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Where is the temptation here? Winning on 9 mana?

I wouldn’t say so, but I only have one vote. Also, it appears that you are missing stats.

I am starting to regret my word choice… :wink:


Do you need stats with this OG?

Seriously though, that was intended as a joke. I’ll probably make a real design before 14th.


I always follow your prompts to a T.
Paci-Fist didn’t win despite huge popular vote, though, and I’m now suspecting that the contest is RIGGED.
My good friend Crystal at the club is an undercover-not-so-covered cop, she will help me expose this corruption.

I’m kidding, in case this was not clear enough.


Ignorig my card i see, just because you mention abyss doesnt mean abyssian (although it would shine the most with them


I was just picking on cards. I really like your design.


Yes. Cool design!

I get the “Indulgence” idea, but don’t you think this card would completely break the game (x3 in every deck, whoever gets them first wins)?

What happened to your card background?

I love the dessert theme, but you have forgotten Faction and Rarity!


@anjosustrakr I was wondering if ‘negate’ count as a made up keyword? Cause to me it seems to be


No, I think it is clear enough what it means. It’s fine.

However, the “each death” wording could be improved.


replace each death with deathwatch


I think the deathwatch keyword can only be activated when minions are put on the battlefield, so i wrote it like this just to clear some misunderstandings


Cost 1 less for each friendly minion that dies while this minion is in your action bar.


  • The name sucks, I know. I’m trying to think of a better one. Bone to Dust? Fleeting something?
  • Not an Artifact, becasue I don’t want people destroying/replacing it when their minion count gets low.
  • Maybe it should only destroy allied minions for balance and fairness, but that might make it too unplayable.
  • Immune so you can’t be healed, can’t be damaged. But can still gain Attack (not sure if that conflicts with Immune or not).
  • Artifacts you have on can’t be destroyed through damage, but can still be destroyed by spells and effects. Too slow for NOSE, and they have a low minion count
  • Could easily turn it into a Lyonar card (easier name, still fits the theme)


This is clearly a joke, but I have to point out that it is the opposite of temptation (people will no longer be tempted to play Mythrons).

I get the idea behind this, but it is just super overpowered. Simply play it at the end of your turn to get a 2 mana discount and spell synergy.


And 5 damage. It’s much damage for a 2 mana ramp.


But why would you take 5 damage? Nothing will die if you play it as the last card on your turn.


the temptation is if you run the card in a deck or not, if your opponent doesn’t complete their trial (but has one) then you are both down 1 hand slot. if they are fully speced for a trial and cant do anything else, then you have a massive advantage. if your opponent has no trial then you are down 1 hand slot while your opponent has no handicap.



The “Summon a demon nearby” Is also part of the Deathwatch


And both players draw 3 cards.