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Would you like to consider the following?


@mmf @alplod Sorry for the Discoverable, didn’t meant as a nerf, but as actually a pretty big scary buff = it is meant as a full 3x5 AoE, the center column being the general’s column. Wording is weird as other wordings i considered could sound like Wintertide (and make so you don’t hit the full column if the enemy isn’t in the center row).

@darkjovo currently as mmf said, but i DO have the idea of bringing up awesomifiers for every faction and, once you have all of them, all BBS enhancers activates your general’s enhanced BBS under that card’s flair (permanent unlocks for AotBB/Variaxx, maybe a Zeal effect for Lyonar, maybe an artifact for Vetruvian, etc).


I don’t find it necessary to reduce its stats so much, but i do agree it might need a limiter of sorts. What would you say of making it a Zeal effect? By itself the card serves a gigantic aggro magnet and the biggest worry i’d have is just seeing it tossed to a corner and staying there - but what if its main limiter is just having to get dragged along your general into the fray?
The effect by itself is pretty nifty, i like it specially as an artifact-fanatic, as it gets to be a perfect tool to keep your gear protected from seven trillion pings.


Artifacts are fun! We need more!

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Ok, so, Doomsday device. If it breaks when you die, do you survive?


That depends on how Duelyst’s code is set up. I would assume not.


Excalibur is the true doomsday device. Is it for Vet? If so it’s unbalanced as hell.


It is for Vetruvian. I guess it could cost 5, but if you think about it it’s fair. Adamentite Claws gives +4 attack for 4, and this will do the same at 2 durability. At 1 durability it is worth 2 mana and at 3 durability it is worth 6, which average out as 4. There is only one good artifact healer in Vet anyway…



Who came first, the Okkadok or the egg?


“and it will be a Gibbet”


The Okkadok, obviously.


Will it hatch now? I mean, immediately?


I do not consider being consistently blasted for 8 dmg fair.




Hmmm… now that you put it that way, yes, it should cost 5.


Not less than 6, bro. It shouldn’t be equippable the same turn with Ankh until 9 mana, really.

Dammit, it’s a +6 atk artifact in a faction with damage mitigation, blast and artifact repairing.


I think the better card text is: Choose a Minion. Transform a friendly egg into an egg of that minion.


(not a serious entry)


But I love the way you think.

Trial. Summon minions with costs in Fibonacci sequence in the correct order. (1 1 2 3 5 8)

Destiny. Summon ALL non token minions died this game.

Cause spiral. Life and death. History and such.