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its a refference to Warcraft`s Lich King(wraithlings being ghouls), and provoke because he has provoke in HS is menacing and intimidating


What would you recommend for the other buffs for Pawn of the monolith? Note, they have to kill a minion to receive the effect so it’s depreciating value unless you buff or heal the pawn.


I have been getting very mixed reviews about its power level, many think its to weak, and some thing its to strong. Yes there are some very specific instances where it can be very powerful but those will be rare with counterplay, require you to build the deck around them, and of course its an easy to answer card. I think its in a good spot as it is both for its flavor and mechanics but it seems to be a bit controversial.

Rush is notoriously powerful and I do not think it belongs here, but reducing the damage in trade for a different kind of effect is certainly an option. Stealing mana crystals could be fun, could make it mirror scroll bandit but going for crystals.

Bandit Variant:
Vanar Minion Vespyr
2 mana (1/3)
Infiltrate: Backstab 2, steal a mana crystal.

  • Bandit Variant
  • Small nerf to damage
  • Small buff to damage
  • Current Version
  • Rework Again

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  • Keep Vespyr Tag
  • Remove Vespyr Tag

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You could also make it Backstab AND Stun, but I really do feel the current version doesn’t justify all the work needed to make it work if not for the damage output.

Ramp could be ok, yeah.


@deathsadvocate Given how mana theft/ramp already got niched as Vanar, now i feel Infiltrate is unnecessary to make it feel frosty. I like the ramp theft idea and this little extra polish makes it.

I’ll have to make myself clearer in that i didn’t found your previous ideas weak, but… Clunky. You’re working with so many moving parts by combining Infil with Back that i have my qualms on how practical it can be - sure Vanar has some displacement but we’re juggling two relatively hard to trigger effects together, so the effect must be nearly obscene but the base/body needs to be weak in order to not out-compete with other options. I’m mostly concerned in it going into Feast of Famine zone instead.

@rustyrat can we not get into infinite stun/stab loops?


being able to steal a mana crystal with no way to get it back is disgusting. its why i dont like malicious wisp, but even wisp has ‘dying wish: give it back’
given that vanar has a reactivation spell, teleports, and the minion is cheap, bandit varient is just too strong for a 2 mana minion

with the small nerf to the originals damage its comparable to a crystal cloaker or a kaido assassin. while not god tier amazing, its still solid after the nerf.

backstab 4 would only not be OP if it cost over 6 mana or if it was in magmar cause they have 0 real movement options besides repulsor beast.

as it is, its effectively a 2 mana 6/3 if you play it before turn 3 or draw any form of walls


I’ll just not use that idea. You bring up a good point.



the thing to balance around is how easy or hard it would be to get the kill and live since you get the same benefits whether you kill a wraithling, an obelysk, a silverguard, a wall, or a terradon.


While I do like the bandit version, and it could potentially work without infiltrate if it was changed from steal to just ramp, it strays to far from the cards original design and flavor at this point. Plus while I like mana theft it is very controversial and a lot of people really hate it so I do not think I will be going that route.

I think it avoids feast and famine simply by having a good base with the vespyr tag, and it will only feast if it has been well earned or your opponent is really unlucky. I wanted it to be a card you could shape a deck around to push Vanars positional subthemes.

@oranos I toned it down a touch by popular demand. I think folks are having a knee jerk reaction to the stats without realizing just how hard it will be to pull off, it needs to be significantly better then Kaido or Cloaker to be worth it at all, heck even those two are rarely worth it as it is.


Let’s narrow things down:


  • False Knight
  • Corruption of Eyos

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Alright, You got me. I can’t deny it does make more thematic sense as a Hawk.

I was worried about similarities to Fledgling, and didn’t like with my design having flying tied to zeal actually. But I think it could make sense to do it like this:
Infiltrate: Flying & Zeal: +1/+1

Actually this puts into similar territory as WolfRaven :confused:


Was wondering if this counted as a single card for the competition

A card that changes depending on which faction uses it! The first is Vetruvian, the second Abyssian.



Still dead to Storm, Slasher and Makantor. Back to the drawing board.


4/5 is the latest anti-magmar technology


Not with Wanderer, tho. Now, 5/6…


I came up with an idea for the current contest.

Renegade Summoner
4 mana 2/4 neutral Arcanyst

Whenever you summon a token it gains abilities dependant on your opponent’s faction.

List of Abilities:
Lyonar: Provoke, +2 health
Songhai: Dying Wish: deal 2 dmg to the closest enemy.
Abyss: +1 atk, Dying Wish: Summon a wraithling on a random space. (yeah, this goes infinite)
Vet: Rush, Ephemeral, +3 health (to avoid Bloodtide OTK)
Magmar: +1/+1, Rebirth
Vanar: Stun an enemy minion attacked by this.

What do you think?

EDIT. @darkjovo, my card doesn’t follow the prompt literally, but does follow it in spirit, having more than 2 faction concepts incorporated in one card. Is this acceptable still?


Alright, I have been ruminating on some of the feedback I received and think I have an idea that I think I’m am happy with for improving the design, keeping it simple to parse, but hopefully interesting to play. But I’m not certain on the numbers and overlap with other cards design space, there’s a surprising number of 3 mana fliers, so I lowered the mana cost to give it a bit more of a niche:

Hunting Hawk
Vanar Minion
2 Mana 2/2
Infiltrate: +2 Atk
Zeal: +1 Hp

With this new design the Zeal lost it’s Infiltrate conditionality, which made the keywords feel of equal importance, so I increased the Infiltrate bonus to make this feel more Vanar than Lyonar. At 2 HP it should die in one hit and getting both bonuses shouldn’t be so common that this is only ever a 2 mana 4/3 Flying. It feels like an alternate option to Cloaker I guess?


Oak in the Nemeton decks just went from excellent to orgasmic.


At least not against Vet :slight_smile:


Maybe? I just see it as “you now have two valid paths to victory against Vetruvian”.