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Thanks. Un-summoned corpses is kind of the point ultimately, and I figure if this card was to be implemented IRL then the devs would have to handle this case. I assume it would be trivial to make the Dying Wish routine fizzle when the Minion is not on the board.


The on-damage effect could’ve been by itself the card’s main effect like an OG, so i say of shuffling a number of them directly as a spell? Maybe punch in a little extra of choice to not be a “5 mana do nothing” spell.


I suppose it would be fairly easy to translate the card into a spell, only it wouldn’t be as cool enough. :tired_face:


Since when is this a requirement?? Oh well, I edited my card into a spell.


@halcyon98 saved us all.


You’re welcome. :raised_hands:



Ikr :smiley: it’s always weird how perception works


I also blame bandwaggoning into the half trillion of people who didn’t read proper and posted minions as well.


Yup I was one of those, then I re read the prompt.

I assume minions are allowed if they generate a spell or artifact that fits the promp, but minions that don’t aren’t allowed.


I didn’t notice this requirement as well, but was lucky with my design :grin:


minion with 6 health produces 6 spells. That’s up to 15 dmg!


I know, it’s pretty gross. I’m going to nerf the stats.


You didn’t ask for my advice, but I would probably nerf its stats as well as mana cost, to ensure it comes in play early enough to have any effect.


rate my submission


Hey, mine too! :triangular_flag_on_post:


It’s a nice idea but I feel like it conflicts with itself in a sense where the setup needs the artifact to survive as long as possible, whereas the payoff requires it to break.


Looking at the majority of designs the months prompt should be “Design a card to counter Wanderer”


Yeah, i’m feeling surprisingly inspired for being what, one of the few actually going for “hey, have this simple, but neat effect in the theme we prompted” and not exercising my Hate Genes?


Thoughts on this card? I read @alplod post, and yeah I think it might be a bit strong on paper, but the losing the 6 mana turn is big for a creep list (Klaxon/Tormentor), and it can be played around with good positioning (lure is god-tier tho). Does the card also fit into the criteria of the prompt? I’m seeing some slight discrepancies in the interpretation of it.

Also I have no idea how to do the cool quote stuff with links to the original topic, so would appreciate someone telling me.