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That’s also an issue. A possible solution I have is to make a unique token for the card instead of using Kaido Assassins. The new token would be stronger in swarms, or maybe even have ranged.


If so, you may just go heartseekers. Why new token?


This is hot. Ranged should be impacted too maybe?


I would SO nominate black domain and misner’s universe (if only because of that apostrophe :wink:)
@attheedge, can we have a segment where judges do sample submissions either post or pre submission timeline?


I think Heartseekers would be too weak. I also want the token to be Kaido-related, for flavor.


I’m afraid I don’t quite get what you mean. A place where every jury member posts an own example design, so that contestants can see how the judge’s take on the prompt is?


@mmf just means that he also wants to have fun :rofl:


Just looking for feedback on card design for the contest. Any comments are appreciated.

Sunrise Ballistar
Lyonar Minion
4 Mana 3/5
Blood Surge: Push ANY farthest minion in front of this up to 2 spaces.
If that pushed enemy minion reaches the edge of battlefield, destroy it.

“Fus Ro Dah!”

  • I’m trying to make it work with underplayed cards like Magnetize (pull-push deck), Sky Burial, and Decimate (or even Aerial Rift if that desperate.)

  • “Farthest” means that if minion stacks in a row, the most back/farthest minion get pushed. If the general at the back of the row, push farthest minion in between general. If no space, nothing happen.

  • “Any minions” means that it can push not only enemy, but own minion to reach longer distance or to save specific minion from not getting punches. It can move structures too. To bad it can’t move generals; that would be OP in my opinion.

  • Its effect can “moves/pass” through general/minion.

  • the original text is “Push farthest enemy minion in front of this up to 2 spaces. If that enemy minion reaches the edge of battlefield, destroy it.” but I think its too powerful. What do you guys think?

  • Edit: I added “If that pushed enemy minion reaches the edge of battlefield, destroy it.” into the card’s effect. Its seems doodly people like op effect XD.


do you get to decide how the push works?
if so, i think it’s pretty fun to get a blood surge card with additional input. on the other hand, only OG minions have additional input rn, and it leads me to believe this card will be hard to implement.

if the “push” doesnt require additional input, i guess the question is how to resolve diagonal cases


I don’t know if this is just me, but this kind of seems like worse frenzy.


That is what it seems like at first glance, until you notice its ability also works as a pseudo-celerity. This can lead to 16 damage to face if this gets left unanswered for one turn and gets thumping waved.


I just got caught.


Push in this case forcefully move one minion from one space/position to another.
Its just like your normally push stuff; if have obstacle in front, the push would stop. Push in front means its effect only effecting the whole row in front of this minion.

For me, implementing additional input like selecting target minion would be unnecessary since its stated only farthest minion will get pushed.

Diagonal cases? Can you elaborate about it please?


im assuming its gonna be a blast/hydrogarm situation. but blood surge into pushing the least threatening one away isnt very useful. especially in lyonar. i think a pull mechanic would be more useful. either that or just push the whole row 1 square


Revised my entry + lore due the previous entry having nothing to do with movement. Thoughts?


How would it’s ability work as pseudo celerity? It has to be the one to move next to an enemy and as far as I know, nothing in magmar moves it’s minions.

If this was in Songhai/Vanar it would be duper scary


Yeah exactly like hydrogarm situation. I designed the card with intention to combo with other underused cards like magnetize, sky burial, decimate or even aerial rift. Just imagine having semi-continuous limited range repulsor on board.

Not only it can push enemies minion like opponent provoke or 9/9 in the face, its also can push own minion to reach far distance range minion.Btw we already have pull minions/spell anyway (magnetize/syvrel/lodestar); nearly no one used it except in gauntlet.

Anyway to make it push until the end of the row seems too OP to me.
Okay this is my original text’s card - “Push farthest enemy minion in front of this up to 2 spaces. If that enemy minion reaches the edge of battlefield, destroy it.”


I like the design, but the stats might be too big, especially for a 2 mana provoke


yeah a 2 mana 3/5 provoke is just a cheaper silverguard knight. even with the movement and attack restrictions most of the time a silverguard is there to lock down your enemies and doesnt move or attack


how would you resolve which one is furthest? (closests minion battlepet conundrum, cpg decided to resolve this by random)

if the farthest minion is not on the same row or column, does it push vertically? horizontally? always diagonally?