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When designing this card, I was thinking of something that could chase down generals, e.g. artifact songhai and vetruvian.

I’ll admit though, that I forgot that the prompt was “interact” with movement. Now that it has creep, maybe the interaction with nethermeld would count?


Backstab songhai isn’t very swarmy, so although the current version of the card is powerful, it’s a win more card.
I’d suggest something like this: Blood surge: summon a Kaido Assasin. Reactivate all Kaido assasins.


The intent is clear, that’s why I decided to clarify this beforehand.

Technically no movement here though.


If I understand correctly Jux wouldn’t work since both “last spaces” are occupied.


illiteracy strikes again, it seems


Another broken card I was considering for the contest

Neutral minion (1/5)
Everything moves 1 less tile. +some clause so you can’t stack these things.


I would word it as “All minions and generals can only move one space”

This avoids stacking with other cards that have similar descriptions.

The card maybe could be broken in a deck that is lategame, but making 4 mana and the health around 3-4 should be good.


Then it fks up fliers and elyx/prongbok/golden justicar


Are you saying that in a happy or concerning way?

If the latter, the cards you mentioned would be affected by this card just as they would be with blinding snowstorm.


Didn’t understand your statement.


If we talk about silly ideas, here’s another one:
King Kai
Neutral minion
5 mana (5/7)
For the remainder of the game, the Battle Map edges wrap around to the opposite side like a small planet.


Dragon Ball references :sweat:


As in I once again forgot how to read


Let me know how I can do worse.


sounds cool. change “for the remainder of the game” to “opening gambit” and you’ll be fine.


I know, this contest’s prompt is rather vague and sometimes it is hard to determine whether or not a design fits the prompt, but in this case, I decide that your submission in its current state is not qualified.
However, and this is applicable for all contestants, you may edit your submission as often as you want, til the deadline.


Thanks for the interest in my card. It wasn’t meant to be a meme and I do recognize that the stats need to be adjusted.

The stats/cost should probably be something like that, however I think you’re missing the interaction with blast cards (especially Cinematic-THorn), LitD, Grapnel and Ankh. I’d like to hear some opinion after the changes :slight_smile: .


Make that an opening gambit and itll be good wording wise.


I have a few dumb ideas that I would have submitted it I were not a judge. Based on my favourite sci-fi series.

Misner’s universe:
The board is now a torus
(Going through the edges of the map warp you to the other side)

2-vector foil:
Characters may only interact either vertically or horizontally each turn
(If you move/attack/counterattack horizontally one turn, you may only move/attack/counterattack horizonally for the rest of that turn)

Black domain:
ALL spells can only affect characters and tiles within its caster’s movement range


Yeah, I guess you guys are right. I’ll change it.