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Well, Arcanyst Abyssian exists and is pretty playable. Not top tier, of course, and struggles against Aggro, but playable.

Speaking of support, most dedicated Arcanyst decks play only low cost spells which can narrow usefulness of the proposed design. So I’d better leave it as is.


Hey, look, SV rush, good. But really guys, is this round’s theme tampering on decks or hating on Wanderer?


Don’t you mean… Hearthstone Rush? :wink:

And you left out the important text for your Wanderer statement:


It’s a good 9 mana combo with Boundless Courage to clear the entire board
All interactions with Wanderer are purely coincidental and not intended :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait I’m an idiot this is a creature not an spell or artifact


SV did it first, it was the new keyword of their first non-classic expansion


Is this the new Saurian???


Pretty nothing. Tested this with Hatefurnace. It has rush, but doesn’t act immediately.

Speaking of your design… Isn’t making anything into Abyssal Jug that has rush a bit too much even for 6 mana?

Making your opponent randomly lose his turn with probabilty increasing towards the end of a game is OP as hell. Nothing can justify it, IMO.

I would probably make the token spell smth like

1 mana
Create an enemy shadow creep under your general. You can’t play other cards when this is in your action bar.

This way it’s still annoying cause:

  1. The opponent either loses his replace OR 1 mana and card advantage.
  2. It still produces creep. Under the general. So Tormentor next turn.

But it’s not losing the entire turn at least.


It seems like a good bulk of the submissions do not entirely follow this month’s prompt. Not only should the card interact with the opponent’s deck, it should also be a spell or an artifact. I personally don’t like it too much, but that’s what it is.


I DIDN’T READ it has to be a spell or artifact.
:persevere: :tired_face: :sob:
Oh, well. I enjoyed what I did, anyway.

But back to the drawing board I suppose.

Let me archive here the entry I was so proud of.


It’s such an odd prompt, isn’t it? I understand the appeal of a card that interacts with the opponent’s deck as it’s a new mechanic to explore, but why should it be a spell or an artifact? It’s restriction without cause.


A question to @excogitator about his card: Will it even disrupt the trial? Wanderer was changed to scan for trial completion when you queue into game, so wouldn’t the trial already be completed?


well let’s see, it doesn’t have a giant minion attached to the buffs unlike Variax or Kraigon.

Vaath’s buffs can be dispelled and it doesn’t stun the enemy general nor does it reduce Mana AND it has the requirement of focusing on Grow in your deck.

Starhorn’s BBS does nothing against bad board states nor does it even help the DeciSpikes combo more than the regular BBS, it’s strictly a control tool or an alternate wincon for very long games.

Rag’s BBS could potentially kill the Ripper combo, but it could also let you spawn a Silithar Elder egg for 1 Mana, while replenishing your deck at the same time, however both the egg spawn and the deck-minion could be Young Silithars, so this is extremely risk-reward.


While out of the contest, the heavy talk on positional gameplay on other threads brought me this shitpost in mind:

Panopticon - Neutral minion

aka it is EVERYWHERE. Always near your general for Lyonar purposes, always behind your foes for Songhai playthings, always a Howling Overdrive target even when in your side of the map, etc.


Horrible, it’s always open to Avalanche



Anyone care to give an opinion on this? I’m afraid it doesn’t follow this month’s prompt well enough.


Besides it being a Minion and not conforming to the prompt, I think it might be too punishing. 12 cards are going to be dead in the opponent’s deck, BUT ALSO mandatory 3 damage and no draw on that turn?



Balancing can be adjusted. As for the prompt, I tried to follow it with the token spell that casts itself when it is drawn. I just don’t think that fits the prompt very well.


I now understand your reasoning and I would ask the organizer if I were you, the design is interesting overall but it’d be too bad to be disqualified on a technicality.

I have a similar issue trying to figure out the balance of my own entry.

If anyone wants to comment, I’d be happy. :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea. But I guess there is the problem of minions with Dying Wish dying inside the deck. Maybe it can decrease the Attack instead of dealing damage? I guess that would dilute the flavor of literally aborting a minion, but it wouldn’t have coding issues.