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Sadly, G-dueler is still banned by his parents from interacting with us here…

I did manage to chat for 5 minutes with him ingame, so he still plays occasionally. He wasn’t really supposed to even chat at all, but his parents weren’t around at the time.

He said to tell everyone, “Hello.”

…and that he misses hanging out with us.


Giving Marching Orders/Pavisse/Lionize the support they deserve.


Marching orders :+1:
Pavisse :+1:
Lionize :sweat:


It disturbs me that you think that is balanced.


It’s not.


I gotta say this is something I thought for some time, but I couldn’t transfer it well into a card. I would probably need to even send you an example drawing of how this would work.


I see what you mean, but it would be extremely difficult to word. My recommendation is to make the wording similar to Icebreak Ambush, where “an ambush of Infilterate minions” means a set of specific cards.


Never say that again.


But katara sucks. Maybe make the spell similar to nature’s confluence instead.


My recommendation is to make the wording similar to Icebreak Ambush.


I’m personally thinking about three cards for the new Word-To-Card contest, and I decided to show you three cards this time before sending a submission, one for each word. I’m just not sure which of those to choose, but I might pick the one for lethargy.


PARASITISM (might consider increasing the cost by 3 and removing the Shadow Creep restriction, although this one seems more flavorful)



The OP vespyrs vanar needed.

the big boi moose wished he was.

warblade, but in vanar krappa.


All three of those cards are really cool. I think I like Eternal Emissary the best, although he doesn’t seem to perfectly fit the word “lethargy.”

(Remember that I have no power as a judge anymore, so my opinion matters no more than anyone else’s. You choose which one you like the best.)


All of the keywords this month are interesting to experiment!
now which should I choose…


X minion destroyed.
Lyonar: Summon X with Zeal: Provoke in front of your General.
Songhai: Summon X with Ranged
Vetruvian: Summon X with Blast
Magmar: Summon X with Rebirth
Vanar: Transform ANY minion into X