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Do you hear that a lot


I’m always the first in everything :wink:

Obviously not in Duelyst though.


Hi, this is my submission for the word to card contest
I am not too good at balancing, but I think that it is already quite balanced.
What do you think?


Came to mind as: what could be made as a fairly inocuous way to support/stabilize Matter Shaper as something other than a hate card?



3 mana 3/3
Neutral minion
Take control of a neutral minion with stats exactly equal to 7/7

2 mana 2/3
Neutral minion
Opening Gambit: minions summoned by Bloodborn spells have their attack and health swapped


I agree, Archon Spellbinder is just so oppressive :wink:


but if they flash it is 7/5…


The Void: You can to choose to devour 1 card each turn. Your General gain stats and effect of devoured minions.


Does this mean… you can kill a General in one go? Oh man, I love this already. Slow, but extremely powerful and probably game-breaking, but Abyssian would like such op stuff, I guess.



This should be an Intensify spell. :stuck_out_tongue:


just why. this is why we can’t have nice things, like Q4 content


Technically, wouldn’t this card only be able to give you Lyonar spells, thus being very reliable at making your Bloodbound Spell Empyreal Congregation?

Unless it’s supposed to be neutral?


Good remark! It’s supposed to be neutral.


You might want to include stats. :wink:

:scream: Really cool idea, but I daresay it is super overpowered with the Exhuming Sand option.


It depends on the situation really. While I agree it would usually be better with Exhuming Sand, keep in mind the condition of equiping the artifact. You might sometimes want to get one at the start of your turn through an Obelysk (this + Trygon Obelysk :heart_eyes:).

In both cases, you do give up board presence, which is more crucial with Exhuming Sand, because their minions are pernament. I would be personally worried if I would want to turn of my Exhuming Sand from my Cataclysmic Fault into an artifact farming machine, because Fault divides the board and provides with tons of board presence.

Also, if you are able to summon many minions, Exhuming Sand will be usually a better option, but be careful to not accidentally break your precious artifacts. This can create some sort of a dilemma, because you want to flood the board, but maybe you just got lucky with RNG to get an excellent set of artifacts.


This idea is very interesting!
I like it, and here is my iteration

Instead of automatically equipping the artifact, the exhuming sand or obelysk summon the gift crate like the frostfire event. If it is from exhuming sand then the gift is on the exhuming sand, if it is from obelysk the gift spawn at random place nearby.

The gift is a spell with 0 cost “equip a random Vetruvian artifact”

This forces you to take it with the minion or general, and there is a risk of the enemy to take it too, making it more Unreliable.


What do you think?

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