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How about some more (probably broken) Vet cards?

Sandstorm Pyramid (1)
Legendary Vetruvian Structure [0/3]
-Minions you summon nearby this gain Ephemeral and Rush.

Mirage Charm (2)
Epic Vetruvian Artifact
-Your minions cost 2 less to summon and gain “This disappears when attacked” when summoned from your action bar.

Windswept Fortress (8)
Legendary Vetruvian Structure [0/20]
-Summon Dervish
-Summon Dervish
-Summon Dervish
-Summon Dervish
-Summon Dervish
-Summon Dervish
-Summon Dervish
-Summon Dervish
-Whenever a friendly dervish moves, this echos that minion’s movement (if possible).

NOTE: Yes, it had to be written like that.

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Very interesting mechanic. This is a better version of what I was trying to do with my Iron Pyramid.



Anyway, which of my two ideas for the contest do you guys think is better?

  • Creeping Reaper
  • Pharaoh’s Arch

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This seems too strong for 4 mana if the minion is allowed to be on spaces near shadow creep. I think you can literally have just two creep tiles on either sides of the board and this minion makes things a slog. Abyssian has enough early game removal along with creep generation to make this minion on curve ridiculous.

I’m okay with the flying and frenzy but I think the mana cost should either be changed to 5 or the minion can only move on creep tiles, not near. You should also specify in the text that it must be summoned on a creep tile.

Some other cool suggestions for the card would be to make it be able to land on ALL creep tiles for fun mirrors or to give it this: Opening Gambit: make a shadow creep tile where this minion is summoned. This would be for more creep generation but also to get rid of its restriction of having to be summoned on a creep tile.

Overall, the minion just needs a bit of tweaking but the concept is good.


It doesn’t. Good points, though. I’ll make it ON shadowcreep.


Well I see you have played your fair share of yugioh. The amount of words here is already more than I think the game can handle and I as well am also confused on how this card works.

I assume it is saying that the enemy gets an extra mana crystal (temporarily) but their minions also get a debuff. For minions that have 3< health, do they die?

Pretending this is what the card says, I think you have a somewhat interesting concept here which leans best towards sabotage vet. By debuffing their minions, you can follow up next turn with a grapnel or even use it as a get out of jail card against an overwhelming board possibly even killing the board if they have a low HP minions.

The concept is interesting but I think it is much too slow at 5 mana. I can’t suggest an accurate mana cost but think about in what situations you would want to use this card and go from there.


I always enjoy seeing Songhai stuff, especially minions. I would say the thing that hits me most about this card is that it is a worst blast. If this card had blast, it would be able to hit multiple minions without being blocked. In addition, this minion cannot hit the enemy general.

Overall, I think there is little reason to run this minion when you have cards with higher stats and less movement restrictions like Hailstone Golem. Being able to teleport in straight lines doesn’t make the not moving restriction worth it and even if it could move freely (which it kinda can with songhai movement spells), this still feels like a vanilla 3/6 that can move fancy and otherwise no immediate impact on the board.


I think “Whenever a friendly minion or general passes through this” could maybe be a keyword. It could be on other structures, like an armory that gives +1 attack or something. Maybe it could be on non structures, too. I might be back with more ideas for it.


That’s awfully similar to my


Yes, I think this should definitely be a keyword, on structures and minions.


Really cool idea, but this has nothing to do with movement (just positioning).


YES! I just realized I can submit this for movement too:

Should I? Let’s vote. :wink:

  • Yes
  • …is this a joke?
  • No

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I kinda intended for the effect to mimic the lore of Ziros vs. Rasha, where Rasha is tricked into leading his army into the desert.
The squares around your minions act as mana tiles but only for that turn and any minion with 3< health would die. I was mainly comparing this to Star’s Fury which pretty much guarantees at least 2 dmg to all minions. My only worry is that the potential burst the opponent gains completely trumps the benefit of the following -2/-2. Would making it a -3/-3 bring it more into line?

The mana crystals served as the “bait” and counterbalance to the big AOE that follows. The wordiness was completely unintentional. Any ideas on how to shorten it?

And yes I have played my fair share of yugioh. Nice catch


Maybe I’m just an idiot, but doesn’t this structure pretty much destroy burn/aggro?
I could see it being semi-bad because it’s terrible for tempo, but seriously, I’m getting burned to death, I plant this structure, walk through it on the same turn, and get my 20+ health back, while they just ran out of steam getting me to single digits?


Oh my, didn’t notice the “or general” part. Super OP.


Thanks, comrade. Making another entry


Divine Boar
Songhai minion
6 mana
rush. Takes no damage from generals. Whenever this minion takes damage, return it to your action bar.

The mist dragon
Songhai minion
5 mana
Opening gambit: Give ALL nearby minions flying.


Husk Tamer
Abyssian minion
2 mana
Opening gambit: The next husk you summon gains +0/+1 and frenzy

Ichorous Cultivar
Abyssian Minion
2 mana (2/3)
Opening gambit: If you have a friendly shadow creep tile, draw a card.


Summit Mammoth
Vanar minion
7 mana (6/10)
Airdrop. Opening Gambit: Stun ALL nearby minions and generals.


Divine Boar, husk tamer, and cultivar have nothing to do with movement on the board.

Divine boar is simply a stronger version of tusk boar, tamer just gives a minion frenzy, and cultivar is a conditional card summon.

Mist dragon and mammoth at least interact with board movement (flying and denying movement via stun), but they seem more like positional gimmicks rather than movement based cards.

My advice; avoid effects that immediately do something. At least make it require some decision making input before it’s full value kicks in.

Nice names though


This isn’t for the contest. Glad you appreciate the names.