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Temporal Magi
1-Mana, 2/1
Delay (3): If this minion is dead, resummon it.

Three turns after this minion is summoned, it executes the effect listed. It will try to execute this effect regardless of whether or not the minion is still in play.

For this minion specifically, it will resummon itself IF it died.

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ah i see… now that you explained it looks like much more interesting.
3 turns delay for a 1 mana minions looks ideal, since if the minion is dead there’s a chance that your opponent forgot that there was an effect on delay and boom. great work


Edit: Added all the “Purpose” flavortext.

Hey what up guys, its ya boi @thefirstgokun here, bringing you another tasty set of card concepts. I was feeling a little burnt out on everything, so to shake things up around here I decided to design a full expansion and see how hard it is to fill space in a symmetrical release.

This expansion introduces 2 new mechanics, distributed amongst the factions like the past two expacs did. For size, this expac boasts 39 new cards, matching the Bloodborn style expansion model.

Now, I introduce you to…

The Gates of Vermillion

Fortify: You may play Artifacts on this minion. If you do, this minion gains the effects of the Artifact (instead of your General) and activates an effect.

Magmar Cards
Earthbound Caracara / Magmar / Legendary Minion / 5 Mana / (3/10)

Fortify: Deal damage to all nearby enemies equal to the original cost of the Artifact.

  • Purpose: Incentivizes higher cost Artifact decks, since Magmar’s got a good spread of utility and damage Artifacts. Great in a deck with Adamantine Claws, Morin Khur, and two of the upcoming cards.
Shatterdome / Magmar / Rare Minion / 4 Mana / (2/3)

Rush, Fortify: The next minion this minion attacks is destroyed instantly.

  • Purpose: A single target removal Rush minion. Can also push a tiny bit of face damage (or a lot, if you can stack Magmar’s heavier Artifacts), but is generally more helpful as a spell-on-legs.
Dactyl / Magmar / Common Minion / 3 Mana / (2/4)

Fortify: Your General gains “Grow: +1/+1.”

  • Purpose: A weird little way to Grow your General faster. Can polarize a match: decks with dispel will have an easy time dealing with this ability, while decks without will struggle to close the game quickly.
Gargantuan Greaves / Magmar / Epic Artifact / 4 Mana

Your General gains +2 Attack. Your General cannot be counterattacked by enemies with less Attack.

  • Purpose: A fantastic late game Artifact for Vaath, perfect for trading up with your opponent’s blockers and provoke minions, keeping your Artifacts healthy, and pushing face damage.
Volcanic Forge / Magmar / Rare Spell / 5 Mana

Draw 2 Artifacts from your deck and reduce their cost by 2 each.

  • Purpose: The discount on the Artifacts and tutoring can make this card evil in the late game. Great fuel for Fortify/Artifact decks, as well as for Smash Vaath in the late game. Makes it easier to curve expensive Artifacts, but does nothing to board the turn you play it.
Runecarved Terrorpin / Magmar / Epic Minion / 5 Mana / (3/5)

Rebirth, Friendly Rebirth minions cannot be targeted by spells.

  • Purpose: A heavy Rebirth minion, extremely sticky in the face of spell based removal. Might push Egg decks over the edge. I included this in the set because Rebirth minions could share a list with my favorite Magmar Artifact, Morin Khur.

Vetruvian Cards
Opus / Vetruvian / Legendary Minion / 6 Mana / (6/8)

Opening Gambit: Grant all friendly minions “Fortify: Place a copy of the Artifact in your Action Bar.”

  • Purpose: Abuses Vetruvian’s token spam to turn Artifacts like Oblivion Sickle and Staff of Y’kir into game enders.
Appraising Syr / Vetruvian / Rare Minion / 3 Mana / (1/5)

Fortify: Restore Health to your General equal to the original cost of the Artifact.

  • Purpose: Vetruvian sports a number of high cost, low impact Artifacts. This minion will carry those Artifacts on a half decent body and heal your General, providing much needed sustain to Sajj lists.
Y'kir's Guard / Vetruvian / Common Minion / 3 Mana / (2/4)

Provoke, Fortify: Equip a Staff of Y’kir to your General.

  • Purpose: A strong controlling minion for Artifact decks. Can help trades or stall enemies. Very versatile.
Sword of Creation / Vetruvian / Epic Artifact / 2 Mana

Your General has +1 Attack. At the start of your turn, place a Sword of Creation in your Action Bar.

  • Purpose: Vetruvians benefit from having many Artifacts available to them, as do their Fortify minions. Here is an Artifact that takes a little protecting but can also net a lot of value, both in card draw and in proccing Fortify or Aurora’s Tears.
Y'kir's Blessing / Vetruvian / Rare Spell / 4 Mana

Equip a Staff of Y’kir to each General and friendly minion with Fortify.

  • Purpose: This spell can be deadly on a board with Opus. All your Fortify minions are already solid bodies with good effects, and this spell gives them all +2 Attack and procs their abilities. Potential game ender with any sort of board.
Solar Wingshield / Vetruvian / Epic Minion / 3 Mana / (1/3)

Flying, Opening Gambit: Reduce the cost of each Artifact in your Action Bar by 1.

  • Purpose: With all the support for full hands of Artifacts in this set, I decided Artifact acceleration would be important. The body is also incidentally quite helpful with any Vetruvian buff or Opus.

Lyonar Cards
Heavy Arms Dealer / Lyonar / Legendary Minion / 4 Mana / (3/5)

Celerity, Fortify: Equip the Artifact to this minion again.

  • Purpose: A Celerity minion that takes Artifact “buffs” twice. High priority threat and slightly stickier than Lysian Brawler.
Forgemaster Prefect / Lyonar / Rare Minion / 3 Mana / (2/3)

Airdrop, Fortify: Draw an Artifact.

  • Purpose: Good synergy with cheap Artifacts like Sunstone Bracer, especially for tutoring Regalias in an Artifact deck.
Sunstone Buccaneer / Lyonar / Common Minion / 2 Mana / (3/2)

Fortify: Gain +1/+1.

  • Purpose: The most basic Fortify design. Lyonar is just really basic.
Pristine Buckler / Lyonar / Epic Artifact / 1 Mana

Your Artifacts are immune to non-combat effects.

  • Purpose: Great card for Artifact decks alongside Regalia and Dawn’s Eye. You can also place this on a Fortify minion in the backline to protect your General’s tools, allowing you an additional Artifact slot.
Tithe Collection / Lyonar / Rare Spell / 1 Mana

Steal 1 health from each of your minions. Draw a card.

  • Purpose: One of a number of cards I drafted after CPG made it clear the “Steal” keyword was here to stay. Cantrips and helps facilitate multiple heal procs in a turn.
Sanctum Mother / Lyonar / Epic Minion / 3 Mana / (3/6)

At the end of your turn, steal 2 health from this minion.

  • Purpose: A minion that facilitates heal procs for Healyonar. Rather basic, but a useful body, especially on top of Hallowed Ground.

Elude: You may summon a friendly minion from your action bar on this minion’s space. If you do, return this minion to your action bar and activate an effect.

Songhai Cards
Smokereader / Songhai / Legendary Minion / 4 Mana / (3/4)

Backstab(2), Elude: If the next minion has Backstab, give it Rush.

  • Purpose: A game ender in the right decks. Facilitates the chaining of multiple Backstabs, synergizes with Shadow Waltz, essentially doubles the number of Inner Focuses you can have in a deck, and is a hefty threat on its own.
Starstriker / Songhai / Rare Minion / 3 Mana / (2/1)

Ranged, Elude: Deal 3 damage to the closest enemy in front of this minion.

  • Purpose: A reusable Phoenix Fire that is also a Ranged threat, but the body is vulnerable to ping. Best used for the Elude effect, which is overpriced but helps with hand size.
Roofrunner / Songhai / Common Minion / 1 Mana / (3/1)

Elude: Move the next minion behind the enemy General.

  • Purpose: A 1 mana threat that trades up incredibly well and attracts pings like a flame attracts moths. Can assist Backstab decks or Onyx Jaguar decks.
Cobrafang Dagger / Songhai / Epic Artifact / 3 Mana

Your General gains +1 Attack this turn each time the enemy General takes damage.

  • Purpose: Crazy combo artifact with Cyclone Mask, Bangle of Blinding Strikes or Mask of Shadows. Pretty deadly in the late game, especially in a ping heavy deck with Four Winds Magi and Bloodrage Mask.
Befuddle / Songhai / Rare Spell / 4 Mana

Equip a Befuddling Scroll to your opponent.

(Befuddling Scroll: Your General acts like a Battlepet.")

  • Purpose: Deadly in a heavy minion deck, particularly with Backstab minions or Hamon Bladeseeker. A cheaper Grandmaster Zendo effect without the body.
Kaido Mentor / Songhai / Epic Minion / 3 Mana / (2/2)

Opening Gambit: Give all minions in your Action Bar “Backstab(1)”.

  • Purpose: Synergizes well with Shadow Waltz, Killing Edge, and Smokereader (see above).

Abyssian Cards
Shadow Shamanist / Abyssian / Legendary Minion / 7 Mana / (7/5)

Elude: Summon 1/1 Wraithlings in all nearby spaces.

  • Purpose: A board refiller for the ages. Most interesting when played with Furiosa or Deepfire Devourer, but great with any cheap minion. Can turn a Swarm Abyssian game very quickly, and defies most forms of board clear.
Garrotte / Abyssian / Rare Minion / 3 Mana / (4/2)

Elude: Steal 2 Health from the enemy General.

  • Purpose: A sustain-oriented minion much like Desolator. An overpriced Void Pulse, but good for keeping both your hand and your General healthy.
Deathfire Prophesier / Abyssian / Common Minion / 3 Mana / (3/3)

Elude: Give the next minion “Deathwatch: Gain +1/+1.”

  • Purpose: The worries with this card are its applications with Rush minions, namely Saberspine Tiger. However, Deathfire Crescendo already exists, so there isn’t really much issue with that. A strong, tempo focused body that is best used with good buff targets like Primus Fist and Azure Herald.
Memory Cowl / Abyssian / Epic Artifact / 4 Mana

Your General gains the effects of all friendly Artifacts destroyed this game.

  • Purpose: A weirdo Artifact to build a deck around, much like The Releaser. As the game goes on, the bonuses for this Artifact can get really crazy, making multiple Cowls a potential win condition.
Soulreaping / Abyssian / Rare Spell / 3 Mana

Steal 1 Health from each enemy.

  • Purpose: A low level aoe and General heal, potentially interesting alongside Punish or Gleameyes (see below).
Gleameyes / Abyssian / Epic Minion / 5 Mana / (3/3)

Opening Gambit and Dying Wish: Give all minions in your opponent’s Action Bar -1/-1. Cannot reduce minions below 1 Health.

  • Purpose: One of my favorites of this set’s designs. Great for Dying Wish decks that can resummon their minions, hilarious against swarm (especially alongside aoe like Skorn or Breath of the Unborn).

Vanar Cards
Prismalyne / Vanar / Legendary Minion / 5 Mana / (6/5)

Elude: Stun all nearby enemy minions.

  • Purpose: A permastun card for stalling (much better than the Matron). Requires cheap procs, but with Snowchasers and Crystal Cloakers this should be a breeze.
Snowlurker / Vanar / Rare Minion / Vespyr / 4 Mana / (4/3)

Elude: Summon two 2/1 Snowchasers in random nearby spaces.

  • Purpose: Why has God abandoned us.
Snowdrift Monk / Vanar / Common Minion / Arcanyst / 2 Mana / (1/4)

Elude: Place a random Vanar spell in your Action Bar.

  • Purpose: An Arcanyst ally aimed at assisting an annoying archetype. Great minion early for the body and late for the card draw.
Tailwind Raiment / Vanar / Epic Artifact / 3 Mana

Whenever a minion returns to its owner’s Action Bar, deal 2 damage to a random enemy.

  • Purpose: Sounds weak, but consider the following: Hailstone Prison, Snowchasers, 3 Elude minions (one of which summons more Snowchasers), Owlbeast Caretaker (see below), and Sand Burrower. Consider now that many of Vanar’s Artifacts, such as the Dredger and Lightning Asp, proc on General damage rather than General attack. This is my favorite theorycrafting card for that reason.
Manasurge / Vanar / Rare Spell / 1 Mana

Transform all minions in your Action Bar into random spells of the same cost, and vice versa.

  • Purpose: Weirdo card, but potentially hilarious with Circulus and a hand full of Illusions. Note that this card only pulls from your faction’s card pool.
Owlbeast Caretaker / Vanar / Epic Minion / 2 Mana / (3/2)

Opening Gambit: Return a friendly minion to your Action Bar to give it and Owlbeast Caretaker both +1/+1.

  • Purpose: More retreating minions, sort of in line with the Elude theme without quite being an Elude minion. Great with high value Opening Gambits like Zyx, Healing Mystic and Ash Mephyt.

Neutral Cards
Simian / Neutral / Legendary Minion / 5 Mana / (3/7)

Provoke, Whenever this minion takes damage place a random Artifact in your Action Bar.

  • Purpose: A big brutish body for filling your Action Bar with Artifacts, useful or otherwise.
Pingas / Neutral / Rare Minion / 4 Mana / (5/3)

Your General takes 1 less damage from all sources.

  • Purpose: An Artifact card that doesn’t say anything about Artifacts. This card reduces the chance of getting rekt by a Bloodrage Mask, Four Winds Magi, or swarm of Wraithlings.
Emerald Squire / Neutral / Common Minion / 3 Mana / (2/4)

Opening Gambit: Return a friendly minion to your Action Bar to restore 3 Health to your General.

  • Purpose: Similar synergies with Owlbeast Caretaker, with the added bonus of extending the lives of Control decks.

Triple Agent
3 mana
neutral 2/4
Sentinel: minion summoned
This minion, the minion that transformed this, and a random friendly minion gain +2/+2.

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Who likes Abyssian?

WE like Abyssian.

Who likes Deathwatch?

Not Counterplay, that’s who.

Here’s a new cycle of card concepts heavily featuring Abyssian minions and Deathwatch mechanics. It’s a short one this time, so don’t worry and just dive into it!

Lyonar Cards
Bellows / Lyonar / Common Minion / 3 Mana / (1/2)

Bloodsurge: Grant a random friendly minion +2/+2.

  • Purpose:
Commanding Shout / Lyonar / Rare Spell / 4 Mana

Return a minion to its owner’s Action Bar. Restore health to your General equal to its mana cost.

  • Purpose:
Capitol Executioner / Lyonar / Legendary Minion / 7 Mana / (5/10)

At the end of your turn, destroy all other damaged minions.

  • Purpose:

Vetruvian Cards
Cirrus / Vetruvian / Common Minion / 1 Mana / (1/2)

Flying, Give the first Flying minion you summon each turn +1 Attack.

  • Purpose:
Stratosk / Vetruvian / Rare Minion / 3 Mana / (4/2)

Flying, Cannot be attacked by units without Flying.

  • Purpose:

Abyssian Cards
Lord of the Library / Abyssian / Legendary Minion / 7 Mana / (8/8)

Whenever you overdraw a minion, summon it in a random space nearby your General.

  • Purpose:
Stradiva / Abyssian / Legendary Minion / 7 Mana / (7/7)

Frenzy, Opening Gambit: Transform a Furious Wraithling into a copy of this minion.

  • Purpose:
Umbral Extender / Abyssian / Common Minion / 2 Mana / (1/3)

All joined Wraithlings have +1 Attack.

  • Purpose:
Recurring Phantom / Abyssian / Common Minion / 3 Mana / (1/3)

Whenever you summon this minion by any other effect, summon a copy of it nearby.

  • Purpose:
Mockery / Abyssian / Common Spell / 1 Mana

An enemy minion Provokes the enemy General. Draw a card.

  • Purpose:
Loona / Abyssian / Common Minion / 3 Mana / (5/6)

Deathwatch: Your opponent draws a card.

  • Purpose:
Babbalyne / Abyssian / Legendary Minion / 6 Mana / (5/2)

Deathwatch: Draw a card.

  • Purpose:
Corpse Carriage / Abyssian / Epic Minion / 5 Mana / (5/6)

Deathwatch: Your General and this minion may move 1 additional space this turn.

  • Purpose:
Overseer Purge / Abyssian / Legendary Spell / 8 Mana

Destroy all non-Deathwatch minions.

  • Purpose:
Ruin / Abyssian / Legendary Minion / 9 Mana / (10/10)

When you summon this minion, destroy all other minions and stun this minion.

  • Purpose:
Crushing Swarm / Abyssian / Rare Spell / 2 Mana

Destroy an enemy minion that is nearby at least 4 friendly Abyssian minions.

  • Purpose:

Vanar Cards
Harrowbone / Vanar / Epic Minion / 4 Mana / (1/8)

Stunned units cannot counterattack.

  • Purpose:

Neutral Cards
Duelyn Long / Neutral / Common Minion / 6 Mana / (5/5)

Opening Gambit: Deal 3 damage to the units directly in front of and behind this minion.

  • Purpose:
Leyline Lovers / Neutral / Rare Minion / 3 Mana / (2/4)

Has +3 Attack when fighting an enemy your General has attacked.

  • Purpose:
Thunderchanneler / Neutral / Epic Minion / 5 Mana / (3/6)

All friendly joined minions have +2 Attack.

  • Purpose:
Bronze Cannoneer / Neutral / Epic Minion / 4 Mana / (3/5)

The friendly minion directly in front of this minion deals 2 damage to a random enemy at the end of your turn

  • Purpose:

Here is Alplod’s hybrid/synergetic cards compedium. Proceed at your own risk - cards may be unbalanced as hell, but I hope some ideas may be interesting. I’d be glad to discuss them here: Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion (+Card Design Contest Discussion), if you’d like to.

Since most of the cards here are made for certain (mostly hybrid) archetypes, I will name them per archetype. Also I’d like to mention that I know that I’m terrible at naming, so please don’t be cruel to me :roll_eyes: Let’s start.


Obviously, only relevant for Abyssian. I feel that archetype is fun, but only one card (Nocturne) is not enough to glue it together. Other than that, swarm and creep in Abyssian are like parallel universes - no interaction whatsoever. I try to change that in subtle and not so subtle ways.

Dark Portal / Abyssian / Structure / 7 mana / (0/6)

OG: Summon wraithling and shadow creep on every nearby space.

Not subtle at all. Well, maybe too powerful - it may be treated as giving 16 mana effect (8 wraithling and 8 creep) for 7, not counting almost useless structure itself. But there’s another way to view it. Creep can be treated as halfmana (it mostly comes with an effect attached - draw a card or deal one damage), wraithling can also be treated as halfmana with Lilithe’s BBS. Main concern here is directly fueling Obliterate in a very card efficient way, so it may be fine with generating not 8 but, say, 6 or even 4 creep.
Still - nice with Variax and obliterate.

Consuming shadow / Abyssian / Spell / 4 mana

Destroy all token minions. Summon Shadow Creep on their tiles.

Also counters mechazor, wall Faie and dervish/fault Zirix as a bonus.

Nocturnal Spawn / Abyssian / Spell / 2 mana

Until the start of your next turn whenever you summon a wraithling, summon a creep on the same space and vice versa. Draw a card.

Obvious Nocturne duplicate.

Shadow mistress / Abyssian / minion / 4 mana / (3/5)

Summon a wraithling onto each nearby friendly shadow creep at the end of your turn

Spikes / 3 mana / Abyssian / minion / (3/1)

OG: All friendly minions standing on friendly shadow creep gain +2 attack. All enemy minions standing on friendly shadow creep gain -2 attack.


Cause, why not? We already have Kindred Hunter after all, aren’t we? Let’s make more steps in this direction. Just for fun.

Cryomancer / Vanar / Vespyr / 3 mana / (1/2)

This minion also belongs to arcanyst tribe. Any minion attacked by this one is stunned

Air Elemental / Vanar / Vespyr / 6 mana / (5/3)

OG: This turn all your arcanysts have flying

Flawed Reflection / Vanar / spell / 3 mana

Summon 3 vespyr 0/2 walls of reflection with dying wish: summon 2/1 illusion on a random nearby space


A fairly silly card that plays with the replace mechanic as well as incorporate more risk and strategic decisionmaking to the game.

Potatomancer / Neutral / Legendary Minion / 5 mana / (5/5)

Opening Gambit: Add a Hot Potato to your hand

Hot Potato

20 mana
When played, you win the game. When you replace this, add it to your opponent’s action bar. When this is in your action bar, deal 3 damage to your general and subtract 3 from its mana cost at the end of each turn.

Do you risk giving your opponent lethal? Or do set up lethal yourself at the cost of 3 life each turn? The reason I made Hot potato an artifact is so that you cannot cheat it out with cards like Ghost Seraphim for spells or Arcane Devourer for minions.


like i said on the faction identity:abyssian post, WE NEED MORE DEATHWATCH
all the other factions got expansions to their faction keywords, but all abyss got was neutral dying wish for keyword support

so here it goes

4 mana 2/4
deathwatch: give a random friendly minion dying wish: summon a wraithling on this space

bloodsoaked warlock

3 mana 2/3
deathwatch: add a random faction token minion to your hand


4 mana 1/5
deathwatch: deal 1 damage to EVERYTHING(including self)

bloodbound alchemist

2 mana 1/3
deathwatch: increase your opponents BBS mana cost until the end of their turn

bloodfire monolyth

5 mana 0/4 structure
deathwatch: increase the cost of a random card in your opponents hand until the end of their turn

darkfire altar

4 mana 0/3 structure
deathwatch: decrease the cost of a random spell in your hand until the end of your turn

the punisher

deathwatch: give a random minion -3 attack on the opposing side of the dying minion


2 mana 3/2
deathwatch: give a random minion in your hand +1 health

abyssal missionary

4 mana 3/4
deathwatch: add a creep tile on that space

bloodtide juggernaut

5 mana 8/8
deathwatch: deal 1 damage to your general (it doesnt have to be positive)

abyssal druid

5 mana 5/5
deathwatch: return the dying minion to its owners hand

bloodfire mechanyst

3 mana 2/5
give your general deathwatch: restore 1 durability a to random equipped artifact

blue warlock

4 mana 3/4
deathwatch:add a random arcanyst to your hand

ghoul hunter

4 mana 3/4
deathwatch: destroy a random minion of the same tribe as the dying minion

inkhorn serpent

5 mana 5/3
deathwatch: summon a random faction battlepet


6 mana 4/4
deathwatch:gain a random faction keyword

bloodtide dancer

6 mana 6/6
deathwatch: your general gains +1 attack

bloodriver accelerando

1 mana spell
give a minion deathwatch: this minion can move an additional space this turn


Now that it’s closed, might as well link over to this post:

Lot of good Submissions in here, in the standard format too. When I’ve completed everything I’ll move the /details tags over to here.


The U’ami Coven

Core Mechanics

Conceal: This minion cannot be targeted by attacks or spells until the end of your next turn or until attacking. This minion cannot have Provoke while it has Conceal.

  • A revolutionary, anti-removal ability that may be properly restricted and controlled by limiting it to one faction.

Flow: Whenever a nearby friendly unit moves or is moved, this minion moves the same way, if possible. Will not follow Flying minions or teleport effects.

  • A positioning based ability that supplies very high mobility without outright giving Flying. Allows you to play minions out of range of enemies, once again playing into the theme of hiding away your resources until the correct time to strike.

To clarify, when an effect reads, “Do X to all joined units,” it affects all units joined to your General by other units. If it is more specific, for example “all joined enemy minions,” it will affect all units joined to your General by that specific type of unit. On a spell, the effect starts from your General unless otherwise specified.


The U’ami are a coalition of secluded mages and outcasts, hailing from various city states across the entirety of Mythron.

During the Age of Decay, wherein the planet showed the first signs of its descent into chaos, an enigmatic Aestari Archmage revealed her intention to abandon the continent to her coven. A’u’ala insisted to her peers that Mythron was already doomed to collapse by Draug’s greed, and that the only alternative was to join her own personal city state, one that could sustain itself indefinitely and survive whatever environmental threat would manifest in the coming years. The Counsel rejected with her designs, but a select few mages joined A’u’ala in constructing the floating city of Ala’i, an independent biosphere powered by whatever crystals her coven could secret away from the new crystal mandates. They worked for one year in secrecy until Draug’s inquisitors caught wind of their efforts, at which point A’u’ala propelled the unfinished project into the sea. She, her allies, and the common folk who lept at the prospect of starting anew piloted the mobile city across open water, evading Draug’s warships until the Consular’s influence was far behind them.

The first generation of U’ami would not set foot on land for another fifty years, living off of the livestock and produce that the city could produce. Food was never too little, thanks to the tireless study and adjustments made by A’u’ala and her Coven of Nine. Magic also returned to the lives of the common Aestari, who relearned the truth of their race’s arcane proficiency under A’u’ala’s supervision. Even in the face of the ever growing storms, A’u’ala’s magic stood strong and turned chaos away without issue. The research of the Archmages continued as they pored through A’u’ala’s extensive libraries, and without ever touching the shore they founded two more floating cities, Solace and Syr. Floating free from the shackles of Aestaria, the U’ami studied the arcane arts, voyaged to all seven continents, and even descended to the ocean floor, discovering unclaimed petals of the Great Tree of Eyos and deadly creatures such as the enormous horned Kalkalan. Wherever they made land, new spirits would join their ranks, seeking the life of unbridled exploration on the high seas.

Though she lived to the age of one hundred and fifty seven, artificial life extension could only sustain A’u’ala for so long, as she was but a mortal being. In her place, sons and daughters of the original Coven of Nine were left to govern the fleet of floating cities. Among them were architects, sages, artists, and mages, all committed to the same path of study and seclusion. However, among these children were also Generals, who knew the use of combat proficiency and military tact. And once the Bloodbound emerged amongst them, the U’ami understood that their existence could not be forever spent as fugitives from the continent…


Yoana Lahahana

A long removed descendant of the Songhai Empire and genius military commander. The potency of her storm magic is only rivalled by her deadly precision on the battlefield.

Bloodbound Spell - Stormcrafting: Deal 2 damage to ANY joined unit.

Triton Wakeworth

A long removed descendant of the Lyonar Kingdom and expert naval tactician. Subtle manipulations of water currents allow his troops to outmaneuver any enemy on the high seas.

Bloodbound Spell - Tideweaving: Move an enemy minion 1 space.

Lore + Art Direction

A sketch I made of what Solace and Syr might look like now, as Mythron enters the age of anti-entropic fields and floating citadels. Though they are no longer strictly bound to the turbulent ocean below, the U’ami still associate closely with water. Water pools at the bottom of the arcane biosphere in a floating sea, then is filtered, collected, and reused once more. The reliance on crystals has concerned many of the Coven of Nine, who debate the appropriate environmental mandates to reduce the need to participate in Duelyst.

Note the design inspirations from Lyonar and Vetruvian architecture, as the cities themselves were founded out of respect for these empires’ great accomplishments in the arcane. The U’ami have become increasingly diverse over the years, recruiting apprentice mages, free thinkers and common folk from the nations they pay visit to. Some form smaller, segmented communities within the U’ami cities, such as the Thunderpoint Clan of Ala’i, comprised primarily of rogue electromancers from Xaan.

An early art direction for Kahako Shockmage, Prismarine Assistant, and Xaanborn Thunderpoint. Turtle shells and Nautiluses play into the water theme of the U’ami, while balls of Lightning and pink highlights demonstrate their arcane inclinations. We already talked about the Thunderpoint Clan, who draw plenty of influence from their Songhai brethren, so let’s discuss the Prismarine Harvesters.

The U’ami’s most prosperous age, immediately after the founding of Solace, began with the discovery of the Prismarine Spires at the bottom of the Restless Sea. These natural formations were simultaneously smooth as marble, hard as steel, and bright as the sun, emitting enough light to illuminate an entire ecosystem on the deep sea floor. Prismarine would serve the U’ami as a useful material for aspiring architects, sculptors, and artificers, as well as an excellent resonant for magical energy. The central tower of Ala’i in particular is commonly described as “overrun” by Prismarine constructs, carrying messages between researchers in the various wings and archives.

The city of Ala’i, pictured with two curious sea serpents. While the cities Solace and Syr, lighter and more experimental, adapted easily to the advent of anti-entropic levitation fields, Ala’i was slower in taking to the skies. Still, the seas grew more turbulent, and the people of Ala’i were increasingly taxed by the effort of diverting arcane storms. The Coven mage Ulu’ala devised a solution: to submerge the city below the thermocline, where the storms could no longer affect the city’s barriers at all. Deep in the ocean, Ala’i could devote less crystals and less manpower to maintaining their barriers, instead relying on Ulu’ala’s anti-entropic designs to protect the city from the undersea pressures.

Today, Ala’i cruises along the sea floor most of the time, allowing researchers easy access to arcanobiological phenomena and the Vents of Eyos. This, along with the fact that the central tower houses some of the deepest and most revered tomes in its massive libraries, makes Ala’i a veritable mage’s paradise. It is a heavy decision to abandon natural sunlight, but many immigrate to Ala’i in pursuit of the most prestigious academic institutions the Coven has to offer. When the city must ascend to make contact with the world above, the central tower of Ala’i activates a process known as Breach and breaks the surface with the speed of a charging Hippokamp. The city Breaches once a month on a strict schedule, rising into the air to join directly with Solace and Syr, passing information and people back and forth.


One of many sea monsters attacking a lowtech tradeship. The seas of Mythron have devolved into madness, making them unsafe for nearly all intruders. Manastorms tear through most materials with arcane lightning, striking with what seems like malicious intent and setting unfortunate naval vessels ablaze. The water itself moves in unpredictable, impossible ways, befuddling navigators until they finally pilot themselves into a swirling vortex. Finally, the creatures that dwell in the seas will prey on any adventurer who can successfully bypass all other obstacles. Kalkalan and Ala’ian Rake are among the smallest, while Dagona and Gulpers such as the one pictured above come in larger variants.


The U’ami are comprised of many different people from all factions, which inevitably results in stark cultural boundaries being drawn. These distinctions are blurrier within academic institutions, but within the markets and industrial districts one can easily distinguish Lyonar neighborhoods from Songhai and Abyssian. Architecture, cuisine, and customs may vary wildly from region to region, along with clothing and beliefs. Mixing of cultures, however, is extremely common, creating strange combinations of tradition only seen in the enlightened halls of the U’ami.

Many cultural societies exist within the three U’ami cities, providing a beacon for others of their heritage. The Xaanborn and Windcliffe societies are most prominent in the universities of Solace, training students in meteorology, naval combat, and diplomacy. The Kaeran and Magaari are well established in the artificer’s guilds of Syr, crafting the strongest tools and most precise arcane instruments Mythron has ever witnessed. The Shartouched, who are most accustomed to darkness, have the strongest following in the city of Ala’i, refining the art of elemental manashaping to the point of godliness.

Notes on Theme

When designing this new faction concept, I put a lot of thought into what thematic niche could be filled in Duelyst that had not been filled before. We already had sun knights, desert robots, fire ninjas, nature dinosaurs, shadow monsters, and ice barbarians. What element/archetype wasn’t explored? There were angels, cowboys, and aliens, but none of them felt truly unique from the existing factions. It was honestly pretty annoying: there weren’t even any simple color palettes available (the main 6 have all primary and secondary colors already). :sweat:

I figured Water was a good element to start from, and just extrapolated from there. I played around with Pirates (an idea I’d already done before) and Scientists (an idea I’d seen before), but always considered both ideas to be too tropey. Duelyst’s factions are all about classic archetypes “with a twist”. Then it hit me: I could just combine the two. Sprinkle a little Pacific Islander theming into the mix, and it started looking like a real faction! Seafaring Magic Scientists with a water attribute and deep sea knowledge: what a concept :smiley:

Oh, and for colors, I decided a pink/teal combination would be expressive enough for Duelyst and unique enough from the other factions, if only just to fill some design space in my mind.

You might notice that a lot of minion names are made with the Hawaiian alphabet in mind, though they’re mostly gibberish or puns (example: Pa’ua = Power). Some are also corruptions on words from other languages (example: Hippokamp = Hippocampus, Kalkalan = Karkadann)

All the names are still subject to change, especially some of the more basic ones (Kahako Shockmage feels a little forced)

Deck Archetypes

The U’ami (according to what I can put together) fall into 3 basic archetypes: Conceal Control, Midrange Swarm and Aggro Flow.

Aggro Flow functions like a semi-combo archetype revolving around building a big enough board presence to acheive lethal with Flow shenanigans. Pa’ua and Windspeaker’s Blessing are powerful yet cheap finishers which will challenge your positioning skills and run down your opponent, while Warfarer can dominate the early game. From there on, you can load the deck with the best aggro tools: Dual Imbue will turn even the simplest Primus Fist or Flameblood Warlock into a killing machine, especially with the aforementioned Windspeaker’s and Pa’ua. As a bonus combo piece, one might equip a Prismarine Lodestone: if you have a Pa’ua on the field, even your General can become a 10 damage threat.

Midrange Swarm is a terrifying beast to face when up against the U’ami. Aquaveil Clerk and Swashwater Guard are star players when it comes to tossing heavy board states at your opponent, along with the standard Zyx and neutral 2 drops. Eventually your opponent will run out of aoe and you’ll overrun them with the card advantage from Voracious Knowledge, making them easy targets for Strength of Many as a finisher. Dual Imbue and Xaanborn Thunderpoint also make appearances as secondary finishers. Even without these finishers, a good turn with Daze will allow you to push massive face damage for few repercussions.

Conceal Control is a monstrous deck that takes full advantage of the Conceal mechanic’s ability to stow away expensive minions. Spirit Guard, Seal Away, and Memoriam Locket deter early aggression, allowing you to deploy the Ghost Frigates and A’u’ala’s Tempests. Late game onwards, the U’ami can play Silent Curator into 2 consecutive value minions, allowing them to build stronger board states than any other faction can in the cutthroat, remove-or-die meta of the ladder. Waterweave and Veil Breaching continue to be key players through all stages of the game, and Path of Pa’ua gives a surprising amount of mobility to heavy bodied Neutral threats. If all else fails, Forgotten Kalkalan will make your opponent tear their hair out trying to get rid of it.

Million Manashapers is a jank deck based on the abuse of certain Opening Gambits. Consider the following turn: Ash Mephyt -> Zyx -> Manashaping Experiment. The following turn, you play the Archon, giving you 9 3/3s for 3 Mana. It gets even more hilarious if you have a Silent Curator, Ghost Frigate, Wayfarer or otherwise value oriented minion out. Imagine: 9 3/3s that summon 3/3 Ghost Wolves with random effects.

Core Set
Basic Cards
Path of Pa’ua / Basic Spell / 1 Mana

Move ANY minion in a straight line, but not through units.

  • Synergizing with Flow, this spell allows you to move a whole group of minions at once across the board.
Riptide / Basic Spell / 2 Mana

Deal 2 damage to all enemy minions nearby your General.

  • A positioning based aoe to fend off surround swarming. Does not push face damage, but does help the “big aoe, big swarms” theme of the U’Ami. May be the token “above average” spell for this faction.
Seal Away / Basic Spell / 2 Mana

Stun and dispel a minion for 2 turns.

  • Basically remove a minion from the game for 2 turns, after which it rejoins reality. Great for ruining your opponent’s tempo, especially against long range value minions like Shadowdancer or 4winds.
Bouncing Beam / Basic Spell / 4 Mana

Deal 3 damage to all joined enemies.

  • A basic mass removal spell, like Frostburn but cheaper and more conditional. The U’Ami are all about Joined minion effects, this being the first of many. Your opponent is highly encouraged to spread out, as if constantly battling a live Thunderhorn.
Strength of Many / Basic Spell / 5 Mana

Give a friendly minion +2/+2 for each joined friendly unit.

  • The U’Ami needed a finisher, and I thought of Vespyrian Might as an example for a game ender. If you let the U’Ami build their army too quickly, they’ll pull you under.
Memoriam Locket / Basic Artifact / 0 Mana

When this Artifact is destroyed, draw a card.

  • A cantripping Artifact, which temporarily reduces your hand size but thins your deck very effectively.
Aquaveil Clerk / Basic Minion / 2 Mana / 3/1


  • A 2 mana opening minion that can trade up into most minions. Is only removable via aoe, so its wisest to play a 1/4 or some similar minion into this opener.
Tritonite Racer / Basic Minion / 3 Mana / 5/3


  • An overstatted, hyper mobile damage dealer. Great intro to Flow as a mechanic: try to move the Bloodshard Golem into the best possible position!
Swashwater Guard / Basic Minion / 5 Mana / 4/4

Opening Gambit: Summon a copy of this minion nearby.

  • Great for Joined minion effects, and a solid ball of stats.

Common Cards
Daze / Common Spell / 1 Mana

Reduce the enemy General’s attack to 0 this turn.

  • For a faction all about swarming, sidestepping the enemy General’s attack value is paramount. Use this before going face with your huge army.
Waterweave / Common Spell / 2 Mana

Give a friendly minion Conceal. Draw a card.

  • Great for protecting valuable, expensive minions or messing with Conceal synergies. Great future enabler.
Windspeaker’s Blessing / Common Spell / 1 Mana

Give a friendly minion +1/+1 for each time it moved or was moved this turn.

  • A strong buff for a Flow based deck, combo potential at the cost of card disadvantage.
A’u’ala Tempest / Common Spell / 6 Mana

Destroy all minions joined to your General.

  • A big clearing spell, and one of my favorite concepts thus far. The almost-plasma storm that clears entire boards, but its in a clunky mana slot.
Wayfarer / Common Minion / 2 Mana / 0/1

Flow, Whenever this minion is moved, gain +1/+1.

  • A Chakri Avatar for movement tricks and Flow shenanigans.
Polluted Nymph / Common Minion / 3 Mana / 3/2

Opening Gambit: Give all joined enemy minions -1 Attack.

  • A weakening spell-on-legs to soften up your opponent’s swarm.
Deep Meditator / Common Minion / 4 Mana / 6/6

Flow, Cannot move.

  • “Cannot move” does not mean “Cannot be moved”. Overstatted minion that can easily be manipulated around with smart movements.
Forgotten Kalkalan / Common Minion / 6 Mana / 10/5


  • Big minions wear conceal best, as they are the ones most vulnerable to removal. This one in particular is a potential game ender.

Rare Cards
Veil Breaching / Rare Spell / 3 Mana

Give a Concealed minion +2 Attack. Conceal it at the end of your turn.

  • A conceal-specific assassin skill. Excellent for protecting powerful Conceal minions.
Dual Imbue / Rare Spell / 3 Mana

Give 2 friendly minions +2 Attack and Flow.

  • A now we begin the dance of death… get two minions to partner up and dance their way to aggro range. Gives massive reach to your bigger minions.
Aether Absorb / Rare Spell / 5 Mana

Destroy an enemy minion. Your General gains Forcefield until the end of your turn.

  • Unconditional removal and trading potential, a great way for your General to tango on the front lines and continue moving your Flow minions/enable your big aoe spells.
Prismarine Assistant / Rare Minion / 1 Mana / 0/3

Flow, Rush.

  • A Flow enabler, is helpful for shuffling your Flow minions around.
Kahako Shockmage / Rare Minion / 3 Mana / 2/3

Conceal, Frenzy.

  • Frenzy minions are always removed too quickly. This here is a Frenzy minion who will almost always survive to attack.
Charging Hippokamp / Rare Minion / 4 Mana / 4/5

Opening Gambit: Move this minion and all units in front of it forward 2 spaces, if possible.

  • A mass repositioning spell-on-legs, especially useful since it can move Generals.

Epic Cards
Foresight / Epic Spell / 2 Mana

At the start of your next turn, all friendly minions gain +2 Attack until the end of your turn.

  • Prepare for a big face damage turn, particularly with multiple concealed minions on the board.
Rainsprite Visit / Epic Spell / 1 Mana

Your opponent summons a 0/2 Rainsprite with “Dying Wish: Your opponent draws a card.”

  • Chain together larger groups of Joined enemies for use with your big aoe spells, then use the Dying Wish to refuel.
Voracious Knowledge / Epic Spell / 5 Mana

Draw 6 cards. Deal 3 damage to your General for each card you overdraw.

  • Hand refill for when you’ve dumped your whole hand into board advantage and face damage.
Prismarine Lodestone / Epic Artifact / 1 Mana

Your General has Flow.

  • This is the card that gives the U’Ami the most General mobility in the game. Great playful Artifact for messing around with.
Spirit Guard / Epic Minion / 1 Mana / 4/5

At the start of your turn, destroy this minion and draw a card.

  • A bodyblocker and cantrip minion.
Ghost Frigate / Epic Minion / 5 Mana / 4/5

Conceal, At the start of your turn, gain Conceal.

  • An eternally untouchable, untargetable wall.

Legendary Cards
Manashaping Experiment / Legendary Spell / 3 Mana

Place a 3/3 Experimental Archon in your action bar with the abilities of all friendly minions.

  • The Archon is basically a 6 Mana minion, but when you play it onto a board of Zyx and Ash Mephyt you’ll find his body more than passable.
Seclusion / Legendary Spell / 5 Mana

Grant all friendly minions Conceal. Draw a card.

  • Conceal is so strong it really does deserve this kind of mana cost.
A’u’ala’s Prod / Legendary Artifact / 3 Mana

At the end of your turn, deal 2 damage to all joined enemies.

  • Coldbiter for joined circuits of minions.
Silent Curator / Legendary Minion / 3 Mana / 1/3

Conceal, The first minion you summon from your Action Bar each turn gains Conceal.

  • Old Vindicator for Conceal, again, such a strong ability.
Tide Brother Pa’ua / Legendary Minion / 4 Mana / 1/5

Flow, When a friendly unit Flows, grant it +2 Attack until the end of your turn.

  • The “Sister” card for this faction. One of the main finishers for a Flow based deck.
Xaanborn Thunderpoint / Legendary Minion / 7 Mana / 7/7

When a friendly unit attacks the enemy General, grant it +2/+2.

  • Go face, your minions will barely get hurt anyway! This is a game ender in most cases.

Denizens of Shim'Zar

Shim’Zar brings a number of new tools to the U’ami, many of which center around supporting control decks and patching up certain weaknesses. As usual, all cards are subject to change.

Monsoonsayer / Common Minion / 2 Mana / 3/2

Has Forcefield on your opponent’s turn.

  • Purpose: An early body blocker much like Crystal Arbiter, great for taking early board control and dissuading enemy advances in the later turns.
Drifting Mystic / Rare Minion / 3 Mana / 2/3

Flow, Whenever this minion is moved, restore 1 health to your General.

  • Purpose: A healing value minion that has to dance on the frontlines (keep in mind moving on one’s own is mechanically distinct from BEING moved).
Lost Seascroll / Epic Structure / 1 Mana / 0/3

Dying Wish: Draw a card.

  • Purpose: Another cantripping body, driving home the theme of controlling and cantripping one’s way to late game bombs.
Prismarine Locksmith / Epic Minion / 4 Mana / 2/7

Enemy minions joined to this minion cannot move.

  • Purpose: A powerful body for keeping a large swarm in check. Very strong next to a Structure or Stunned minion. Forces heavy positioning play from both players.
Magaari Runecarver / Legendary Minion / 6 Mana / 8/2

Conceal, Takes no damage when attacking from Conceal.

  • Purpose: A concealed assassin, weaker than Kalkadann but better at trading up.
Flo / Common Battlepet / 2 Mana / 3/3

Flow, Opening Gambit: Give a nearby friendly minion Flow.

  • Purpose: A great flow enabler and strong early body. Drags all his friends around willy nilly.
Ebb / Rare Battlepet / 1 Mana / 1/1

Forcefield, Dying Wish: Your General has Forcefield until the end of your next turn.

  • Purpose: Oni is a great Battlepet and I like its design a lot. This is Oni plus an extra surprise.
Spiremaster Circlet / Legendary Artifact / 6 Mana

Whenever your General damages the enemy General, your General gains Conceal.

  • Purpose: A janky lategame artifact. Difficult to remove and difficult to proc. Functions extremely well with A’u’ala’s Prod.
Reserve Mana / Common Spell / 1 Mana

Summon a Mana Orb on your starting column. Draw a card.

  • Purpose: A ramping cantrip.
Baleful Liquefy / Common Spell / 5 Mana

Transform an enemy minion into a 0/2 Rainsprite with “Dying Wish: Your opponent draws a card.”

  • Purpose: Another 5 mana removal spell and pseudo-cantrip.
Teleswap / Rare Spell / 1 Mana

Your General swaps spaces with a friendly joined minion.

  • Purpose: A General mobility spell that can traverse long distances and evade aggro decks with some clever positioning.
Artificial Evolution/ Epic Spell / 3 Mana

Place a random Battlepet into your Action Bar. Give it +1/+1 for each friendly minion.

  • Purpose: A method for making bulky battlepets in pet decks. Great with Oni, Ebb, and Sol.
Hoku'Ala's Archive / Legendary Spell / 8 Mana

Draw 3 Cards. Give all minions in your Action Bar +2/+2. Gain 6 Mana.

  • Purpose: A sort of second wind, simple yet threateningly effective end game spell. It refuels your hand and raises the value of all minions you draw, and the 6 Mana return allows you to bounce all that value right back to the board.

Ancient Bonds

That’s right, the U’ami are on the side of the Golem factions in Ancient Bonds. All of their Golems are crafted from the finest deep sea mana crystals, and interact with mana manipulation in some form or another. Be prepared when facing off against these casters: they’ve got reserves to spare!

Selfscribe / Common Minion / Golem / 6 Mana / (6/6)

Bond: Gain 3 Mana this turn.

  • Purpose: A 3 Mana 6/6 Golem. What even. Great way to dump cheap, heavy bodies in the midgame and push aggressively for board presence.
Trovewatching Stone / Rare Minion / Golem / 2 Mana / (3/1)

Cannot Attack, Gain Health equal to your maximum Mana.

  • Purpose: An incredible blocker, especially with Vanquisher or Woodwen. Incapable of attacking, but not incapable of dealing damage.
Kaeran Konstruct / Legendary Minion / Golem / 8 Mana / (8/8)

Conceal, You have +3 Maximum Mana.

  • Purpose: An endgame combo enabler and faceroller. The body is good, the conceal is great, but the potential to cast 33% more things? Call the OHKO theorycrafters: they’ve got a new toy to work with.
Tome of Ruin / Rare Artifact / 2 Mana

When this Artifact is destroyed, deal 3 damage to all nearby enemies.

  • Purpose: A preventative Artifact, similar to Memoriam Locket. Helpful for clearing out 2 drop swarms.
Blue Eyes Decree / Common Spell / 3 Mana

Trigger a friendly minion’s Opening Gambit.

  • Purpose: My deck has no pathetic cards! Great combo piece, especially with the multiple body Opening Gambits that the U’ami have access to.

Unearthed Prophecy

The U’ami join their cohorts in Unearthed Prophecy with a new tile and a number of unique effects. Their research has brought them to the very bottom of the magic warped oceans, revealing Crystal Veins of fantastic wealth. If you can’t undermine their plans in time, you may find yourself upstream without an arcane paddle.

Tile: Crystal Vein
At the start of your turn, if a friendly unit is standing on this space, gain 1 Mana.

Bolster / Common Spell / 1 Mana

Give all friendly joined minions +1/+1.

  • Purpose:
Heighten / Common Spell / 1 Mana

Turn an enemy minion’s tile into Crystal Vein. If it dies this turn, draw a card.

  • Purpose:
Wash Out / Rare Spell / 2 Mana

Dispel all tiles nearby your General. Turn your General’s tile into Crystal Vein.

  • Purpose:
Scatterstream / Rare Spell / 4 Mana

Move all joined enemies to random spaces.

  • Purpose:
Proliferate / Epic Spell / 0 Mana

Summon a Mana Orb on each friendly Crystal Vein.

  • Purpose:
Rejuvenating Chime / Legendary Spell / 6 Mana

Exhaust all friendly units. Restore 4 Health to your General for each unit exhausted.

  • Purpose:
Teal Apprentice / Common Minion / 2 Mana / (0/1)

Conceal, Opening Gambit: Turn this minion’s tile into Crystal Vein.

  • Purpose:
Wise Leatherback / Common Minion / 4 Mana / (4/4)

Joined allies take 1 less damage from all sources.

  • Purpose:
Deep Driller / Rare Minion / 3 Mana / (2/3)

At the end of your turn, turn the tile directly in front of this minion into Crystal Vein.

  • Purpose:
Alexandrian Archivist / Epic Minion / 5 Mana / (8/8)

When you replace a card, destroy it.

  • Purpose:
Uwala Crystalspine / Epic Minion / 6 Mana / (5/2)

Can only be damaged by enemies directly behind this minion.

  • Purpose:
Shartouched Wavewaker / Legendary Minion / 7 Mana / (3/4)

Flow, May be moved through enemy minions, destroying them.

  • Purpose:
Teardrop Ring / Legendary Artifact / 3 Mana

Whenever you cast a spell, your opponent summons a Rainsprite nearby their General.

  • Purpose:


Hey guys, your favorite naughty word here. I’ve got another expansion-level set cooking right now, but I wanted to put some of these miscellaneous ideas down. Tell me… how much do you guys like Drawmar? :slight_smile:

Our theme this time around is deck manipulation and build around cards. Get reading and go crazy with theorycrafting!

Lyonar Cards
Ivory Paint / Lyonar / Rare Spell / 4 Mana

Grant all 2 Mana or less minions in your deck +2/+2.

  • Purpose:
Paladin of the Horn / Lyonar / Epic Minion / 2 Mana / (1/3)

When this minion attacks or is attacked, draw a Paladin of the Horn. If you cannot, put a copy of this minion into your deck.

  • Purpose:
Bolstershield / Lyonar / Epic Minion / Structure / 3 Mana / (0/5)

Immune to spell damage, Opening Gambit: Summon a copy of this minion directly above and below this minion.

  • Purpose:
Star Buckler / Lyonar / Epic Minion / 4 Mana / (3/3)

Forcefield, Cannot be targeted by spells while the shield persists.

  • Purpose:

Songhai Cards
Kage Acolyte / Songhai / Rare Minion / 4 Mana / (2/5)

Whenever this minion deals damage, give all spells in your Action Bar “+1 Spell Damage.”

  • Purpose:

Vanar Cards
Rime Seal / Vanar / Common Spell / 1 Mana

Permanently stun all stunned minions.

  • Purpose:
Cliffe Guide / Vanar / Common Minion / 4 Mana / (3/1)

AirDrop, Opening Gambit: Draw a Vespyr. If you have a Vespyr in play, draw one more.

  • Purpose:

Vetruvian Cards
Scrying Eye / Vetruvian / Rare Spell / 3 Mana

Draw 3 cards. At the end of your turn, return them to your deck.

  • Purpose:
Featherdust / Vetruvian / Epic Spell / 3 Mana

Return a friendly Flying minion to your Action Bar. Your General gains Attack this turn equal to its Attack.

  • Purpose:
Rod of Pain / Vetruvian / Epic Artifact / 4 Mana

Takes no damage, When this Artifact is destroyed, deal 1 damage to the enemy General, Gain +1 damage whenever your General damages an enemy.

  • Purpose:
Fertile Requin / Vetruvian / Legendary Minion / 6 Mana / (3/2)

Flying, Opening Gambit: Summon a 1/1 Flying Remora in a random space for each friendly non token Flying minion that died this game.

  • Purpose:

Abyssian Cards
Inner Turmoil / Abyssian / Common Spell / 3 Mana

Target minion deals damage to itself equal to its attack.

  • Purpose:
Ravenous Cauldron / Abyssian / Epic Artifact / 5 Mana

Your General cannot be counterattacked. Restore 3 Health to your General when you destroy a minion.

  • Purpose:
Sharlight Otyugh / Abyssian / Legendary Minion / 8 Mana / (4/12)

When a minion moves or is summoned nearby this minion, devour it. Dying Wish: Summon all devoured minions on their owner’s starting side.

  • Purpose:

Magmar Cards
Constellation Step / Magmar / Token Spell / 2 Mana

When you draw this card, discard it and draw another card.

  • Purpose:

A lot of the following cards relate to this token spell or reference it specifically, so just keep that in mind. Here are a bunch of concepts that support draw synergies.

Brall / Magmar / Common Minion / 1 Mana / (1/4)

Opening Gambit: Fight a nearby enemy minion.

  • Purpose:
Krakatoan Gila / Magmar / Common Minion / 2 Mana / (1/3)

When you draw a card, gain +1 Attack.

  • Purpose:
Krasus / Magmar / Common Minion / 4 Mana / (4/5)

Whenever this minion takes damage, transform one of the lowest cost cards in your deck into a Constellation Step.

  • Purpose:
Faraway / Magmar / Rare Minion / 3 Mana / (2/5)

Frenzy, Whenever this minion deals damage, transform a random card in your opponent’s deck into a Constellation Step.

  • Purpose:
Erupting Tyranid / Magmar / Rare Minion / 4 Mana / (2/5)

When you draw a card, deal 1 damage to all nearby enemy minions.

  • Purpose:
Bubbling Zoth / Magmar / Rare Minion / 5 Mana / (5/5)

Opening Gambit: Fight all nearby enemy minions.

  • Purpose:
Komodo Horn / Magmar / Epic Artifact / 2 Mana

At the start of your turn, summon a 1/3 Komodo Charger with Rush nearby your General.

  • Purpose:
Destiny Alignment / Magmar / Epic Spell / 3 Mana

Place 3 Constellation Steps in your Action Bar.

  • Purpose:
Crested Machete / Magmar / Epic Artifact / 3 Mana

Your General gains +2 Attack. Whenever you damage an enemy, turn that space into Primal Flourish.

  • Purpose:
Magma Kincaller / Magmar / Legendary Minion / 4 Mana / (4/5)

When your opponent would draw a card on your turn, place a 1/1 Magma in their Action Bar instead.

  • Purpose:
Chrysalis Carver / Magmar / Legendary Minion / 6 Mana / (4/8)

Whenever either player draws a card that costs 2 or less, they must destroy it and draw another card.

  • Purpose:
Orion Angler / Magmar / Legendary Minion / 6 Mana / (4/8)

Opening Gambit: Transform all cards that cost 2 Mana or less into Constellation Steps

  • Purpose:

Neutral Cards
Jaxolotl / Neutral / Epic Artifact / 4 Mana / (2/2)

Ranged, Whenever this minion deals damage, summon a 1/1 Minijax with Ranged in a random corner.

  • Purpose:

And here’s a few card ideas that could fit into pretty much any faction! Depending on the thematic spin, you can go ahead and interpret these into whatever factions you want.

Call From Afar / Faction / Epic Spell / 2 Mana

Return each card you replaced this turn to your Action Bar.

  • Purpose:
Giantwatcher / Faction / Rare Minion / 3 Mana / (3/3)

Costs 0 when your maximum mana is 6 or more.

  • Purpose:
Mindmeld / Faction / Rare Spell / 4 Mana

Target two minions gain each other’s attack and health.

  • Purpose:
Eliminate / Faction / Epic Spell / 5 Mana

Destroy a minion and all copies of it in both players’ decks and Action Bars.

  • Purpose:
Thinning Salts / Faction / Common Spell / 1 Mana

Remove the three lowest cost minions from your deck. Draw a card.

  • Purpose:
Hexing Gaze / Faction / Epic Spell / 2 Mana

Place 2 1/1 Meddling Toads with “When this card enters your action bar, summon it in a random space.” in your opponent’s deck.

  • Purpose:
Soulsearch / Faction / Common Spell / 1 Mana

Place a random card from ANY faction in your Action Bar. If you replace it, place a Soulsearch in your Action Bar.

  • Purpose:
Heatherbee / Faction / Epic Minion / 3 Mana / (1/1)

Flying, Opening Gambit: Draw a card. Place two copies of this minion in your deck.

  • Purpose:

I came up with an idea for a new keyword, but I’m not totally sure how it should work. For now, I’m calling it Search and the idea is to give you more control over your replaces. I’m not sure if it should apply to replacing itself, like Dreamgazer and Astral Crusader, or if it should apply to any card you replace, like White Widow and Kron. (If it’s like Widow and Kron, it would probably be best to make it be an opening gambit that applies to the next card you replace).

Here’s some example texts for each one:

Type 1: Search: x = Whenever you replace this card, replace it with an x.
Search: Spell = Whenever you replace this card, replace it with a spell
Search: Faction Minion = Whenever you replace this card, replace it with a faction minion

Type 2: Search: x = Opening Gambit: The next time you replace a card, replace it with an x.
Search: Strong Minion = Opening Gambit: The next time you replace a card, replace it with a minion of a higher mana cost than this one. So if it’s on a 5 cost minion, you get a 6+ cost minion.
Search: Faction Minion = Opening Gambit: the next time you replace a card, replace it with a faction minion.

Type 3: Search: x = Whenever you replace a card, replace it with an x.

Other thoughts: If we use the first definition (Search: x = whenever you replace this card, replace it with an x), should your opponent see that you replaced a Search card? Or should they not see a difference between searching and replacing? With either definition, if no cards match the criteria, or if the only card that matches the criteria is itself and any copies itself (like a faction minion with search[type 1]: faction minion), or the only card that matches the criteria is the card you’re replacing(in the case of types 2 and 3), search doesn’t do anything and it’s just a regular replace. So what do you think? Which type is best? Which, if any, types are broken? For the types that aren’t broken, what criteria makes them broken? Is this something you’d want in the game? What criteria would you want? What stats or other effects would you want on Search cards? And most importantly, what are better ways to give players more control over their replaces, or are you against Search altogether?


Maehv got no support in her debut expansion.


5 mana 3/6
Opening gambit: your BBS is now resentment


Token BBS spell
2 mana
Summon a random friendly token minion that has died this game on a random nearby space

Its an abyssian geomancer that is specifically better in maehv than lilithe or cassyva. It can work with mech or other token generators like khymera. And the best part is that it gives husks without the need to sacrifice minions or health at the cost not knowing where it goes or if youll get a wraithling.
Heavily countered by spinecleaver.

hell collar

4 mana artifact
When your general takes spell damage, summon that many husks nearby

An artifact that actually rewards you for hitting youreself in the face (lets just forget about releaser)

blind berserker

5 mana
Whenever your general takes damage, this minion attacks a nearby minion

A powerful minion, but specifying “minion” as oppsed to “an enemy minion” or “an enemy” gives it some serious counterplay despite giving it what is close to rush frenzy since your opponent can trigger it to hit your own minions and its ability wont hit their face unless positioned into it.

alter of flesh

2 mana structure
Build 2
Blood surge: summon all minions killed by a destroy effect this turn nearby

While good with many abyss cards, its only really consistent with maehv

abyssal blight

3 mana spell
Target a friendly minion, give it dying wish: summon a shadow creep on this space and give this effect to all nearby friendly minions

Maybe not a maehv card, but reverse infest is a great way to combine swarm, dying wish, and creep into a single deck

discord harmonica

7 mana artifact
Both players Treat enemy minions as friendly and vice versa

Massive artifact that is pure chaos. All effects that target friendlies (malice, darkfire sacrifice, ability to walk through friendlies) is only available to enemies while all effects that only target enemies can only target your own minions (maw, frostburn, ability to attack enemies) itd be nuts and an easy way to use your opponents board for yourself

Master Tactician

Lyonar 4 mana 3/4
Has +1/+1 for each nearby friendly minion.
A cheap minion for swarm Lyonar.

Four Winds Master

Songhai 6 mana 5/5
Whenever you cast a spell, spells you cast that deal damage deal +1 damage this turn.
The idea is basically cumulative spell damage, so as you cast more spells your spells become stronger, but only for that turn.


I think this screams Mantra if it survives.


Abyssian spell
6 mana
Enemies cannot attack or damage friendly units until next turn. Gain 1 health for every enemy minion.

More of a support card used to deal with swarm and it also stalls the game. Great way to get back some health and deal damage without damaging your General or your minions. Could be used in Doom decks.


Oh god I didn’t think about that.

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new keyword
replace this card to reduce its mana cost by x
when replaced, you do not get a card back like normal replacing

silverguard martyr

4 mana 2/4
if this minion is summoned for 0 mana, heal your general 5

astral squire

5 mana 3/5

patient giant

10 mana 10/10 (lyonar)
cannot be targeted by enemy spells

greatest finale

12 mana spell (abyssian)
dispel and destroy all enemy minions and summon that many husks on the same space

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Rework astral crusader as well then. As reserve doesnt seem better than crusader

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3 mana neutral


Dying wish: add a burning orb to your hand

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