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Yes! So much better.


^ l Like this one thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:


Can someone look at my card, Aeon, the Great Equalizer, and see if it is balanced or not?


Balancing is fine, but the wording is really weird. First and foremost, I can’t wrap my head around how dealing damage to Attack instead of Health will work. Such a mechanic does not exist within Duelyst, and would most likely create too many awkward interactions. Also, while casting Equality Constraint on the enemy is a nice idea, all of this is very pointless when you realize it’s much simpler to word your card like this:

Whenever this minion attacks an enemy minion, reduce its Attack equal to the damage dealt.


Wouldn’t Flying be a better fitting keyword than Rush?


Thank you for looking it over! Considering that there is nothing like this in Duelyst, it was hard to tell if it was balanced or not. I will answer each of your very good points in turn, with my logic behind this card:

I am assuming that in this contest we can make cards with all kinds of crazy abilities, because none of the cards are actually going to get into the game, and there is no “easy to code” requirement. Also, I really don’t think the interactions will be awkward. Duelyst already has Forcefield, and this is basically the same thing. When a minion with Forcefield is damaged, the damage is set to 0; when a minion is damaged while Aeon is in play, the damage will be set to 0 and the attack will just lose that amount instead.

Here you are absolutely right. I even considered wording the card like this, but I did not for three reasons. The first is that the card is much more flavorful with the spell casting (his name is the Great Equalizer, after all), and this would get the cool blue and orange arrow effect to appear as well (at least, I think that happens with the spell…). The second is that I wanted damage from other sources, like Bloodtear Alchemist and Boneswarm, to lower attack so the card synergizes better with Ciphyron. And the final reason is the most practical – the competition has to do with counterattacking, not attacking.


This should be an Opening Gambit. And is this for the card contest? If so, you need some counterattacking synergy more than just Backstab.


What thread is this posted in? Is it posted in the contest thread? No I don’t think so.


I suddenly have a pretty nice idea. How about something like this?

Great Equalizer
Vetruvian Minion
5 mana 3/8
Provoke. When this minion counterattacks an enemy minion, reduce its Attack equal to the damage dealt. When this minion is counterattacked by an enemy minion, put a 0 cost Equality Constraint into your action bar.


This way, the minion doesn’t have to deal damage to an enemy minion’s Attack. (It’ll also do damage to the enemy minion’s health, unlike the original version, so that’s one downside.) When it takes a counterattack from a minion, meaning that it most likely dealt damage the Health of an enemy minion, it adds a 0 cost Equality Constraint to your action bar, which you can cast right away to reduce the Attack of the minion.


It can’t counter attack as it has 0 attack.


Fuck, you’re right.


Wow, no need to be testy. Do you see in the title: “(+Card Design Contest Discussion)”?


People usually quote them saying from the thread, this allows people to differentiate between what is and isn’t.


I like the idea of adding a spell to your hand (Vetruvian Arcanyst synergy???). I’ll see what I can do to improve my idea based off this. Thanks!


Good luck. :mysticup:


GAH! You’re right! That means nothing can be killed by my version…


I made a new version of my card, which may be a bit too meme-tastic, but it sounds fun and potentially powerful to me. Here it is:

I also had another variation, though, that takes from your suggestion. Here it is:

The Great Equalizer
Legendary Vetruvian Minion
4 Mana (4/4)
Before an enemy minion counterattacks, switch its Attack and Health and add a 0-cost Equality Constraint to your action bar.

Which do you think is better?


Btw wanderer works now. it was just my fucky wifi. it now checks at queue time for highlander decks. rip double flash rag


I think the first one. It sounds really nice as an universal effect.


Wait, does double flash not work anymore?