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This card is a little too good on its own though, 3/5 might be more correct for its effects


And yes, that means she’ll punch Starhorn in the face (and punch herself for punching him) in case of Spikes. Was thinking both of ways to go overdrive on self-damage-mar and giving her a bit more of purpose besides ‘overcosted Rancour with some flashy things’.


What do you guys think about this minion?



I’m considering using this in the contest. Thoughts?


Step by step, this is making less and less sense as the leftovers of it being first a structure and now an artifact are piling up.
Cost ok, but what are creature stats doing there? Also, this anti-synergy to equipment setups feels odd.


looks mad abusable tbh.

I like the idea of paying for power, but this card lets you dine and dash I feel.


Oops, ok I forgot to modify the text, but “piling up”? Alright…
So can you reformulate the question about the stats?
What you think is an antisynergy was added later because I thought that if the General is equipped with Mind Leath it would be a bit too strong taking control with blast of stuff like EMP, Amon or other big minions.
I welcome criticism, just could you be more specific?
EDIT: I reworded it a little and added +1 Attack.

  • Your card still refers to itself as a minion even though it is an Artifact
  • I know minions do but do Artifacts have Deathwatch? Looking at Soul Grimwar it gives your general Deathwatch

  • When you commented I had the wording changed already, so you’re probably referring to the old quotation in this thread.
  • Thanks, I changed that now.



Stats wasn’t so much a question, it was just a note on that the card still had creature traits, making things a bit confusing.

While you’re afraid specifically of Lathe, it still is fairly anti-synergic to the remainder of abyss’ artifact setup, mostly as it is the only space i recall they have of increasing damage dealt directly by generals. This punishes previously setting up Spectral, Grimwar, Azalea and a fairly hard-earned Relic, and the multi-proc could be wondrous with Horn - it only makes a good usage of Releaser and taking Releaser by itself is a questionable choice.

While the concept is neat, i see the healing aspect having relatively little usage as this will likely just be a 3 mana: finish the match a la laser golem.


not even once


You’re right, I forgot about sacrifice spells… :facepalm:


Feedback is appreciated:


The simple solution is to switch the faction to Vanar. Which saddens me as an Abyss main. But it would be less abuse-able over there.


No, I’m tossing this idea and making something better.


How does that ruin the two faction deal? Its currently an Abyss minion with a Vanar effect. Swapping the factions does not change that?


I realized that too late. I’ll do that for now but try to think of something better. How about this? :wink:

Confusing Aberration
3 Mana
Neutral Minion (3/4)
Infiltrate: Zeal: Deathwatch: Gain Backstab (0) and Blast this turn.
When this backstabs, it gains “Grow: +1/+1.”


I like the concept but, despite Vanar’s mobility potential i feel their displacing power is a little too ‘unreliable’/situational for this to work at this power level - i wouldn’t use it over a Cloaker as is, but making it a 3/3 with Backstab 3 could be more feasible, i think.


That statline is pretty much strictly weaker in every way though. Mana cost between two and three is massive. Equal attack to health is a drawback. Not to mention it messes with the flavor a tiny bit as I intended it to be a dark mirror of Kaido.

That being said thanks for the feedback, are you saying you think it is to weak? I was trying to make sure I did not overdo it. A small buff it could take would be to give it the Vespyr Tag.

Or alternatively perhaps Kaido is the wrong one to mirror perhaps maybe Massacre Artist would be better:

High cost variant:
Vanar Minion Vespyr
4 mana (2/5)
Infiltrate: Backstab 6
After this minion attacks and backstabs all attacks are backstabs this turn.

Or maybe similar to Katara (assuming she was nerfed to backstab two and not murdered from three to one.)

Low cost Variant:
Vanar Minion Vespyr
1 mana (1/3)
Infiltrate: Backstab 5

Current with Vespyr:
Vanar Minion Vespyr
2 mana (2/3)
Infiltrate: Backstab 4

  • High Cost Variant
  • Low Cost Variant
  • Current with Vespyr

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