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“Fighting” technically doesn’t count as attacking, and as such after you “fight” an enemy if you survive you can then attack them with a regular attack resulting in a pseudo-celerity effect.

It is true that Magmar won’t be able to use this as a backline threat to get warped in on the next turn like Songhai or Vanar could, but Six health is rather sticky and just shoving this in your opponents face will demand an answer unless they are willing to eat 16 damage on the next turn.


‘fighting’ also allows every minion ‘fought’ to counterattack, so in most situations, especially in magmar, its more like frenzy than celerity. actually id say its a weird middle ground between the two.


This minion effect only in a row. So its means any minion in front row of this minion is effected.

M - - (e)(e) - - (F)- - >(f)


M- -(F)- ->(f)


M(G)(F)- - >(f)

(e) M - - (F) - - >(f)

F - farthest minion in that row (Before move)
f - farthest minion in that row (After move)
G - General
e - enemy minion
M - this minion

crappy illustration i know, but im too lazy to edit photoshop.


Some people (myself included) using the latest Chrome had been generating odd-looking decklists with Bagoum for almost two months, where fonts were tiny and defaulted to Times new roman.

They looked sad.

I talked with the website author yesterday and reported the bug, he fixed it super quick! Mad props to him (ElDynamite on discord).


Little did people know, it worked fine with Firefox.


@phoinexflame oh, didn’t realize it could still attack (too used to lavaslasher being exhausted). Thanks for the correction!

Ya got me alplod :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
My submission if I wasn’t judging:

Mana Shock
5 Mana Lyonar Spell
“Set each sides mana to zero. Both sides gain mana equal to the distance traveled during their turns (limit 9) until the begining of your next turn.”

Lyonar struggles the most to get out of hand damage with a lacking board so I figured this would give the heavily board dependent faction another way to make their heavy board presence more noticeable.

Some notes on gameplay:

  • The effect is permanent meaning that the amount of mana you end your turn with after having been reset to zero is the amount of mana you progress the game with
  • Movement = mana refill so even though the one who plays this has a slight advantage, they also run the risk of allowing the enemy unlimited mana if they manage to keep on moving throughout their turn (same goes for the lyonar player of course).



Many came to Celadine following tales of wntire fields full of mana rich crystals. While some did come across previously undiscovered mana deposits, many more ran out of mana before finding even a sliver of mana. Weakened and tired, the early colonies were easy prey for the animals that stalked the grass. Settlement after settlement fell until finally, the remaining groups devised a training regiment that would enable mana recovery via rigourous exercise.

Nowadays, basic Lyonar combat training revolves around this regiment, forging warriors that will last the trials to come.


mana crystals when gained are not filled. so it would have to be a combination of malicious wisp, onyx jaguar, and celebrant. it just feels really toxic since lyonar is the provoke faction and can prevent the enemy from moving at all

just imagine a 5 mana turn with rock pulverisor +2 silverguards just surrounding all enemy minions and generals. forcing your opponent to go down to 0 mana and be forced to answer provoke minions without mana just hurts so bad


Overstatted Magmar bully


Definitely overstatted. Nice recoloring, though! (And cool ability, but way too good)


Design aside, how did you edit the pixel art?


This is Duelyst, where a card is deemed “unplayable” when it’s not a one-click win button. I know I have a really hard time in the design contests, because

  1. The Duelyst balance is Faction-wide and not card-based.
  2. Popular opinion on the forums seem to favor Spike cards but I find Johnny cards more interesting.

@halcyon98: The Gimp and channel-specific hue manipulation.


OOOh his back looks like a furnace grill. i thought it was just fire. the recolor made it much easier to see.


One more question: what are Spike and Johnny cards? :sweat_smile:


Sorry, I assumed it was common knowledge.


Did you really ignored me asking to ignore the post and took time to go through edits to respond?


Aha :slight_smile: no, I happened to read your post just before it went poof.
Edit: How can I read the previous version of a post? When I click the pencil icon nothing happens.


Let’s discuss!


That explains it.
Discourse is screwing me over today, undeleting and unediting what I try to delete and edit, and I keep accidentally pressing Ctrl + Enter when just trying to make a new line. And maybe you can’t even read the edits here, I just assumed that is what you did as you commented much later.
As for your note on one-click wins, IMO that is the case for legendaries and 6+ mana cards, but not everything.

Anyway, first batch of critique on suggestions from current card design contest.

Like, really? Furor Chakram + Mass Flight for 3 mana?

Repeatable MDS for just 1 mana more?

Frostburn is 5 mana for just 1 damage more without any movement.

I might be missing something, but playing this in the center line and never moving is a nobrainer for me.

Fun fact: if the order of events is as in the description, it will not stop until something manages to survive an attack (which is unlikely).

Imagine this being played with Reva instead of Kaleos for a moment. One Heartseeker survives a turn, this, BBS, Heartseeker moves.


This is a bright idea.
I wonder how strong this can be, given the fact that I haven’t played the pets so much. Unbased suspicion: The fact that it can target the enemy general probably means that it’ll be used as a finisher in some abusive deck. 1 mana finisher is cheap.


That’ll work too, although I focused on making it work the best with Kaleos, for lore’s sake. Now that you mention it, this card is also pretty solid Ranged Songhai support.