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i think you should specify that DW stands for Dying Wish and not DeathWatch


I believe it’s fine, I think my card does what yours does, check out “pawn of the monolith”.

What is blood tide otk?


Rush wraithlings infinitely produced by Bloodtide Priestess. The way to kill that boss with Rush Bastion, if you recall it.


I came up with a great idea!!!

Global Pollution
0 mana neutral token spell
Deal 1 dmg for each card with green color in the opponent’s deck and action bar.

Now I should come up with a minion producing this…


Green… as in, Magmar?


You got it. Was inspired by “except Magmar” keyword by @bepoest.


Inspired by this month’s “cross-faction” prompt.


Lewd Minion?


Don’t tell me you are not aroused.


its ugly malicious face is a real bone killer


My left hand disagrees.


I have a theory, given this particular illustration: I think the internal codename for this card was “Cancerous Wisp” and the illustrator worked with that, before it got changed for its official name.


Shadow Canine
Abyssian Minion
3 Mana (4/3)
Deathwatch: reactivate this minion

dear god thats terrifying. its like sleet dasher combo with rush. with a deathfire crescendo and half a board this could be an OTK with next to no set up. this card would warp the entire game around it as having literally any board at all could be a death sentence. a card like this would make people auto concede just because they were playing a deck with minions in it.

frostfire obelysk

its alright. giving the night howlers rush seems a little strong though

Coldheart behemoth

holy crap this is strong. a 3/4 and 3 3/3 walls seems ok, but then you remember that blazing spine spell is 3 mana for 2 spines on top of a bloodshard golem with swapped stats. so you not only get an extra 3/3 of stats, you can place them ANYWHERE which is absurdly powerful as it gives you a staging point to summon other things. not to mention the shadow creep. shadow creep is only good if you can make your opponent stand on it, and if you can trap them in a corner with these walls, the shadow creep will do work. not to mention the ability to override enemy tiles, and that since its neutral and only 6 mana, you can easily place a provoke next to the walls to make triply sure you get mega value.

this is way too strong. increase the cost, make some positioning requirements, and limit it to vanar. something like ‘summon 3 blazing spines in the column in front of this minion, then 3 shadow creep in the next column in front of them.’

it may not be a meta defining win-con, but its definitely an enabler for win-cons.

dust to decay/ decay to dust

the fact that it has 2 seperate names should tell you that its actually 2 seperate cards, not one. while its a cool design, it feels like an 8 mana card. also its funny that the vetruvian one specifies ‘nearby’.
i dont think this actually qualifies for the contest as its just an abyssian card and a vetruvian card that are pretty similar. i dont think they count as 1 card.

sunstone obelysk

nice idea, but it feels too powerful. sure theres the drawback of not being able to suicide your minions, but its easy to get a large number of poop dervishes and giving all of them forcefield for 3 mana and a less mobile general is cheap. it should be 5 mana.

bloodstained drums

ok this is just cheesy. given how easy it is to proc deathwatch, filling your hand up with 5 2 mana 2/2s is just too easy. it gives gate of the undervault ridiculous consistency that catapults it to meta warping levels.
also i dont think neutral counts as a faction.

panddos blessing

its a nice solid card, but i dont see how it incorporates the prompt at all. this is just a regular songhai card.

malicious strategist

1 - dont scare me by using that malicious name
2 - that makes trial brome even scarier since all the weenies can be used to promote each other into behemoths even sooner. and it stacks on top of destiny effect so every time you DO manage to kill something, something else gets bigger.

fountain of crimson youth

while it is interesting, it turns this into a game of hearthstone with static generals healing every turn making attrition super easy. with more than one and a board, you could easily go out to kill things, then retreat to heal to full HP.

increase the build time, decrease the deathwatch to 1, and maybe change the zeal so your general absorbs ALL of its remaining health, just so its not a renewable gigantic heal and instead a 1 time thing you have to think about using.

Haunted obelysk

not comfortable with the anti-dispel mechanics given the strength of its other ability. could reword the other ability to something like this
‘Deathwatch: if the deceaced minion had 3 or more health, summon a copy of it nearby with Rush and Ephemeral’
i get the anti-infinite combo thing with the ‘3 or more health’ but then it just dunks on vaath as he gets the infinite combo instead.

honestly even just summoning an iron dervish with the same card text as the minion that died is probably plenty.

actually thats still probably too strong.
either make the iron dervishes share the same stats as the deceased but have no text, or increase the mana cost and decrease the health of the obelysk.

primal erebos

anyone who doesnt have rest in peace on their gravestone is automatically drafted into the skeleton army.

shadow canine


Darkfire Phoenix

interesting way of combating sacrifice decks biggest weakness. quickly emptying hands. i like it. can be put to great effect in dying wish decks too. :+1:


Was thinking that the way to make this bad boy shine would be to make the full hand change a relatively more stable choice both in theme and power. The Monolithic deck would be the following, reduced in costs by 3:


OP. you fill out an aggro deck with 3 visions as a backup plan and no longer can you beat an aggro deck by waiting it out since they can refill their deck and even gain removal back from the deck as they replenish their supply of blood of airs


The card selection can be discussed, but i wanted to essentially replicate the feel of the Apocalypse Deck/Prince of Darkness without taking the effort to design a bunch of unique cards for the purpose. Reducing options and making it mostly a bunch of high impact, high cost picks could help.


I’m prejudiced against all things Abyss but this is just cool. Nice work!

If I were to change anything I’d give it 1 HP because Abyss needs crappy bodies to make up for their typically great abilities, but that’s just me nitpicking. Card seems A-OK as it is at the moment.

While I do love the idea of Build support to make my boy Eyolith playable, this would also aid Buildmar which is already very strong, and the name and idea of the card really do seem oriented towards Undervault more than anything else so I don’t see it being played outside of Abyss or Mag… I’d rework this one and just keep the idea of spamming timekeepers somehow.

Love the idea of an ice obelysk for Vet but summoning a Howler with Rush every turn is
way too strong even if Infiltrate is a requirement. Why not just have the Obelysk summon Spines or Bonechill walls nearby without the need of Infiltrate?

Hell, you could even increase the mana cost and make it summon walls in all free spaces of the column/row or something equally silly.

Growmar = yay

Magmar structures = yay

Buildmar = massive NAY

These two would benefit from just being vanilla structures such as Bastion and working the Grow support on it somehow.


Dude, I love it. Ilena’s crappy BBS would actually be an advantage for once!

…in that the enemy has to use it instead of you.


… It’s so hard to design any sort of good neutral card that doesn’t benefit magmar the most.

I’ve changed my card bloodstained drums to target cards like vigilator, architect and rescue-rx.