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This is how


I guess so, it’s a spell and it uses a minion from opponent’s deck.

Speaking of quotes: you just highlight text and a quote button SUDDENLY appears :wink:

@cookedpoo, I personally don’t know. The effect actually depends too much on what exactly do you draw. Due to RNG nature of the card it’s hard to evaluate if losing a turn is a big disadvantage in this case or not.

Just imagine drawing Zendo :sweat:


You have some cool ideas, but I feel like the card is kind of cluttered. If it buffs cards in your deck, it would make sense if it also draws cards or tutors minions. Healing seems out of place.


These are some more ideas for the design contest. I personally like the former for flavor, and the latter for design. I could just end up sticking to the original design, although it may not fit this month’s prompt as well.

Instigator Malephar
Abyssian minion
7 mana 8/9
Opening Gambit: Equip a Doomsday Prophecy to your General. Whenever you summon a minion or cast a spell, draw a copy of the card from your deck.

Doomsday Prophecy
Abyssian artifact token
7 mana
At the end of your turn, if there are exactly 13 minions or 13 spells in your deck, deal 13 damage to all enemies.

Aubade Escutcheon
Lyonar minion
8 mana 6/6
Opening Gambit: Equip a Dawnbreaker to your General. Whenever this minion takes damage, summon a random minion that costs 3 from your deck on a nearby space.

Lyonar token artifact
8 mana
Your General gains +3 Attack and Forcefield. Reduce the cost of all minions in your deck to 3.


Wow, imagine that and standart equipped…

I like both :+1:

But of course I prefer Abyssian one :slight_smile:


I always wanted to play a Standard Legion deck, but my dreams never came true. :disappointed_relieved:


This one looks really fun, too sad it isnt Magmar (cant meme with 3×Kraigon)


But it’s really fun if it is played against your Apex deck :grin:


Sorry, deleted it :frowning:


Thoughts behind this:
Shuffle cards back into your deck, so it does not replace the cards in the action bar.
This also takes advantage of the draw mechanic of Duelyst, so it means your opponent loses the card they just drew on their end step.
It’s an artifact so both players can trigger the effect when it suits them. For example, Faie can remove 2 durability by using her BBS and smacking, and Maehv can also remove 2 durability by hitting something and using her BBS.


No need to feel sorry, no need to delete it either. You do what you feel is right.


I changed the name, it’s meant to create copies of itself to flood both players’ decks over time.


just putting it here hoping to hear peoples thoughts on my submission. :v
kinda feel like its cheatin to tack on the spell portion just to keep it the way i made it (since i like many didnt fully read the prompt the first time).

Novaborn Ritual
Abyssian Spell
6 mana
Summon a Novaborn Archfiend on a friendly creep tile.

Novaborn Archfiend
Abyssian Minion
6 mana (6/6)
At the end of your turn summon a minion from your opponets deck onto a random friendly shadowcreep tile, if it is 6 mana or more, it transforms into a Novaborn Archfiend.


The minion is really nice, but there’s really no reason for it to be summoned by a spell except to fit the contest prompt. I’m also getting the impression that the minion was meant to be a Demon when you first made it, so it feels awkward that it’s a token.


Why not make it a spell that shuffles another spell into your deck?

Novaborn Ritual Preamble: 0 Mana, shuffle a NR Procession into your deck
Novaborn Ritual Procession: 1 Mana, shuffle a NR Finale into your deck
Novaborn Ritual Finale: 2 Mana, Summon a NR Archfiend nearby your genera


A cool design but I feel it includes too many effects. The “shuffle it into your opponent’s deck” part seems cool but it reminds me of another card, Quahog, and in certain decks the effect might be too powerful- especially when combined with stun (although its delayed). Vanar swarm decks (if those things even exist in today’s meta) will become op since even the lowest stated minion can remove a big threat. I advise you to either change the cost, remove Stun or make it into a spell that is applied to only one minion.

Edit: I forgot to mention this but what happens when the copies are increased beyond 9 mana? Is it capped at 9?


Really love the card! The only problem is that it does not follow the rules of the contest :pensive: (as far as I know)

I will contact @attheedge regarding this since technically the card that interacts with your opponent’s action bar/ deck is a spell.

I suggest you change Manticore, make it into an artifact. As a side note, isnt there a possibility that you may fill your oppenent’s entire hand into Chains of burden? Although I realise that is the whole point of the card(s) it seems to me that it can be achieved too easily. Perhaps it would be best if the effect triggered only when a card is replaced OR played (choose one not both!)


Wow. I enjoy the fact that you are trying to make an equivalent version of Abyssian’s Grandmaster Variax but this is not the proper way to do it.

  1. Vaath’s BBs is rediculous. You can easily one shot your oppenent thanks to this card! Yet the reason this is bad card design is simply because an effect similar to this already exists! (Drogon doubles your general’s attack) what different purpose does this BBs serve?

  2. This is the only BBs that could possibly be printed in the future (in my opinion). Strong but balanced. The love Starhorn needs. I suggest you “discard” the rest of the BBs ideas and focus only on this.

  3. Ragnora’s BBs is too random and compared to the rest too weak. I advice you to change “Shuffle a minion with Rebirth into your deck.” with add a random Rebirth minion to your action bar. This still doesn’t make it better tho!

Finally, you never specified the Bloodborn spell’s costs (3?) and maybe you could name the rest of the BBs?


An interesting and fun card to both play with and against! Very few cards can achieve this!

However, I would like to point out some things that seem rather odd to me.

  1. Why is this an Abyssian card? Which Abyssian cards do you think Mimicry Mirror would work well with? (Demonic Conversion?)

  2. The wording is a bit weird towards the end… what do you mean by discarded? Shouldn’t it say "replaced"instead?

  3. So basically you exchange cards with your opponent but your opponent’s card is shuffled inside your deck? Don’t you think there is a better way to exploit this effect?

  4. How does this card interact with cards such as Astral Crusader or Inquisitor Kron? Does the replace effect trigger twice? Because you theoretically replace your card twice. Once you replace it into your deck and then secondly you replace/swap this again but with one of your opponent’s cards. Or does it count as one action?


So minions that create tolen spells or artifacts that fit the prompt are not eligible? Back to the drawing board again. :thonk: