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Ah! You must be right. @alplod, I would suggest putting an “and” in place of that period or putting the whole Deathwatch section in quotes to clarify this.


I read the card same way as Anjo. Putting the “and” there would make it less discoverable™


And your General cannot die.


And Transforms all Eggs into Katastrophosaurus


@miguelosz, @anjosustrakr, thanks for your feedback and suggestions, I’ll change the text as proposed. What do you think of damage? I’m starting to think 4 dmg is enough.


Yes, 4 is probably alright with the rng involved.


Not sure about this costing 5. Old Time Maelstrom used to cost 9 and could win you games off the one extra turn, making the DOOMED aspect of this card redundant. But hey, extra turn cards are always hard to balance.


Going beyond dimensions!


Ah yes, that and Daria spam gives me enough time to shoot myself

P.S. Mana cheat is also a horrible mechanic


I mean , its annoying for 2 turns…but have you been in for the whole 15?


Aye, you’re likely right. I never played when it was a card in the game, so my understanding was from other games where this kinda effect isn’t always so good. Didn’t really give it too much balance thought beyond that it’d be pretty cool to doom yourself, since it’s a design contest, not a balance contest.

I probably undercosted it since you have this turn where you spent most of your mana, then your full mana extra turn from it, then one final turn after your opponent put up their best defence knowing they have only to survive. But that actually could get you important mana crystal breakpoints or simply kill them with on board minions etc.

So I guess this kind of effect is better too weak than too strong, I’ll up the mana cost by a bit when I get home or something.


A card whose potential is only limited by the player’s imagination. Play it on Xor for 3 immortal 6/1 bodies. Play it on Nightshroud for a 12 Health swing. Play it on Klaxon for a game-closing Obliterate. Play it on Gates. Play it on Hexclaw. Play it on Rot9M. Play it on Desolator.






  • Delete it!
  • Delete it now!
  • Delete it nower!
  • Delete it NOWEST!

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e) Embrace it :hugs:


Anjo, it’s not real.


Who are you to say what is real and what is not?!



Have a second idea for the Word-to-card contest. What do you guys think? Should this replace my previous submmision for the contest?

  • All characters in the fog appear as the same silhouette, so you never know who is who :see_no_evil:, (maybe i should make the card costs a little higher so that people can’t spam smoke all over the battlefield :sweat:, but i bet it wouldn’t stop people from doing it if this card ever gonna be released, would be chaotic, but fun :smile: *


AAAH, the Sand Burrower deck is finally here!


How are you so fast


<15 chars yo>