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it lets you double the effect, which stacks on dark elemental and abyssal tormentors creep damage increases. it could be added to a creep deck to make it a literal minefield. if tiles had a duration, it would just be a stalling tactic, instead of forcing real decisions like standing on a 2 damage creep tile to remove it next turn at the risk of an abyssal tormentor killing you. if the tiles just got a ‘tile gets destroyed in 3 turn’ it would just be like a delayed weaker emp. no real thought to it, just an answer.


My point was that you should not play Logcrusher as an opening at all. You play something else and turn or two later put him out there as a guarding tower while you develop board behind.

That was not in regards to your card, it is an idea which I got from reading your card’s description. Maybe tiles by themselves shouldn’t be permanent.


and again, playing it centrally is not going to be optimal always, the game is not that simple


i feel like attacking creature would die if it’s not a buffed beastclad tho (or gaujjj). i think it’ll be fun making magmar run a stranger set or minions.


I think the card borders is too strong, and can do pretty much everything:

  1. It’s sticky. It takes both hard removal (for the 10 health minion) and aoe (for the tokens) to fully remove its effects.
  2. Its ranged tokens don’t allow running away.
  3. The minions are all either ranged or fast moving, making them frustrating to remove with minions (compounding problem #1 above).
  4. Multiple 3 ranged attack tokens will quickly remove any enemy minion (further compounding problem #1 above).
  5. It can snowball. Combine this with 1-4 above, and this is scary.
  6. It can remove artifacts easily with ping.
    Overall, it feeds into that bad feeling that songhai’s kit is way too good at ignoring/removing enemy minions.

How about making it a build minion; e.g. 4 mana, build (3)? That way, you’re free to make the minion as strong as you like while giving the opponent time to respond.

Plus, it kind of fits the turtle theme.


It’s sticky, but it only has 3 Attack. You would be able to whittle it down as easily as you do an Ironcliffe Guardian. Mind you, not removing an Ironcliffe Guardian in one or two turns also means a loss because it is a win-con with Divine Bond. Gen-Bo, however, cannot secure wins so consistently even when he does survive, because he needs a board.

Well, of course, because that is what Ranged means. Also, why would you run away from Ranged minions? Shouldn’t you try to approach it as best you can? Even considering, I am considering changing the token’s stats to 2/2 instead of 3/2 to lessen the burst potential, but that would be it. I don’t think I’m going to take away the Ranged.

That applies to all Ranged or Flying minions in the game. Just because a card is hard to remove doesn’t instantly mean that it’s problematic; you’ll just have to learn to play around it. If you were able to develop strong board control or corner the enemy with minions by 8 mana, reaching Gen-Bo wouldn’t be difficult. It’s not like the card has Airdrop or anything, and keep in mind that it only summons tokens where other minions used to be; which would for the most parts spaces nearby the General and typically not very hard to reach. Ranged is good, but only if it could position itself with versatility.

If an 8 mana play with a two turn delay cannot remove an enemy minion, what kind of card is that? On top of that, you also have to have a strong board; Gen-Bo alone cannot do anything much, unlike other 7 or 8 drops in the game that can make an immediate impact by itself alone.

Not really. Keep in mind that moving the tokens do not create more tokens, because the effect only works on non-token minions. Sure, even summoning two or three tokens every turn is still quite impressive, but it is easily played around by destroying the non-token minions that generate the tokens. I doubt it would be a difficult task, given how frail most Songhai minions are.

Many minions could do that. Bloodtear Alchemist, Krater, Blistering Skorn, Quillbeast, and Battle Panddo are only a few examples. Faie even has a BBS that can deal ping, but she isn’t widely regarded as a counter against artifacts. Granted, it is indeed true that the tokens can remove artifacts very efficiently, but again, it requires time and setup.

The opponent already has plenty of time to respond. He has 7 turns to prepare before Gen-Bo can hit the board, and then he has another turn for the enemy to activate the BBS, and then he has yet another turn until the tokens are ready to move and attack. Making this minion a Build minion would make it downright unplayable. It is already a weak card, and it needs a buff, not a nerf.


There are indeed many minions that do each of the 6 effects I list above individually.

I don’t know of any minion that combines all 6 effects above.

I just think that instead of making this card capable of doing a bit of everything, make the card do one or two things well.


Let’s discuss.


Let’s discuss.


With a name like that, huge missed opportunity for an Intensify mechanic.
But I think it’s a good idea, even if I’ve recently been influenced by @deathsadvocate’s arguments against the overabundance of General-hitting Songhai spells (I am assuming that because of the pixel art palette).


It doesn’t look very useful since
A) by 8 mana most Spellhai decks will want to deliver the killing blow, this card doesn’t exactly help with that
B) The effect is rather lackluster for its massive cost, especially since you will be able to cast at the most 3 spells before it breaks.

Perhaps you could explain your idea behind it?


Well the intention of this is to deliver the killing blow in the form of spells. It suppose to synergize with spiral techniques at the very most and maybe phoenix barrage into phoenix fire into another high damage spell like cobra strike.

Its suppose to be an late game finisher with an extremely high burst potential at the cost of health, higher than 10 damage from spiral technique + punch. Thus I costed as much as a spiral.

Of course I’m open to criticism and balancing. The 8 mana cost was a first iteration but I would definitely open to some balancing for the artifact. What would you think would be a better cost for this card? I didn’t want to put it too early since it may come to fast and have an inability to stop it. Now that I think about it, would it be better at 6 mana?


It’s obviously for deadlyst. Triple 8g8 then p.fireys


8 mana, deal 24 damage to both generals.


I don’t know what mana cost specifically would be better for it, but when you keep in mind that most spellhai decks are usually half dead and desperately searching for their lethal by mana 8, this card would most likely not see play there. You could maybe play it as midrange hai and then use this artifact to start bursting them down but that would be hard to do as you would effectively have to make that deck half minions and half damage spells.


It seems to me that the most useful thing here is the ability to turn Spiral Technique into a big Flameblood Warlock. Lets say on average you can assemble 2 Spirals by eight mana that means you will on average be able to deal 16 damage to both generals by then. 16 damage is a lot, but most Spellhai decks can already do that much damage by then without requiring you to be at 17+ health, which means this is unlikely to be able to compete with 8g8s or Mantra.

I am uncertain how much it should cost to be balanced and playable. Lowering the cost to 7 would make things a bit better, but I’m still not sure if it would be good enough to see play. Lowering it to 6 would probably make it OPed because doing 16 damage to both generals at 6 seems a bit too much.


I like this a lot. I would definitely be playing this in control Vanar decks. Don’t know if Kara’s version is strong enough though, especially when Kara struggles the most in the late-game out of all three Generals.


I went conservative on Kara mostly out of considering its cost as a now limitless, fully stackable buff instead of just a little coating of wax on your fresh mob. Give her enough ramping and i can glimpse some monstrosities built around Sanguinar with that.


I understand this is a card concept and a nifty one at that but what would you do if another faction got a hand on this card (I.E. Unfathomable Rite Abyssian, Alcuin Lore Master, etc).

I’m not saying its a flawed card since its great and follows in the footsteps of Grandmaster Variax but Variax gives Lilithe’s BBS to Non abyssian generals. Would you transform them into one of the generals like Kara consistently or have them randomly roll and have the player play with the hand they were dealt.


We’re just going to have to assume that it works just like it does when you manage to “steal” Variax as a non-abyssian; it turns your bbs into th AWESOME bbs of the core general (aka faie in this case)

@zanestheargent, did you mean to nerf faies bbs? As it is, the effect would only hurt the enemies on the columns next to their general rather than hurting the general