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Aw man, I thought it would be ok because the spell interacts with the deck, the minion is there for thematic reasons like how Riddle is tied to Shynx. Of its illegal then Ill change it asap


I’m currently working on the remaining other Awesome-like BBSs, but this little fella came into mind and i couldn’t think something as Magmar as space megabeast eggs dropping from orbit onto you.


Get rid of Build 2 and it looks good!


But then it isn’t the egg of a space megabeast.
It is just a space megabeast.


But… buildings are clearly not eggs. How about: “Opening Gambit: Deal 10 damage to all nearby minions and transform this into a 10-health egg” (the 10 damage instead of destroy would compensate for egg synergy)


Free yourself from the constraints of visual fluff. For all i care it could simply have a custom sprite different from the standard build token (a monolithic egg-like structure), the important part is simply the idea of a slow-hatching monstrosity.


It’s not even that monstrous, though. Its power is all in the Opening Gambit. Make it a 25/25 and maybe it’ll be good.


Cool idea, but really slow. It costs 9 mana, and it needs to generate immediate value to be of any use. Maybe it can deal damage to all nearby enemy minions at the end of turn as a building?


Went for pure flair there, not so much caring about removelyst. Reducing the build time to 1 and pretend it to be a really hardy egg could suffice as well… Or give it some absurd defensive potential + taunt in the meantime.


And now Magmar has space marines :confused:


Thanks for the feedback. I’ve changed the description to be a little clearer.

Abyssian has a lot of steal cards; i.e. taking cards from your opponent.
This card, on the other hand, gives cards to your opponent.

Its purpose is to disrupt your opponent’s game plans by replacing them with cards of your own. It’s approximately equivalent to forcing your opponent to discard 1 card in their hand and drawing your hand. So no, it wouldn’t proc Kron twice.

Instead of letting you mimic the opponent, this forces the opponent to mimic you.


I already submitted something but here’s something I thought up:

1 mana spell
This card looks like the top card of the opponent’s deck. Draw the top card of your opponent’s deck.

Garbage day
2 mana spell
Put your hand on top of your opponent’s deck, and draw the number of cards you gave this way.


Appreciate the feedback.

Yeah I had a lot of trouble coming up with something for Rag that’s better than a Ripper egg and not totally game breaking, I’m open to any suggestions.

For Vaath, I just wanted to connect him to grow minions somehow, since he kinda has grow himself and I thought by 9 mana (Kaiju + BBS cost) it wouldn’t be so bad to have a Godzilla Vaath around without any other bodies to support him anyway. Not terribly original I know, but Bounded and Finality also have similar concepts, yet they’re different enough to justify one over the other.

The cost of the BBS would remain at 1, that’s why I didn’t mention it in the text. Do you think it’s too cheap? I feel making it more expensive (and as such impossible to play in the same turn as Kaiju) would kinda render the spell useless.


I heard somewhere that Duelyst doesn’t have decks, and you’re drawing a random card out of a card pool. Still cool ideas though.


Where did you get this information? And what is a deck but


I’m sure the devs would take the easier and better way out – using a list for the deck. However, it is possible that replacing a card shuffles the deck, which would ruin Garbage Day (amazing name, BTW @excogitator).


This should sum up how Duelyst handles “Decks”.


Interesting. So the deck is a list, but you don’t draw from the top. A bit strange (design-limiting) if you ask me, but oh well.


It’s better memory wise. If the list is shuffled before the game you should store the order of each 2 decks for each match.

Tutor effects also work faster this way.



Lyonar - Solar

Songhai - Twilit

Discoverable: you aim at any unit. If it is a friendly one, you cast Kotetsu, Kiyomori and Murasame, if it is an enemy, swap Kotetsu for Tanahashi in the list above.

Vetruvian - Imperial

Magmar - Primal

The thick of what i was thinking here was mostly something like - Black (Abyssian) is expensive power and Blue (Vanar) is expensive mutability, so how to define the other amplified BBSs? I took the idea of making other factions having easier access to their amplified schmombos but not permanency to it - those effects can be lost with usual counters to the faction or, in Songhai’s case, are just quick bursts of power you can’t keep reusing without a proper setup.

I’m currently trying to think a neutral awesome BBS as a rework proposal for Wanderer, but i’m struggling to think of a neat effect that doesn’t overlap with Variaxx.
Edit: forgot Momor, lel.


Sajj “Vanish” effect - does she receive counterattack?

Twilit Shidai - does it count like 1 spell cast, 3 or 4?