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I love the idea! Here is a modified version:

Trial: Line up 2 friendly minions with costs in the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8) in the correct order (the highest-cost one should be nearest to your opponent’s side of the battlefield).

Destiny: At the end of your turn, your Fibonacci sequences (lines of minions with costs in the Fibonacci sequence increasing toward your opponent’s side of the board) summon a minion of the next cost in the sequence at the end of them.


Changing Duelyst from a 200 IQ game to a 300 IQ game.

But honestly the floor summoning pattern idea could be explored in this game. Although the magic square is a joke and really pushing it too far, smaller patterns could be defined (“Summon 4 minions in a T pattern”).

Then I’d be like detective full metal alchemist, unmasking the opponent’s mysterious and monstrous end game and bringing justice to the world by the skin of my teeth. Who am I kidding, I’ll get wrecked and stay in Silver.


Then tfw you accidentally complete some cryptic pattern while playing Lilithe with double bbs Gloomchaser, and summon Shinkage Zendo


I think you just win then…But it would have to involve Gate in it


@stormshade can you come back and close this thread? Or the other one? There should only be one.


Well well then, let the MEMES BEGIN

I’m most curious on how that would work, tho. You’re basically prompted to a free random cast every turn? You have to pay the cost? Instructions unclear, prongbok stuck in Fanblade.


At the start of each player’s turns, they MUST play one minion or spell and it has to be from their deck. The count is not discounted otherwise you would end up with some really dumb stuff even if this artifact was 9 mana.

You pick a card to play from your deck, let’s say Thunderhorn, and if it is your 5 mana turn, you now have only 1 mana left.


So “5 mana, your enemy topdecks at the start of his turn.”


I guess it will be rust crawler :rofl:


Hehehehehe! I have all 1/4 of the power this time! Here are my thoughts on the cards so far:

Is it random? Are targets chosen randomly? What does “must” mean? The wording could use some work. I do like that it’s Songhai though. :wink:

I like this very much. However, the wording is wrong. It should say: “Your General is HUNGERING and will draw cards from your opponent’s deck whenever they draw a card.” :wink:

I don’t think making your opponent draw cards is enough for this competition. Ask @attheedge though. Also:

Despite my love of Songhai, this is way too good.

Personally, I would make this “for each spell you played this turn” to help out the nonexistent Arcanyst Abyssian archetype. However, I don’t think it’s overpowered and it’s a cool idea (might be annoying to fight against though).

Really cool idea, awful card. If Grandmaster Kragion is basically unplayable for 9 mana, this is a thousand times worse. Also, I would call it “The Great Swap” or something with proper English because names are one of the things judged. :wink:

This is REALLY bad. You give your opponent free health just to thin your deck a bit (also, free free spell for Arcanyst decks). And this is false:

Wanderer is now checked and quest completed before entering the match (it is based on your original deck only).



my card is deliberately underpowered, I wouldn’t want something with that kind of effect ever seeing competitive play tbh :smiley:

The main combo I would be worried about would be Q’orhasndka into this, giving your opponent a deck with nothing in it, which would be very playable if this cost say, 7 mana


@miguelosz, isn’t your design a bit narrow or is it intended as a joke?


You know those general effects that appear when you play trials? Yeah, this can be the effect shown on general


I was joking about DOOM’s wording. Effects on Generals should not contain any flavor (besides the name).


I think I answered this in my response to zane but “must” means it is mandatory that you choose a card to play.


I don’t think my card is something that should be slotted in every deck or in a specific archetype, rather it exists as a counter to combo decks and to a lesser extent trail decks. This artifact prevents them from playing some very specific combo in their hand by taking up their mana or plain just preventing a card like wanderer to come out. At the same time though, this card also makes wanderer decks extremely consistent.

I am not sure how to change it so that your opponent is not given an overwhelming advantage as making it at the end of your turn would prevent the initial design idea behind it entirely.

The only idea I have is to make the artifact 7-8 mana and prevent it from being symmetrical.


Nope, this is not a joke :slight_smile: The card has three uses which probably need more thorough explanation:

  1. Most obviously, it’s a Wanderer counter. A pretty narrow and punishing one for sure (hence the name), but note that it only refers to decks and not action bars. So, at 6 mana when this minion comes down the Wanderer player will still have some cards left to try and close the game out with. In a game where cards like Crossbones and Night Watcher exist, I don’t think this is anything too narrow design-wise.
  2. It promotes consistent deck-building (your random one-off cards are no longer safe!). The inconsistency has been one of the more complained features of Wanderer.
  3. Most importantly, you can build your own deck around it by playing mostly one-offs and three-offs of whatever you’d like to combo with in the late game. The effect is like Quaresma, but more powerful in the right hands, hence the much lower statline. You still need to handle your replaces carefully, since if you play for example play two cards with the same name before Inferos hits the board the last copy will be lost forever (and same if you have all other copies in your action bar).

And last, if anyone’s wondering, prismatics and non-prismatics don’t matter (Inferos counts all cards with the same name as the same card).


Honestly, tho, having an universal tutor sounds me unhealthy as hell, even if you share this trait with your foe. As you say this is an counter to combo decks i can see it being used so that mantra Shidai simply laughs at your face by instantly enacting his combo and breaking your artifact before you can act on it instead. The only other way of something of the like being feasible without sharing the effect would be to sacrifice consistency.

@anjosustrakr i kinda have to agree, i went for maximum flair on the theme of deck interaction. Gotta readjust price tags and numbers so it may be truly a songhai card: utter jank. =w=


Oh, now I see.

Ensuring your combo comes after 6 mana is nice. Partial highlander could be fine.

Like playing early game 1-offs with more consistent late game.


Yep, exactly. I think this is the more healthier way to have Highlander in the game at all.