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Sajj - same wording as Iceshatter Gauntlet, so no.
Shidai - 1 spell cast, you essentially condense 3 effects in one go.


Very good! The power level seems a bit too high but other than that these cards could be printed with a bit more balancing. Yet let me tell you 2 things that really bother me: 1) silverguard instructor should NOT have 7 hp. It should have 5 or less… 2) Primal Eye is pretty much useless… It costs 3 mana to cast which means you need to have 3+ cards in your action bar to get any significant reduction AND it only lasts until the end of your turn!? Were you afraid this card would be dangerous with flash? (I don’t think it would). Also, let me tell you a small trick you could use if you want to make a really strong card but without it breaking the game: Give it the Mythril rarity so that there is always just 1 copy! This could work well with your enhanced/upgraded BBs. (And make the requirements easy to complete… Example: Your General must be Vaath )


I personally reserve the Mythron slot to SEVERE gameplay alterators, if the other Mythron rares show a design goal. Stuff that forces you to fully rethink your deck from a design/build standpoint instead of a simple amplifier of your standard power. Non-permanent BBS enhancers don’t really fall into that regard.

As for Eye, was actually fearing cost reducing pileup since this can be “ready” for use as soon as T2 (T1 if you’re P2). Managing to repeat casts or combo it with Sanguinus are things that comes to mind for sheer drawing/casting potential.


Mag already has access to Stun (a Vanar specialty) though, and Dragon Breath has a 6 Mana cost and the requirement of you already having an artifact equipped. Plus, as Zane mentioned, Godzilla.

I feel (2/1) stats are just fine for IB’s cost though. How about 3 Mana (3/1) and the same effect? Or is it the effect that’s just too strong for any kind of body?

Pendant is mostly designed against FaultKa, but I see no real way of stopping the Divine Bond combo unless it’s after it has already happened.

Scrapyard is 5 Mana and its effect is bond though, you’d need to have another Golem (or Mech if I change the tribe) on the field for it to proc. Mechanyst is 3 Mana, his effect is OG and it’s very durable at 5 Health for a 3 Mana cost.


Stun is one of those multifaction keywords. Mag, Vanar and Lyonar all have stun from the core set.

Yeah, that’s the way to go. Bond should not be counterable if happened anyway.

The ability to immediately equip high cost artifacts for 1 mana is too strong, body is irrelevant.

Just imagine suddenly equipping Morin for 1 mana. It’s OTK at 4 mana with a active BBS for Rag if stars align.


I’d personally expand/simplify as -

4 mana
your General takes 4 damage and gains +1 Attack and Blast until the end of the turn.
Until the end of the turn, your General gains Blast and stuns itself if he attacks.

In one case or the other it enforces a fairly magmar-like idea of power through biological straining, burning oneself for that edge on battle.


Brain control device
Abyssian artifact
7 mana
Your opponent takes control of minions summoned from your action bar.You take control of minions summoned from the opponent’ action bar.


So basically, no one summons minions anymore.


I think Starhorn’s ability is insanely weak compared to the other two. Burning cards hardly matters in this game where your deck is WAY too big to ever get to Fatigue.


The Weeping Tree wasn’t just sought, but it seeks. Each leaf and each petal yearns for Mythron, thirsty for the sights of far off lands. They are but lenses, eager to magnify what they hover upon, so the Original Tree - and the world - may see it.

Wanderer - revised

the Blessings of Eyos

Each blessing consists of a +1/+1 and a faction-based generic effect. Neutrals gets +2/+2 instead.

Lyonar: Always is near your general.
Sonhai: May move 1 additional space.
Abyssian: Dying Wish: Summon in a random space nearby a copy of this minion as an 1/1.
Vetruvian: Becomes a Dervish. Vanish minions it destroys.
Magmar: Give it Rebirth (the rebirthed clone doesn’t has it, obviously).
Vanar: Becomes a Vespyr. It is always in the enemy side of the map.

My attempt to keep Wanderer’s theme of something wordly was to… Relate it to the world. As an unhealthily fan of Reliquarian’s design, the idea of making effects faction-based was wondrous in my head, so cutting down its free power in order for it to become a catalyst of faction-themed tools was the most sensible approach i could think.
It should still be a pretty powerful noobtube as it now pretty much just says “mix your standard faction loadout with a few BBS repeaters, it will magnify them beyond all scope”, except it should still feel sufficiently unique for each group.

DeathsAdvocates Fan Made Balance Patch

I like your approach, but some buffs are better than the others.

Songhai, Abyssian and Magmar are the obvious winners, since these buffs are useful on pretty any unit.

Lyonar, Vet and Vanar are too specific. They are useless without Zeal, Dervish and Vespyr synergies respectively.

Lyonar could give any minion provoke, Vanar could use “this unit stuns when attacks”, Vet…I dunno.

What do you think? More generally applicable buffs preserve freedom in the deckbuilding which the Neutral Trial should have imo.


While i agree it might be a bit too specific in first regards i’m rather ok with that as it opens space for a few less used cards to finally shine a little better - neither i feel the need to make it truly omni-aplicable.

In Lyo, for example, i see in this a mostly generic deck finally having good usage for stuff like Lionheart Blessing and other postion-based artifacts/spells like Fealty, Dauntless Advance and Skywind Glaives. Hell, imagine the explosion this gives in a simple Titan deck.
Vanar barely needs actual Vespyr/Infiltrate cards to make good use of it as it can quickly turn Wailing Overdrive and Spirit of the Wild into true menaces regardless of map position.
Vet indeed is an odd ball. Gotta measure how much the death trigger negation is enough of a power.


Hm, also decimate.


I love it.

Even if it doesn’t fit with the artifact idea it does benefit self-harm stuff like Rancour.


What do you think? Too good? Trash?


Introducing the new and improved Wanderer:

yes I made this for my spellstorm deck


Introducing Gauj’s cousin, Renn!


Old version 1.0

  • 6/1 body, able to kill most things in 1 hit, and vice versa.

  • Playing Renn early on turn 1/2 allows you to remove the enemy’s minion, playing it late allows for spell buffing, buffing Renn so that he can make more than 1 attack.

  • 3 Health on DW means using it to kill a unit is similar to Martyrdom (unless you kill an Obelysk).

  • Strong synergy with buff spells like Killing Edge (6 Mana 10/3), Greater Fort (4 Mana 8/3), and Boundless Courage (5 Mana 8/1 that takes no damage).

  • Added “Deals no damage to Generals” to prevent face rush abuse


Thinkering as always on some BIG stuff, so here i drop a draft on the sort of thing i feel deserves the Mythron rarity slot: generals that completely break the mold of your card selection.
I present you guys my idea of a true Neutral general, completely unable to dip into faction cards.

The increased deck slot threshold is mostly an attempt to offer more answers and options since you lack the utility loadout of a faction’s theme, and the BBS a selfish form to further keep cycling through your expanded library.
While it can’t be Wandered thanks to the Mythron limitation, i could see Rebellion as a powerful ally for ‘vanilla’ mech and golem loadouts as a way to inject the utility/tempo big boys like Dancing Swords without sacrificing the thematic setup, while still being beatable through other factions circling around it.


@Kevin2hard would be proud if he saw this.


Why not? :joy: