Fan Card Design Hub: Submissions (Updated 10/31)


I thought it could be neat to introduce a few more global type effects.
The costs are just a starting point and people are sure to have reasons why some (or all) of these should be higher or lower.

1 - Winter’s Calm - 5 cost Vanar spell that removes all buffs… aka… EMP without the beefy creature. (inspired by winter bringing new beginnings under a blanket of snow)

2 - Nature’s Order - 4 cost Magmar spell that removes all tile effects. Not “disenchant each tile” but things like mana tiles, shadow creep, verdant growth, etc etc. (inspired by areas ravaged by fires or structures but nature buried it beneath a thick layer of vegetation)

3 - The Desert’s Wrath - 6 cost Vetruvian Spell that deals 5 damage to all minions with 4 or more attack (inspired by the searing heat hitting the largest creatures the hardest while smaller creatures might find shelter)

4 - Bounty of the Harvest - 5 cost Lyonar spell that heals 3 damage to everything on the battlefield. (inspired by food at Thanksgiving :smiley: )

5 - Flames of the Inferno - 7 cost Songhai spell - All minions take 3 damage and deal 1 damage to everything around them. (inspired by wildfires that spread and burn indiscriminately)

Alternative for Lyonar - The Bells of Atonement - 5 cost Lyonar - All creatures that have dealt damage this game take that much damage. All other creatures gain +3 health. (inspired by thematic karma, penance, or other beliefs dealing with balance and positive or negative actions coming back to us)


All of these are very interesting ideas! However, Nature’s Order is bad. No one would run a 4-cost tech card on the off chance that their opponent is using tiles (select Abyssian and Vetruvian decks). You have to make it cheaper and add cycling to make it viable. For instance:

Nature’s Order (2)
Rare Magmar Spell
Remove all tile effects. Draw a card.


That was my initial thought as well but I was pretty sure I would get forum aggro from Shadowcreep players. TBH, the initial idea though was me thinking of a set that used a lot more tiles, including some new ones. Like, Sniper Roost 1 cost Songhai. Minions with ranged on this tile count as having +1 attack and all of their ranged attacks are considered backstab. Etc… basically, many of the spells would either deal with this or be globals, or perhaps focus on unexplored design space within the factions. At least that’s the thought. That said, in the current game, I completely agree.


I always thought the Songhai tile should be Ancient Mists or something like that, that would give the “can’t be targeted by spells” ability when stood on.

But your idea is very cool too.


That would work, I’m thinking of additional tiles… that effect specific types of keywords on minions.


If you go there, you know we’ll get a Lyonar tile that gives Provoke minions on it +3/+10… :sob:


lol I was thinking frenzy or something


But lyonar have a tile already

Snowman / Vanar / Rare Minion / 2 Mana / (1/1)

Opening Gambit: Lower the cost of all Golems in your action bar by 1.

  • Purpose: In-faction Golem synergy for Vanar, as Golems are some of the most fundamental and accessible minions in the game.

  • Comments: This follows the proud tradition of 2-mana 1/1 in Vanar, but it justifies its existence by giving the blue faction 2 things they’ve always wanted: a way to build a strong early game with Golems such as Vetruvian does, and cost reduction somewhat similar to Abyssian’s rather than having to rely on ramping. Also, BOY WOULD IT BE AWESOME TO PLAY WORLDCORE GOLEM IN CONSTRUCTED AT LEAST ONCE!

  • Inspiration: Getting bullied by Vet, Mag and Lyon Golems.

State of Vanar, Volume III: Faction Identity & My Wishes

More golems to fill in The gaps:

Dewdrop golem
0 mana

Steelleaf golem
1 mana

Satellite golem
8 mana

Stardust golem
10 mana

Singularity golem
Infinity mana


You shall not pass!
4 mana vanar spell.
All generals and minions in their own opponents starting side of the battlefield are teleported to random spaces on their starting sides. All generals and minions who attempt to cross the middle row take 3 damage and are stunned on their first attempt.


I guess this card design thread is more used than the other, so I’ll post my potentially broken Vet cards here as well:


What were you thinking? (no, not even for Ox)

But why?

Does it… do anything?

You would have to make this some kind of tile or lasting effect, like “For the rest of the game…”. Also, it’s pretty vague. Do they pass, or stay on their side with -3 health and stun? And what happens with teleporting?


Imagine lightning blitz. Basically that for teleporting. Effect is only meant to go off once just to slow down approachers and escape a sticky situation. If someone uses something like tracer, they are stopped at center and take the effect.


Ah, ok. Cool idea for a spell, although maybe it should cost less because it works against Infiltrate. What kind of deck would you use it in?


Burn faie or ice age wake. The reason I made this was to make vanar the control faction it once was. Buys time to get ice age online, or get more burn in.


It appears that no one cares to look at my cards, but I’ll add another anyway:

Creeping Reaper (4)
Rare Abyssian Minion [7/7]
-Flying, Frenzy
-Can only move to spaces on or near Shadow Creep.


4 mana 7/7


But why play this when you can play Jugg? Because when you are going to play this, you will want to have 2 or 3 tiles at the moment. Meaning jugg is at worst -2/-2 in stats currently, but has no downside, becomes alot bigger and can win games. Boarding a 7/7 with a condition that could give you 0 value is not that good (unless dispel)


True. I forgot that Abyssian has so many OP cards… well, I made mine even more OP so it can compete!