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Been thinking a ton about powerful cards balanced by negative effects. Here’s couple:

Eamon Bloodwaker
songhai minion
2 mana
4/5 - your general gains: take 1 damage at the start of your turn

Elder Boar
songhai minion
4 mana
4/6 - this minion moves forward from the tile it was summoned on. If it hits an enemy, deal damage equal to the tiles covered. Stun this minion. If the enemy was a minion, stun it as well.

Ecru Apparition
Abyssian Minion
2 mana
5/4 deathwatch: -1/-1

Sunflare Sentry
Lyonar minion
3 mana
Zeal: frenzy. this minion cannot move.

Abdicate Soul
Abyssian spell
8 mana
transform all minions in your hand and deck into 0 cost husks and draw 2 cards. Your general gains: at the start of your turn, deal 4 damage to your general. Draw an extra card at the end of your turn

Pact of Yggdra
Vanar spell
9 mana
transform all friendly minions into yggdra’s voracity. Your opponent loses a mana crystal. Stun your general and deal 5 damage to them.

Final Form
Magmar Spell
9 mana
Your general gains +3 attack, forcefield, frenzy, and can move an extra space each turn. You can no longer draw from your deck.

Bloodsense obelisk
Vetruvian minion
2 mana 0/6
your obelisks can move and gain +1/+0. lose a mana crystal


Ugh…Dispel is a thing.


that you can only have so much of.

the +1 attacc is pointless as structures cannot attacc and, unless it doesn’t act like other buffs, won’t be applied anyways (ex: 1st wish on an obelisk only gives the health buff)


I believe the intent was more like Stone2Spears. But I agree, the wording doesn’t make this clear enough.


I would like the current bugged Wanderer to become a different card but it being nerfed interms of mana cost.

So here is my proposed rework for the old one:

Although it would never happen I would just like your thoughts.


Much too weak.
Clunky cost for low impact on board state, and low value. Stats are also bad.
This isnt even good late because they are just underpreforming cards that will blow out your hand.
Honestly its a fine card as is, not as busted as some people may salt it to be, ESPECIALLY with the new patch. Bringing in a whole new pandoras box of monsters makes normal wanderer look like an unsupported rae. Speaking of rae, rae fault looks like top quality memes.
Anyways, the only thing that cpg needs to do is to fix bug.


I believe some further clarification is necessary.

  1. The effect stacks so multiple Knockback artifacts increase the distance (spaces).
    2 artifacts = +2 attack and 2 spaces instead of 1.
  2. The enemy has to counterattack for the effect to work so friendly minions with ranged or blast wont trigger the artifact’s ability. Also, needless to say 0 attack minions stay in place.
  3. You can send the enemy 1 space up, down, left, right depending on where your attacking unit is situated. If your unit is below the enemy then (when it counterattacks) it will move 1 space up. However, you can also send the enemy at any diagonal direction as long as you have more than 1 Knockback equipped. Again, you need the correct positioning to send the enemy where you want.

Example: I want the enemy to move diagonally 1 space (2 spaces basically) to the upper right (I have Knockback x2 so I can). I need to hit him from 1 space below him and to the left.

  1. The artifact is meant to synergize with position dependant vanar cards like Glaciar Fissure, Avalanche etc. but is also great in swarm-minion based decks where you can send the minion away or near a certain spot. My hopes would be to use this card in wall or token (Oak in the Nemeton) based decks mostly to help walls that cannot move and are too far to have any impact.

  2. WARNING: It is extremely fun to use.


I know you recently changed the card but I dont seem to understand the OG at all.


That’s an interesting effect.

How it will interact if there is something on the final position of the ennemy or if it touches the edge of the board ? Do you think of collision damages, something like that ?


If the howler is attacked by an injured minion - destroy that minion.


This is a very interesting idea, but I feel like its correlation to the counterattack mechanic leave something to be desired. There’s no definitive reason for the card to be worded around counterattacking instead of stating simply “when attacked.”


That is a very intetesting proposition. Taking damage from the minion it falls on seems good, too good to be balanced. I belive the way it is now is almost perfectly balanced. If I were to implement collision damage is should be 1 or 2 damage at most and not have anything to do with the minion it falls on. Also I would have to remove the “Your General gains +1 attack” and add “enemies take collision damage” or something like that and then I would have to somehow specify what that means in as little of text as possible. As for when it reaches the board I think it would be best if nothing happened. That means that the corners are the only safe place for a minion or general to hide (can’t be moved any further).


Yes but as I stated in clarification #2 ranged or blast or spells or whatever deals damage without retrieving any does not work. This would not have been possible if the card said “Whenever you attack…”.


Alright, I suppose so.


I also just thought of something else. If it said “whenever you attack…” that would mean it moves before you damage it, correct?


I was having the same idea! I was about to say the card would be cooler if it also knocked back when attacking as well, but then you brought up a very interesting point. :thinking:

Ask the FAQ thread.


Which keyword should I give this Abyssian Demon? I’m conflicted between Flying and Frenzy. The latter looks potentially overpowered, but I think it’s cooler.


I also think frenzy is cooler than flying however what if it had neither? Instead give it provoke! In this way minions will have to attack into it even if they dont want to.


Provoke was my first and best option, but then I realized 2 other Abyssian Demons already had Provoke. :sob:


So? why stop at 2? Hmm this gives me an idea. What if the card text said