:


I need to improve on my art skills.

Yeah. All my skills really.


Bounded Life force for Vanar.

I want to get this from Grincher.


Why not? That’s what Vanar is all about. :wink:

Only it costs 8 mana and is an artifact… Maybe it’ll see play?


Don’t forget that Grincher lowers the cost of artifacts by 3. So basically if RNG smiles to you you get a 5 mana spiral technique + Frostburn, not bad at all.


I forgot Grincher’s effect for a moment there. But I doubt the card would motivate people into actually running Grincher.