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The mana cost errata is on the to do list.

It will be 3-4 or lower.


Trust me, we don’t want malicious wisp to become more consistent.


Let’s discuss.


I deleted previous post to discuss in right thread



Would it be if it casted all 18 Bloodbound Spells? Now that’s cool.


I thought there was only 15? In any case, yes it would be because then youd know what to expect from it. Id still make it like blood surge- cast 8-10 copies of your bbs
If it was to see alot of play.


I would play this in Vanar if it just casted your bbs 13 times.


Still has that minion restriction though. That cuts alot of your burn and draw in sjammer and bmentor and flameblood.


Then how does this sound?


still nigh impossible.

Are we also including the grandmaster variax spells as well?


Then how about this?


Thats a good card
If not a bit overtuned


Thanks. :wink:


Opening Gambit and Blood Surge: the game is Doomed and will end by either player losing due to excessive lag


If the game can handle DDOS, it can handle this. :grinning:


That’s a rather strong 7 drop… You have so much power by attempting to clear all your minions before it goes down. However, that changes since you can really only use it once as a battlecry since a multitude of bbs summon token and non token minions.


You’re right. :sweat_smile:


Would be hilarious to see someone use this on 1-2 health and die to Maehv’s bbs :stuck_out_tongue:



If it uses random spells, you can die from full health with 13 Maehv BBS.


It shouldn’t activate the same BBS more than once, by the way. But at this point, there were multiple problems discovered with the card, and it needs a complete rework. :facepalm: