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Th champion is fine. You could make it neutral to allow other decks to make better use of the card, or you could say “when one dies, the other becomes a champion” instead of “if one kills the other”. That way you have the advantage of interacting first. Or you could say the teo cards pulled dont take damage from anything but the other card.

I feel like making it neutral is the best Idea. (Cough pulls spec rev cough)

The problem isnt the mana or the champion. The problem is its a card that basically says " put your opponent ahead"


But the card text already specifies “if one kills the other.” It would be really sad if the opponent gets the Champion by killing my minion with Punish or something.


Then just make it neutral.
That way its alot easier to actually make use of the card


What do you mean? There are no neutral spells.


Doesnt have to stay like that. Its not a specific design philosophy. Alternatively, you could just make it 9 mana, nerf the champion, but have it give your minion rush, but that takes away from making pretty much an oops! All spells deck


I’ll think about this more. I like the idea itself, but balancing really isn’t my thing. Thanks for the suggestions!


This honestly looks overpowered, but I want it to happen.


It looks underpowered.


Really? Given how much Zir’an relied on self harm to proc heals with Draining Wave or Skorn, I think it’s going to be pretty great.


It doesn’t do enough.

My units have no max health woh wee.


During school I thought of these, they shouldn’t be too strong but some might be powerful;


Errata on “Aspect of Malicious”

  • Fenrir Hunter seems like a pretty cool card, but I don’t see exactly why it transforms the minion into a Vespyr. I could see it in Burn decks with Crypto, but not in Vespyr decks.

  • Fenrir Gatherer looks pretty great. It gives Vanar the draw engine it needs and if you run a low number of wall-summoning spells, it could alternate as a tutor. Really cool idea.

  • Kindred Protector seems quite powerful, but not too creative. It’s just decent.

  • Kindred Ambusher is overpowered. It won’t be a fair match if you’re able to summon a Seraphim or Embla on T2. I don’t think I would ever want to play against something as toxic as this.

  • Taliesin (cool name) is really nice. Maybe the infinite supply of Aspect spells would be overpowered, but nice design nonetheless.

  • Aspect of the Beast is pretty overpowered. I think it should cost at least 4.

  • Aspect of Mali is a creative card, but the wording sounds kind of strange. How about “Transform ANY minion into a Malicious Wisp and activate the Opening Gambit. Steal one mana crystal.”


I should have added a limit :sweat_smile:

It was ment to combo with the prior card.

Yep! It’s the Welsh version of a character from Irish mythos which means it’s name fits with Vanar’s theme.

Is it though? controlling minions is very hard.

It needs to show what it does.


Now that I think about it, I think it could remain at 3 mana. :sweat_smile:

Even if it’s not a token minion? For example, the text of Seeker Squad doesn’t elaborate on Heartseekers’ stats or ability, because Heartseekers are not tokens.


Huh, looking at Reva’s bbs I guess they don’t.


What happens If I Alcuin Loremaster a Fountain of Youth while this is active :thinking:


Your General becomes Invulnerable, of course.


The world ends.

  • 2/3 that can activate your OG again, and Vespyr support (not sure how relevant that is), pretty good.

  • Everyone like cards, but I don’t think it will see much play.

  • If Kindred Protector means that me slamming my minion into yours results in no damage, then this card is broken as hell. Sure it can only affect Arcanysts, but this means you can block tiles with illusions that the enemy has no way of dealing with.

  • Stronger Unseven IMO. The fact that you get to choose which minion means you can cheat out big dudes really fast. ( Think Meltwater Moose or World Core)

  • At first, I thought Aspect of the Beast would fit in the same decks that run like Aspect of the Wyrm, but then I changed my mind. The fact that it costs 3 instead of 4 means it comes out earlier, and targeting an enemy with Beast is better than with Wyrm because the Frenzy can still let you trade into multiple minions. And it’s still probably better to compare this to Aspect of the Ravager rather than Wyrm. In that case, I think Beast is MUCH better than Ravager. Ravager makes a 3/3 vanilla, while Beast makes a 4/3 vanilla. However, Beast has the potential to buff your minions with Frenzy, making Beast good for single target control and potential area removal, while Ravager can only be used for singe creature control.

  • So Aspect of Malicious just turns a minion into a Malicious Wisp? That is one stupid card.
    Scenario 1: Play Wisp, your opponent loses 1 mana, you gain 1. Next turn, use Aspect of the Malicious on your own Wisp. Using it on your minion denies them one of the mana crystals, and can be use to heal your Wisp.
    Scenario 2: Play Wisp, your opponent loses 1 mana, you gain 1. Next turn, use Aspect of the Malicious on an enemy minion. Using this on your opponents minion, and then killing the Wisp you give them results in them losing 2 crystals: 1 from Wisp DW and 1 from the spell. So in total, you just put you opponenet back 3 mana, and you ahead 3 mana. This slows down the enemy while accelerating your play significantly.