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English isn’t my native language and my thought processes indeed are machinations, heheh.


Faction: Lyonar, Alliance: Vetruvian

Extensor Obelysk

Core idea i’m having for my Mythron generals is that they represent alliances - or treason/defectors - between factions. You give up from having access to Neutrals, but in the other hand get limited access - only basic, common and rares - to your secondary faction’s cards.
LyoVet is intended to give the Lyonar package an extra oomph in the “expanding kingdom, drawing blood and nobility from other regions” we see in Argeon’s/Zir’ans general plot, as well going full force in that WALKING FORTRESS vibe as you drag your rocks around and place them to extend your will to far off regions… Of the battlefield, by zealing from a distance.

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That’s also part of the reason i’m also limiting them to only budget cards of the side-factions. I fear the horrors that could be Oropsisaur or Kraigon on Frostmaw.


Wrong company, we’re in Namco territory, not Konami.
But seriously, tho.
Isn’t this a bit too much paranoia fuel? This feels me the kind of “answer or die” thing that can snowball quite hard at a point the game starts to go full force “answer or die-ish” and not in a particularly fun way - you usually can deduct what a sentinel will be given a deck’s structure and where it was placed, but this makes everything prohibitive.


But that was what I disliked about Sentinels; they’re meant to be unpredictable. I made the card mostly for flavor, not balance, and on a second thought I think it should cost more.


I feel their unpredictability is mostly a matter of mindset of the pilot/crafter than the cards themselves, as every one of them is a statement that you can purposefully deceive through card positioning. By taking the risk of placing your Dowager in your frontline you deceive people into thinking it might be a Basilisk or watchamacallit swapgirl.


Fair enough. But there’s always the issue of decks rarely running more than two types of Sentinels. Once the enemy transforms a Sentinel, the trick is given away; it has an expiration date.


What do you think (for others other than @halcyon98 who already replied to this)?


kaido elite
songhai minion
6 mana
3/3 rush, backstab (2): can only be summoned on the square directly behind your general. Whenever this minion is moved for any reason, transform it into shugoshin.

5 mana songhai token
provoke. Whenever this minion is attacked, give it +2 attack until the end of the turn. Whenever this minion moves for any reason, transform it into a kaido elite.

Interesting concept I thought up: a more tempo-heavy and sturdy threat for kaleos’ top end


Given how Rush states work weirdly, i suppose this fellow automatically exhausts itself if you move it when you summon it, right? Seems me quite fun. Songhai could really use a bit more transform-like effects, given their ninja themeing - it can make great effect for bait-and-switch trickery.


Actually transformation keeps activation state, hence why kaleos gets the most use out of it: he can move the elite and hit with full benefit on 7 or hit + blink to protective form


Guess the whole talk on Metal Tooth got me impressions.




I can think of a certain person who will love this…


Yeah, maybe someday he’ll be able to make it back here…


which card?
the 52 deck one lol


Yes :grinning:


Maybe if we start spamming bible verses every day it might just be enough to deceive his parents.


Ugh…maybe. It’s insane.


Things that came to mind when attempting to make Golemhai work

If one of the main weaknesses of golems in Songhai is the inability to do much when coming in, i thought “maybe embracing it in a print for them could be it, but cover it up somehow”.